MIXTAPE MONDAY: the old 97's

Janelle left a comment on the Wedding Wednesday post with Mike's View last week saying this song reminded her of our little story. I quickly purchased it on iTunes and I love love love it! So for this week's Mixtape Monday I'm sharing a video with the song and lyrics. Maybe you'll love it, too! (The video is not the official video. Instead it is a music video made by a fan!)

Question Old 97's from George Ambrose on Vimeo.

What songs are special to you right now?!


  1. I'm liking the song, (the video doesn't show the nicest parts of the UK though)hehe
    and Congratulations on your engagement.

  2. Heck yeah, I love this song! I'm surprised I didn't think of it too when I read your engagement story. It seems like the perfect song for you two.

  3. I have loved this song ever since it was playing when Ed proposed to Carol Vessey in the show Ed. Good times.
    I've always said that if I'm ever proposed to I want the proposal to involve this song

  4. I love the Old 97's! We used this song in our wedding when the bridal party walked down the aisle :)

    It was one of my bridal demands to include the song. Picking the wedding music was one of my favorite parts of the planning.

  5. aaahhh! i love the old 97s! (and you can bet your last dollar i just said that to the husband as soon as i read this post!)

    xo.anna marie

  6. LOVE that song. I listened to it a ton for the brief (less than a week!) time between being 'engaged' and married! :) Congrats again!!


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