Wedding Wednesday

Another much overdue installment of Wedding Wednesday. I can't help but fawn over southern inspired weddings and I dream of the day I get to plan my own. So many little kitschy things will go into it, that's for sure. Dream on, sisters ♥

{all images courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine Blog}



  1. looooove those tiffany blue shoes.

  2. i know! im normally not a huge fan but oh my stars, with that short dress! yes yes yes!

  3. have you thought about what colors you would want all your wedding decorations to be? i would be all about pale aqua and baby pink

  4. Although I am far off from getting married anytime soon, I love to look at blogs on weddings, and shows. I am constantly sketching out wedding dresses as well as themes. I love checking out and
    Check out this couple and their photography, they have done some really cute and charming weddings.

    Sorry for the link overload! lol

  5. hey i'm planning my wedding right now, and these pictures are sooo inspiring!! good time for me to stumble upon this cute blog of yours, thanks for posting! :D

  6. jen: very much the pastel palette you mentioned! pale yellows and browns too! :D

    alyci: you are soo not alone! thanks for the links! im going to check those out now!

    outzer: congratulationsss! ahhh what an exciting time for you! good good luck! :D :D :D

  7. yyayyy! i'm so stoked you did another wedding wednesday! i'm in the middle of wedding planning myself and i loooove southern weddings magazine. those pictures are making me seriously consider getting a second (short!) dress for the reception!

  8. helllllo, kaelah. i'm des. stopped in off the modblog to check out the competition.

    two things:
    1. do you know who the photographers were here? they look reminiscent of the our labor of love kids from atlanta, whom i am hiring to photograph my gay wedding in two years (i'm obsessed with matt miller).
    2. i used to live in johnson city and i'm terribly jealous that you've essentially split the last year between the mountains and the big city.

  9. Hi Des! So glad to have you stop by! Most all of the photos are actually different photographers. I was just picking and choosing my most favorites from the past few weeks of posts! However if you go here ( you can see all of the posts and the credits are in each and every post! :D

    i sadly rarely spend time in the moutainous region of tennessee (but i DID spend V-Day in Gatlinburg!) I'm actually in Nashville when in TN, but i do love it here. Its so hard to be away but at the same time I love NYC haha

    Anywhoo, Best of luck with the internship! It'd be so great if we both got it! (I see you're doing really well in the polls! Yay!) Please don't be a stranger! :D <3 <3

    ps Congrats on the wedding! :D


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