Sunday Funday

In usual Sunday Funday fashion, I slept in. Way In. WAY WAY IN. Mike set an alarm for 9:30am so he could get up and shower and get ready to meet his dad at his house in Nashville to do some stuff and I woke up with a migraine once more. I decided to just sleep it off instead of getting up when he did. I VERY well could have managed to get out of bed at 9:30am... We fell asleep at about 4am probably after I came in from work. (Work last night was slow, but overall it was a very successful weekend.) I think I managed to crawl from under the sheets that I was entangled with Georgia in (She was snoring in all her glory!) at 12:45. eep! TOO much sleep, KB! I started the day by getting dressed and taking care of some things. I was going to head to Panera to work on things but Mike informed me that he was on his way home so I just hung out. I cleaned the room, made the bed, vacuumed, etc. Mike's dad brought our bikes to the house! I AM SO EXCITED! Mike is going to take mine apart and we're going to paint it! It's a beautiful vintage cruiser (It's a men's cruiser, but whatever!) AND IT HAS A BASKET IN THE FRONT! EEP! I think we're going to paint it either a beige creme color or pale yellow! We decided to head over to Panera for some soup and a sandwich as we contemplated whether to drive down to visit my parents. (We decided to go another day.) We shot some outfit photos at the abandoned house next door and then headed over there.

Sunday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21 ($30)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($30)
Belt: I have no clue
Tights: Target ($7)
Bootie Heels:
Charlotte Russe ($35)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)
Purse: Forever 21 ($25)

We headed to Panera and ate, then ventured out to Best Buy, Ross (where I got some goodies!), and eventually WalMart. Always running errands!

At Ross', we picked up these fabbbbbulousss pastel mixing bowls, appetizer plates, AND condiment bowls! oh my stars I was in heaven when I saw them! So dreamy, so fifties, so ME! Mike arranged the bowls on the plates for the photo. He's so silly! I cannot wait to plan my entire kitchen around these! Yes, you heard me... around silly little kitchenware found at Ross! WIN!

I also snagged these ADORABLE bow black flats! With a price tag of a whopping $11.99! kjas;ldj;lsadf This made me so happy. Georgia always manages to eat my black flats! I love the ones I bought at Charlotte Russe the other day but I like shinier flats, too! And I LOVE bows! you all know this though! Can't wait to wear them tomorrow!

Lots of people keep asking for photos of Mike's new nose ring. I kind of got him on candid camera a few minutes ago as he was cooking us dinner! Oh, and these are his new glasses, too!

I know I blogged last night about getting a call back for the Gwyneth Paltrow/Tim McGraw/Leighton Meester movie on Valentine's Day, but I think I've since decided NOT to do it... but hear me out! It's Valentine's Day [my FAVORITE holiday EVER!], and it's Mike and I's first Valentines Day together... but even better than that.... I THINK WE'RE GOING TO GO TO THE RIPLEY'S AQUARIUM IN GATLINBURG! Y'all know I'm SO obsessed with Sharks and Octopus! Well... THEY HAVE THEM! YUSSSS! I'm such a nerd for marine life and it's something we really want to do together. I think we'd also go to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum as well as the Guinness Book of World Records Museum. We'd probably stay the night if we could find a cheap little hotel/motel or something and then come back on Monday. It'd be a fun little 4 hour drive each way and we could make playlists and take our Mino FlipCam and I just like the sweet little romance involved. But there are always other opportunities with the film. This isn't the last casting so we'll see! Here's some lovely jellyfish photos to put you in the mood!

Mike is slaving over the stove right now. He made yummy veggie stirfry and brown rice. He set the table and lit candles, too! I was going to go get him a bottle of wine (and sparking cider or grape juice for me!) but the liquor store was closed... we settled for cream soda instead! :D

We sold the 2 couches and coffee table set in the living room tonight! Some fellas who relocated from India to work for Nissan (which now calls Franklin, TN home) came by and paid half down and is going to pay the rest when they come pick them up this week. $200 is very nice to come by seeing as I'm saving every penny possible for NYC in May. They may even take our huge big screen tv and entertainment center. We were asking $500 but I told them I'd ship it off with them for $400 haha I just want it gone! I hope my roommates don't mind =/ We don't have cable and no one uses the living room anyway... I cleared it with Bryan.. but its not like it really matters. No one uses it and it's all mine. I Dont want to have to rush to get rid of it come December. :)

Tomorrow I have to head up to Nashville for a little field trip to a screenprinter for our Print 2 class. Should be fun. Then we're going to clean clean clean as our new couch will be here Tuesday morning. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

Okay... enough of a long friggin blog post. I shall end it here. I think we're going to go watch Daria: Is It College Yet? after dinner! Yay!

Hope you all have a fantastic start to your week!

Edit: oh my stars! As if cooking wasn't enough, Mike set the mood with pure candlelight and pulled out my chair for me and everything! So dreamy! And I'm clad in a UTC hoodie, pajama pants AND I HAVE A TOWEL ON MY HEAD BC I JUST TOOK A SHOWER! oh my! hahaha He's the epitome of the perfect boyfriend. Hands down. I feel so incredibly blessed to share my life with him :) Okay, end mushy gushy moment! Sorry!


  1. I love when you put your hair up! It looks so cute :)

    I've actually been to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, haha. Two summers ago my family rented a cabin in the mountains near Gatlinburg and we went to the museum, aquarium, and a few other places that are around there. It was fun :)

  2. thanks Rae! I hope we get to go! we're so giddy about it!

  3. So glad someone else shares the love of jellyfish like I do. (:

    And I'm sure you've heard it a million times, but your hair looks awesome that bright red.

  4. You'll love Gatlinburg! I know I already told you that on twitter. But the Ripley's and Guinness museums totally rock! The wax museum is cool too. We stayed at a hotel in Pigeon Forge which we only drove like 10 minutes and parked in G-Burg. Wear comfy shoes because it's very hilly and it's a little bit of a walk from the aquarium to the museums.

  5. I was at the Ripley's Aquarium around this exact time last year for my bestie's birthday. When you walk through you'll come to a passage where you're completely surrounded by glass and you'll see all these scratches on the glass, and underneath there is a sign saying THERE WAS A SHARK ATTACK. yep. i guess a shark was really mad/hungry, and tried to plow through the glass to gobble up someone! it's wild! You're going to have soooo much fun! And maybe you'll get lucky and a shark will try to attack someone in front of you or something! take pictures!

  6. oh my, those bowls are simply amazing.. seriously WANT!!!!!!! And of course you look gorgeous as always :)

  7. Why am I just now discovering your blog? You are so stinking adorable! Also, your boyfriend might be Ryan Adams. Good news.


    lindsay: go to Ross if you have one! seriously! SOO CHEAP! and great quality!

    allison: aw thank you! :D so glad to have you as a reader! :D :D :D mike took that as a super compliment btw! <3

  9. I really love all of your blog posts, and I've been following them for a little while now. I hope that maybe you would like to check out the things that I have posted? And maybe look at this new organization that I'm staring up, and I'd love to have your support in! I hope you have a wonderful day, and keep up the awesome posts! They're addicting!

  10. Jessica: thanks so much! It looks like a great cause. Maybe you could email me and tell me more about it?! I'd love to hear from you and see what I can do to help support it! kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com


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