Wedding Wednesday!

This week's Wedding Wednesday is centered around a tablescape idea and the color GOLD! Metallic gold! Okay, but seriously... when you think of gold in weddings do you ever think of super gaudy, tackalicious, over the top decor that is just... gross?! Because I do. I think it's because Ace of Cakes did that really horrible gold and white cake for a tv show back in the day and it's just set the bar for all things awful (and it was 100% on purpose!). Of course I tried googling it to death to no avail! No picture, sorry! But if you've seen the episode you know what I mean! Anyway, I actually saw several gold accents in some cakes and they looked stellar. But what about taking the "DIY Milkglass" approach with gold?! These bottles are what caught my attention! Well, that and the fact there are hammers (?!) hanging from the background... What's that all about? Let's see shall we...

"John [Lennon] and Yoko [Ono] met at an art opening in London in 1966 where Yoko's piece "Hammer A Nail" was on display. Yoko refused to let John hammer in a nail because the show wasn't officially opening till the next day. They began their love affair quickly after their meeting and were married in 1969. Their romance spawned numerous love songs, and they became famous for their peace activism, including their public love-in. One of their more eccentric albums together was titled "Milk + Honey". Our color palette is directly influenced by a "peaceful milk + honey" serenity mixed with artistic urbanity. John and Yoko epitomized the ideal abudant love of life, music, art, community, and progressive sophistication which plays into the textures and ideas behind this weeding shoot. Our bride is looking for an eclectic, yet sophisticated take on artistic ingenuity and proper individuality when showcasing her wedding style." -Kelly [of Yes Please Design]

Sounds like they hit the nail on the head with this design, am I right?! Eh? (Yes, all pun intended!)

I think even if you don't take this full-steam-ahead approach to life and art for your big day, I think swapping some of the bolder pieces for more understated bits like a back hanging of fabric, streamers, and even tissue paper, could bring you the same feeling and experience. You could opt to spray paint the bottles a pastel color (like we had in our last home!) or any color that compliments your color palette. I just really really love how they designed it around that. I love it! (See the original post with all vendor and designer credits here.)

What's your take on gold on a wedding day? Is it always tacky or is it a refined elegance?


  1. Wayyy pretty wedding! I love the soft touches and sweet colors!!

  2. Love the Gold bottle candle holders ! very unique! I love your wedding wednesday posts !

  3. I used to hate gold too. But for my wedding (October 2010) I decided it was just the color I needed to go with my vintage/handmade/whimsical/nature theme.
    My husband and I spray painted 1000 paper cranes that we folded all gold. We then hung them from the ceiling and it was just perfect!
    You can see photos on my blog, here:
    Or my photographers blog, here:
    -Cara Mason

  4. I'm not normally a fan of gold but these are gorgeous! I'm getting married this year and it's so much fun to find unique ideas like this. :)


  5. eek! i have that anthropologie dress! i adore it, it's so flattering and pretty.

  6. this is gorgeous. you are right! they did it right. so not tacky. i love it!

  7. I vote YES on gold! This wedding is a little too out there for me, but I love how perfect it was for the couple and hearing about their inspiration.

  8. Was it the 30 Rock WTF cake? (

    Generally not a gold fan either, but the photos you posted do it right!


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