Song Suggestions?


as most of you know, Mike and I are going on a little mini-roadtrip [4+ hours each way] to the Smoky Mountains for Valentines Day! Well, we want to make lots of fun playlists to sing along to and document our fun little journey together! This is where you come in!


ones you want us to listen to! they dont have to be romantic or lovey-dovey. they just need to be awesome songs! you can suggest as many as you'd like. help us out hereeee!

also, a fun little thing that i'll post later (if i have time... if not, ill post it tomorrow!)... I'M LETTING YOUUUUU PICK MY VALENTINES DAY OUTFIT! huzzah! mainly because i can't choose between a few dresses so i'm going to get all dolled up (not really... just more like put the dress/outfit on) and let you guys take a poll and choose your favorite. then that shall be what i wear for our fun day in Gatlinburg! eep! hokayyyy gotta go get busy with errands! xo


  1. I don't have song suggestions right now, but I wanted to tell you I mailed you a Valentines Day card today!

  2. baby's romance- chris garneau
    elephants- rachael yamagata


    I made a little Valentine's playlist :) Maybe you would like some of the songs!! <3

  4. Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love
    Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go or Hide and Seek
    Regina Spektor - Samson or Us (Us is really sweet and kinda romantic)
    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars, Run, Set Fire to The Third Bar (make sure it's the Martha Wainwright version)
    Madeline Peyroux - Mad, Dance me to the end of love

    Ok I think that does it hehe - I have a whole bunch more but I wouldn't want to bore you lol.

  5. If you can find it on iTunes or wherever it's called Finally Found and it's by a band called The Honeyz.

  6. so many great suggestions! thanks yall! and han, snow patrol = one of my favorite bands EVER. i LOVEEEE when he sings with Martha! favorite album!

  7. All time low- remembering sunday
    Anthony green-first day of work at the microscope store
    brad paisley-then
    Brand new-gasoline
    the bravery-time wont let me go
    bright eyes-i believe in symmetry
    circa survive- the most dangerous commercials
    elefant-uh oh hello
    elefant-tonight lets dance
    franz ferdinand-die on the floor
    good old war-we've come a long way [Mike will really like them i think] the song weak man is also incredible.
    the higher-our movie rules
    john mayer-why georgia
    person L-sunshine
    person L-born in the rainy days of may
    person L-canyonlands
    plain white t's-1,2,3,4
    rascal flatts-holdin on
    the sound of animals fighting-act 1:chasing suns
    the spill canvas-staplegunned
    the starting line-ready
    the strokes-last nite
    nick jonas and the administration- stonger
    and thats it =]

  8. 5 years time - Noah and the Whale
    Ooh la la - Goldfrapp
    One Week - Barenaked Ladies
    Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

    Those are songs I'm listening to at the moment :)

  9. Have you seen this version?

    I can't find any better videos of it :(

  10. Death by "White Lies"

  11. I am so glad you liked my playlist :) I also recommend anything by Angus and Julia Stone if you haven't already heard of them!

  12. Bruises by Chairlift

    it's a very adorable song. seriously.

  13. Here's a fun one:
    The Proclaimers-500 Miles.
    One of the best songs ever, in my opinion.

  14. as always: the cure - just like heaven.

  15. i will follow you into the dark- death cab for cutie
    i found a reason- cat power
    sea of love- cat power
    the weather- built to spill
    liar- built to spill
    wild horses- the rolling stones
    nightingale- saves the day
    collect call- metric
    gimme sympathy- metric
    dream world- rilo kiley
    handle me with care- jenny lewis
    melt your heart- jenny lewis
    no one's gonna love you- band of horses

    mostly ~lovey~, i've been picking out songs for my wedding reception all day...clearly i haven't gotten very far.

  16. Morgan Laurence - Sundresses and Sweater Vests

  17. This is my valentine's day playlist even though it's not all love songs:

    1. The Cruel One - Gold Motel
    2. Harry Frazee and No No Nanette - Forgive Durden
    3. The 70's Song - The Cab
    4. She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra
    5. Montreal Love Song - We Are the Take
    6. Expo '86 - Death Cab for Cutie
    7. 20 Dollar Nosebleed - Fall Out Boy
    8. Molasses - The Hush Sound
    9. Go To Heaven - The Pierces
    10. Substitution - Silversun Pickups
    11. Perfect Sonnet - Bright Eyes

    All of these artists are amazing, so I just picked a couple of my favorite songs. Have a great trip!

  18. Lovers Aramda by Brickshy

    oh or

    Whoa by Brickshy


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