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Lookbook.Nu is a wonderful source of inspiration via street fashion and global culture, but part of me hates the whole "hipster-faux-modeling" fad going on with the website. I have a profile, but I have uploaded no pictures... mainly for the fact that I dont fit the typical lookbook stereotype (I know, I know... Why am I even talking like this should stop me?) but what I mean is... 99% of the people who post on there look cracked out, homeless children (albeit, well dressed) hipsters. I can appreciate the trend, and I can appreciate the site. But I'm not 105lbs and 5'10" with blonde hair and a european accent... and to me, thats what you need to be "hyped" on Lookbook. Whatever. It doesn't stop me from perusing every single day, though. It's very much based not only on fashion, but on photography, composition, and a pose. No lie. Not that this is a bad thing! It's a wonderful thing... it's like a little one-stop-shop for inspiration regarding fashion AND photography. And not to mention I've found some very very lovely blogs via Lookbook. Anyway, I don't know what this whole deal was even about really haha... Here are a few looks that I love from the front page.

i'd wear everything here. so sweet and delicate and young.

this skirt is SO dreamy! and it's from H&M! if anyone is in a city with an H&M and you have it (and would be willing to go buy it for me) please let me know! i can paypal you the money because i am in love! and i won't be at an H&M until may! boo! :(

this outfit has inspired me for a cute new look for mike! not that i'm trying to change the way he dresses at all, but he'd look cute in a little grey hoodie and badass jacket! :D

i enjoy the composition of this picture, and her headband!

P.S... Lookbook is invite only, so if you'd like for me to invite you, leave your email below (Spell it out to avoid spam! ex. kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com). I'll invite as many people as it'll let me :)

Also, I'm not sure how many of you like to buy stuff online and all that jazz, but I have a few websites that are invite-only and they have HUGE sales on Philip Lim, Anna Sui, etc etc etc! Just click the links to be invited!

or if you're more of a Target.com, etc shopper, get rebates for all of these places when you shop online!

I can vouch for the authenticity of all of these sites as I (and many of my friends) have used them. They're a great way to get in on some SERIOUS secret sales and get money back in your wallet! :D we all know i LOVE to shop!


  1. It's very nice that you're giving invites out. p.s- I love your blog, one of my favourites!

    May I have a lookbook invite?
    Email is juneafterdawn (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Thank you so much in advance!

  2. thank you thank you! your invite has been sent! :D

  3. I absolutely love your blog (I'm an avid reader of it, ha), and when I saw you were giving out invites I had to comment. I've been wanting one for quite some time. Can I have one? My email is hombachm(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Thanks :)

  4. thanks for the invites :)

  5. I'm a frequent looker of that site. Love the clothes, hate that some people try so hard. And invite would be lovely.


    I know, annoyingly long.

  6. Post your pictures anyway! I'll swing by and rate/comment! I love your look!!!! It's genuine and not some model-led idea if that makes sense

  7. THat was a little mean. what I meant was that I can imagine seeing someone dressed in the street the way you dress whereas some of the lookbook pictures look a bit ott - does that make more sense than before?

  8. Lookbook always seems to be more of an outlet for photography or wannabe fashion editorial photos rather than real fashion that real people wear, which I don't like. I think people would think it was refreshing to see girls that look more like themselves on Lookbook!

  9. my email is morgan.cairns@yahoo.com

    thanks you so much! Been looking for an invite forever!

  10. han: dont worry, i didnt take that as mean! you're very kind. maybe one day soon! :D <3

    chelsea: i agree with you completely about the faux editorial look haha

    everyone else: everyone that has commented thus far has been invited! feel free to leave more emails if you'd like me to invite any of your friends xo

  11. Heythere (:
    I happen to like the faux-editorial look. I mean, when a lot of work is put into the photos to make them look good, it makes them really great for inspiration and makes you want to look at it more. Ya, know? Haha. And you can get in without an invite, if you fill out a simple form and they approve you. I mean I did. Anyways, here's my lookbook:


    I'm an amateur photographer so my pictures are more real-life than faux-editorial. Hehe (:

  12. melissa: oh i still think the whole faux-editorial thing is INCREDIBLY inspirational, dont get me wrong! like i said, one of the reasons i go there everyday. but so many of those users have this aura of "im too good for you" that they portray. at least the ones i've actually made contact with. but i still have my favorites that i fan and look at allllll the time. and im addicted to their blogs! :D

  13. giirl you should totally put your photos on lookbook! i would hype them. i like the "real life" shots so much better than the crazy photoshopped ones, and your style is wonderful.

    i'd love an invite at nataliecalamity (at) aim (dot) com (thumbs up for myspace name from middle school, right) i'll hype everything you post!<3

  14. If you still have any invites, I'd love one!! I am the least fashionable person I know, and I'm trying to fix that... my wallet doesn't want to cooperate, though =P I always am so inspired by your outfit posts because your outfits look so awesome and well put together, but they are usually things I could actually afford!

    My email address is misfitemilie (at) aim (dot) com! :)

  15. I'd love an invite as well, I love following your blog and livejournal, for what it's worth, I love your style as well.


  16. Appreciate your honest feedback :) Thanks!

    Like others who have commented I do hope you will decide to post some looks of your own. It's actually a pretty supportive and open-minded community!

  17. natalie: aw thank you! sent!

    emilie: girl i know the feeling! i like to buy on the cheap cheap! invite sent!

    amanda: thank you! sent!

    yuri: thanks yuri! i just might! stay tuned!

    up to date on all the invites! feel free to post your email! i still have 'em :D


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