Things I Love Thursday!

A short, visual installment of the weekly TiLT posts! (Prepare yourselves... I'm making ANOTHER one tonight... focused merely on home decor/interior design).

1. Monique Luhllier. She's such a brilliant designer. She can concoct the most elegant and feminine gowns around. Draped dresses, Fitted dresses. The organza, lace, and tulle. Everything feels perfect about her dresses. I remember the cover of a bridal magazine when I was 16 years old... I was with my then-boyfriend, Jamie, and I saw that dress and swore that I'd be married in it or I'd be buried in it. It was from her 2005 Bridal collection and it was jaw dropping. Beautiful silhouette and the most gorgeous sage green satin sash! I still have a photo of it somewhere. My tastes are relatively the same now, but I'd probably opt for much more lace!

2. Paper Shark. Clever origami! I took an origami "enrichment" class in high school (you met like 30 minutes a day, 2 or 3 days a week). I can't remember how to fold a darn thing but this is awesome!

3. Dreamy children's rooms. I, myself, had a FANTASTIC bed when I was younger. It was like a little cottage house with a white picket fence, etc. The facade of the house was "headboard" and even the awning and such hung over the bed. Little windows opened for a small bookshelf and the bed was the "yard"... the picket fence was around it. It was very sturdy and I'd always crawl up and hide on the roof during hide & seek. It was baby pink, lavender, and white. Dreamy! But how about these?!? Talk about feeling like a princess from birth! That carriage crib is somethin that I definitely need to be happening in my nursery.

4. Neck tattoos. And this one in particular. Something about it just... fits.

5. Clever words. I feel like this could apply in more places than one right now.

6. Adorable little houses! Especially quaint little houses with such amazing paint schemes! And look at that amazing car in the driveway!

7. Outer Space meets Beyonce. Need I say more? And Single Ladies will always be one of my favorite anthems.

8. THIS COAT! Does anyone know the designer?

9. Clever Graphic Design. 1. I love the color brown. 2. I love the color peach. 3. HOW FREAKING COOL ARE THESE?!?! I'd use them over and over and over! They remain beautiful out of context, but in context they're hilarious! Balding with age!


What are some things you're loving this week?


  1. oooooh i love that house!


  2. I literally LOL when I saw the balding sticky notes. And those wedding dresses are gorgeous! :) Great post!

  3. that tattoo is from a poem by my very favorite poet! ee cummings. love it.

  4. Holy. God. That jacket is fabulous!

    I just thought I'd let you know (since you said you loved Westies), I have a lot of my Westie's puppies pictured on my blog :) No pressure, they're just adorable and I want the world to know! haha.

  5. Love the Wedding Dresses! Gorgeous! I wish I had one right now to prance around in so I could feel purty! And things that I am loving right now, new Spring clothes in stores, frozen yogurt, and vintage dresses!

  6. ha ha the paper at the end is so funny!!!

  7. The wedding dresses are beyond beutiful. I wish I had one of those for my wedding. I love those post-it's. So funny.


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