Sunday Spotlight - Artist: Nick van Woert

I've been on the hunt for an artist with work that just stuck out. Work that made you want to click through every last link in his/her portfolio until you've explored all that is available to you. I've also really been on the look out for a sculptor or artist that worked with a 3D medium, but was vastly mutli-faceted. Cue Nick van Woert. I can't tell you where I first stumbled upon his work but I'm sure glad I did. No two pieces are the same. From 3D installations to "2D paintings" with hair gel, van Woert brings a fresh spin on art in every perspective. You'll see exactly what I mean below!

Nick van Woert was born in Reno, Nevada in 1979 and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. The first piece of his that I saw was "Poor Me" and that alone had me hooked. I can imagine an ultra swanky uptown loft featuring his work in the most stunning of ways. I'm quite literally just speechless! My favorites are by far his work with colorful polyurethane plastic and plaster busts! They are quite exquisite.

"Poor Me" as seen below! Check out this amazing work of perspective!

You can view more of Nick's work on his personal website, as well as clicking through to see other brilliant artists that he links in his links page!

What do you think? Know of some other  brilliant artists and designers than deserve their own Sunday Spotlight? Feel free to speak up! xo


  1. Wow, that is some rad artwork right there! It's almost unreal and so beautiful. <3

  2. wow, so intriguing artworks to look at!

    may i suggest myself? im an artist and own blogs. only if you like my art!


  3. oh, that last piece is amazing! it's awesome to look at it from all sides!

  4. Agree, that last piece is pheneomenal.

  5. These are fascinating! I especially love the busts.

  6. these are super funky. I could stare at them for hours! I want them all!

  7. WOW. Some seriously amazing stuff.

  8. I love art that isn't meant to be viewed from one angle.

  9. This stuff is mindblowing!



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