okay... so remember when i said you guys get to pick my valentine's day outfit? yeah.. i lied. just kidding. kind of. i got lazy last night and then today i woke up with a massive migraine... i put on the dresses to show mike and we unanimously decided on one (so i wore one of the others today). but THANK YOU for the fantastic song recommendations!

onward with the photos and such! yesterday Georiga decided it'd be good to go splash around in the creek behind our house... yep... so daddy gave her a bath haha (she loves water so i halfway think she did this on purpose).

then she got lazy and laid upside watching Mike play Grand Theft Auto 4 on his Xbox. she's so lazy! oh my stars!

The night before last we headed over to Michael's to get things to ~bedazzle my iphone. While there we found the most epic foam visors. Here they are in all their glory! Mine got me SO PUMPED for tomorrow! I cannot wait to see the sharks!

Yesterday while running errands, we went to the pet store. I love going there because I love playing with the ferret they always have and hugging him and cuddling with him. I wanted to bring him home oh so bad. Then I held the little bunnies and I wanted one of them too! But G would probably chase it thinking it would wanna play and then bite it. :(

The always wonderful Silje did a portrait painting of my old dog, Bert! I had him for 13 years and he was my best friend. I held him in my arms as he passed away from displaysia and kidney failure when I was 16. I miss him terribly and I keep a photo of him in my car at all times. This was a fantastic way to remember him and I cannot wait to receive it in the mail (it may be in the mail today!) I'll be framing the 8x10" original in our room. I'm thinking of having Georgia done, too, and having a little Georgia peach with her! :D

A random photo of moi:

And today... Like I said above, I woke up with a massive migraine. It was NOT fun. We got dressed, took Georgia for a walk and then left to go grab lunch at Genghis Grill. It was packed but our lunch was yummy. We headed over to Barnes and Noble after so I could load up on magazines for the drive tomorrow (and boy did I ever!). We went to Ivey Cake to get cupcakes but they were closed so we settled for Natticakes instead and I was NOT happy. Gross! I stay loyal to Ivey Cake! We shot a few outfit photos. I look rough but I just wasn't feeling it today.

Saturday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Charlotte Russe ($30)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Tights: Walmart ($10 - wearing 2 pairs)
Flats: Charlotte Russe ($22)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

Hey Charlotte Russe... wanna sponsor me yet? haha

and a few adorable photos of Mike:

We came home and I headed out for errands to finish up Mike's Valentines Day shopping. Yay! Can't wait to share with you the goodies I got him!

Now I'm going to finish getting ready for work and head out. I have to leave in 30 minutes. Hopefully tonight will flyyyy by because last night did NOT! But I made good money so I guess thats what matters. I get home at 3am and we've decided to head out at 8am. Bleh! I can sleep on part of the drive over though... I hope. Mike's car is much more comfortable than mine.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday night and an awesome Valentine's Day! I won't have internet tomorrow until probably late tomorrow night when we check into the hotel/lodge. (I HOPE they have wifi! eep!). But I'll update with all the amazing fun that we have! (My mom has informed us that parts of the state we're driving through is supposed to get like 6" of snow tomorrow... gah, I hope we don't get stuck in the mountains!)

ps; I received all the valentines day goodies from Lindsay and everyone in the blog swap! So so fun to open them all! Such treats! :D Thank you to everyone who participated! I'm going to go through them again this week and follow everyone involved! If you didn't leave your blog address on the valentine, please let me know who you are so I can say thank you and follow you! :D



  1. I loooove gatlinburg! I love that big street with the things that lift you and those cute stores with the native american stuff.
    Lucky lucky you!

  2. Have fun in the mountains I love it there! I loved your Valentine card too cute!


  3. Aww these are really cute photos and that picture with the ferret made me want a ferret all over again lol!

  4. so glad you got your cards!!!! I loved yours too!!! Hope you have an awesome Love Day!!!

  5. aw yay glad you got your cards!


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