TiLT 2: Interiors

and my most favorite of all:

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Things I Love Thursday!

A short, visual installment of the weekly TiLT posts! (Prepare yourselves... I'm making ANOTHER one tonight... focused merely on home decor/interior design).

1. Monique Luhllier. She's such a brilliant designer. She can concoct the most elegant and feminine gowns around. Draped dresses, Fitted dresses. The organza, lace, and tulle. Everything feels perfect about her dresses. I remember the cover of a bridal magazine when I was 16 years old... I was with my then-boyfriend, Jamie, and I saw that dress and swore that I'd be married in it or I'd be buried in it. It was from her 2005 Bridal collection and it was jaw dropping. Beautiful silhouette and the most gorgeous sage green satin sash! I still have a photo of it somewhere. My tastes are relatively the same now, but I'd probably opt for much more lace!

2. Paper Shark. Clever origami! I took an origami "enrichment" class in high school (you met like 30 minutes a day, 2 or 3 days a week). I can't remember how to fold a darn thing but this is awesome!

3. Dreamy children's rooms. I, myself, had a FANTASTIC bed when I was younger. It was like a little cottage house with a white picket fence, etc. The facade of the house was "headboard" and even the awning and such hung over the bed. Little windows opened for a small bookshelf and the bed was the "yard"... the picket fence was around it. It was very sturdy and I'd always crawl up and hide on the roof during hide & seek. It was baby pink, lavender, and white. Dreamy! But how about these?!? Talk about feeling like a princess from birth! That carriage crib is somethin that I definitely need to be happening in my nursery.

4. Neck tattoos. And this one in particular. Something about it just... fits.

5. Clever words. I feel like this could apply in more places than one right now.

6. Adorable little houses! Especially quaint little houses with such amazing paint schemes! And look at that amazing car in the driveway!

7. Outer Space meets Beyonce. Need I say more? And Single Ladies will always be one of my favorite anthems.

8. THIS COAT! Does anyone know the designer?

9. Clever Graphic Design. 1. I love the color brown. 2. I love the color peach. 3. HOW FREAKING COOL ARE THESE?!?! I'd use them over and over and over! They remain beautiful out of context, but in context they're hilarious! Balding with age!


What are some things you're loving this week?

Wedding Wednesday

Another much overdue installment of Wedding Wednesday. I can't help but fawn over southern inspired weddings and I dream of the day I get to plan my own. So many little kitschy things will go into it, that's for sure. Dream on, sisters ♥

{all images courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine Blog}



It's been a hot minute since I did any Mixtape Monday posts.. I apologize.. I've been uber busy and not too thrilled at the thought of making a new playlist but alas, I did! They're mostly older songs but they're all good so check them out. Holla!

(click on title to download)

If you'd like to download past mixtapes, just click below! (If you click the title it will take you directly to the download page. If you click "blog post" it will take you to the post on kaelahbee.com that shows you the tracklist and album art!)

  • Part Two (previously unposted!)

    Here is Fanfarlo's album "Reservoir"!

    PS; feel free to repost this mix (& "album art") as you'd like. Just be sure to include a link back to kaelahbee.com!


    Book Suggestions!

    I've been asked multiple times for book recommendations and things like that, and even though I'm not an English teacher or an author myself, I know how to appreciate a good book. My taste in books tends to lean towards chick-esque, humorous, life-lesson style books (a la Confessions of a Shopaholic). But anyway, I'll just share a few of my favorites.

    1. Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo:
    It's a lighthearted look at how to love yourself, never settle for less than you deserve, and how to make sure you always portray yourself in the best light. It's SUCH a great read! I was honestly so so so very surprised!


    3. Any and Every book by Sophie Kinsella: I started reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in early 10th grade (2003) and I remember reading it through most of my classes. My friend Megan had let me borrow it and I was hooked. I could totally relate to Miss Rebecca Bloomwood and her NEED to shop. It, too, is set in London, but the 5-book series really opens you up to all of Becky's blunders and adventures. The movie totally sucked... Honestly. The books are SOOOOO much better. I'd read them all again if I still had them in my possession. Kinsella also wrote "Can You Keep a Secret?, "Remember Me?" and her most recent work "Twenties Girl"... I've read all of them (well, I own Twenties Girl.. I just havent read it yet) but she also writes under the pen-name "Madeline Wickham". Check her out!

    4. Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler: I dont care WHO you are... if you dont love Chelsea Handler, something is sincerely wrong with you. This book was to die for! Her other book, "The Horizontal Life", was also funny, but it doesnt touch this one. I just truly appreciate her comedic genius and I can't help but fall for her dry sarcastic humor and fat little Chuy!

    I'm supposed to be doing a book swap with a lovely girl named Ashley soon, but if anyone else is interested in a book swap, let a girl know!

    What are some of your favorite reads and why?
    I'd love to hear them and maybe check them out!


    hey yall!

    hey sorry i didnt update last night.. amazingly enough, our lodge didnt have wifi. weird. we had so much fun. but today, while at an exotic animal farm, i got bit by a camel and it resulted in a few hours at the emergency room. nothing is broken, but i cant move 2 of my fingers at all. 200 pictures soon to be on flickr and lots of videos too. i need to get some sleep though... promise to elaborate on the camel later. feel free to laugh... every nurse/doctor at the hospital did. mike and i were even laughing hysterically (all the while i was bawling in pain, also) while checking me into the ER. fun times. but it was the best valentines EVER.


    Song Suggestions?

    I NEED YOUR [music] HELP!

    as most of you know, Mike and I are going on a little mini-roadtrip [4+ hours each way] to the Smoky Mountains for Valentines Day! Well, we want to make lots of fun playlists to sing along to and document our fun little journey together! This is where you come in!


    ones you want us to listen to! they dont have to be romantic or lovey-dovey. they just need to be awesome songs! you can suggest as many as you'd like. help us out hereeee!

    also, a fun little thing that i'll post later (if i have time... if not, ill post it tomorrow!)... I'M LETTING YOUUUUU PICK MY VALENTINES DAY OUTFIT! huzzah! mainly because i can't choose between a few dresses so i'm going to get all dolled up (not really... just more like put the dress/outfit on) and let you guys take a poll and choose your favorite. then that shall be what i wear for our fun day in Gatlinburg! eep! hokayyyy gotta go get busy with errands! xo

    Lookbook.Nu Inspiration

    Lookbook.Nu is a wonderful source of inspiration via street fashion and global culture, but part of me hates the whole "hipster-faux-modeling" fad going on with the website. I have a profile, but I have uploaded no pictures... mainly for the fact that I dont fit the typical lookbook stereotype (I know, I know... Why am I even talking like this should stop me?) but what I mean is... 99% of the people who post on there look cracked out, homeless children (albeit, well dressed) hipsters. I can appreciate the trend, and I can appreciate the site. But I'm not 105lbs and 5'10" with blonde hair and a european accent... and to me, thats what you need to be "hyped" on Lookbook. Whatever. It doesn't stop me from perusing every single day, though. It's very much based not only on fashion, but on photography, composition, and a pose. No lie. Not that this is a bad thing! It's a wonderful thing... it's like a little one-stop-shop for inspiration regarding fashion AND photography. And not to mention I've found some very very lovely blogs via Lookbook. Anyway, I don't know what this whole deal was even about really haha... Here are a few looks that I love from the front page.

    i'd wear everything here. so sweet and delicate and young.

    this skirt is SO dreamy! and it's from H&M! if anyone is in a city with an H&M and you have it (and would be willing to go buy it for me) please let me know! i can paypal you the money because i am in love! and i won't be at an H&M until may! boo! :(

    this outfit has inspired me for a cute new look for mike! not that i'm trying to change the way he dresses at all, but he'd look cute in a little grey hoodie and badass jacket! :D

    i enjoy the composition of this picture, and her headband!

    P.S... Lookbook is invite only, so if you'd like for me to invite you, leave your email below (Spell it out to avoid spam! ex. kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com). I'll invite as many people as it'll let me :)

    Also, I'm not sure how many of you like to buy stuff online and all that jazz, but I have a few websites that are invite-only and they have HUGE sales on Philip Lim, Anna Sui, etc etc etc! Just click the links to be invited!

    or if you're more of a Target.com, etc shopper, get rebates for all of these places when you shop online!

    I can vouch for the authenticity of all of these sites as I (and many of my friends) have used them. They're a great way to get in on some SERIOUS secret sales and get money back in your wallet! :D we all know i LOVE to shop!

    Valentine's Day in the Smokies!

    So I've never really been a fan of the Smoky Mountains and going to Gatlinburg. Even as a kid when my parents would take me, I'd kind of scoff at the idea of going because it was just cheesy and Dollywood wasn't fun because they didn't have enough rollercoasters... it just seemed too.... family oriented haha But I can officially say that without a doubt I am looking SO forward to this weekend and going with Mike! We booked our hotel (or Mountain Lodge, I guess I should say haha) this morning and I'm in the clear for not having to go to class on Monday (our Print 2 teacher is SO cool. He's so lax with the attendance as long as we get stuff done. It's nice to be treated like an adult at school!) Yay! I'm still going to work Saturday night and then we're leaving super super early Sunday. We're going to drive over (its a 4 hour drive) and all that jazz. We're going to try to hit the Aquarium, Ripley's Museum, and Guinness World Records Museum. Maybe go somewhere for dinner, and check into our ~lodge which has a jacczzi in OUR ROOM! and its bigger than the one in my bathroom! SCORE! It's very... quaint. So its not like super ritzy, but I am SO excited! Yay! Look!

    and a few of the Gatlinburg area! I hope we get to go on a cable car lift! I doubt we'll have time BUT MAYYYBEEE!

    yay! What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? Even if you're solo, I say you dress up and do something fun! :D