hayyyy tuesday!

the first few pictures are from saturday when AJ, Bryan, Elle, Mike and I attempted to go sledding down the hill down the street from our house after we jimmy-rigged the lid off our trash can... needless to say it didnt work very well... ha.. we were defeated. and mike and i couldnt feel our toes. oh my stars we were in pain!

if you guys watched the weather at all [national weather, that is], you would've seen that nashville got dumped with a ridiculous amount of snow and ice this past weekend. it was so bad that we were snowed into our house friday morning through monday. we never ever ever get stuff like this so it was a bit crazy. none of us know how to drive in this [did you see that i totally included myself in that?! haha] anyway, i didnt work at all all weekend either. gooooodbyeee money! ugh so frustrating! whatever.

sunday was more of the same... nothing. attempting to play in the snow and all that jazz. attempting to dig the car out of the several inches of ice that encased it into the driveway. bleh. class was canceled on friday but school opened at noon on monday... i still couldnt get out of the driveway so 4 out of the 7 of us in my print 2 class didnt go. it was fine because my professor said dont sweat it. phew! i have to present my project tomorrow instead. we finally got out of the driveway at some point monday evening. we went to American Signature Furniture to purchase our lovely couch and loveseat, but we fell in love with the one across the walkway. Mike was enamored with it, and I thought it was ... okay... i didnt LOVE it. but it so totally grew on me and now i love it and now we can call it ours! we made our first HUGE decision/purchase together! eeeep! so excited! [the one in the picture that he's sitting on is the one we purchased... but the ottoman is two-toned, too. not all one color like the one pictured]. luckily our bedroom is big enough to furnish it. [why are we putting a huge sectional in our room, you may ask?! well... we turned off the cable because no one watches it and i'm getting rid of everything in the living room, and our room is huge and we've reorganized and rearranged everything and this just makes sense. its going to be so cozy!!!!].

the one above is the exact one we got... except we got an additional "armless double chair" [liked pictured in the center] to add to the other side so that its bigger.

mike has also been taking my outfit pictures as of late! who knew he was so talented behind the camera?! not i! but i'm so very happy at this because i can stop taking them with my stupid iphone in my ginormous mirror! haha

baby G and i playing in the snow... yes, i was wearing heels. dumb!

she LOVESSSS snow and water! it cracks me up to see her jumping about!

Monday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Rodarte for Target ($40)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Tights: Target ($7)
Heels: Charlotte Russe ($35)

My hair looked so red today! but in reality it is so so so faded and my roots are a quarter inch long! eep! [but i dyed it late tonight so its fiiiiireee red again! and then mike asked sadly "are you ever going to go back to being a brunette?!" he loves my red hair... but he really really loves my brown haha. i told him eventually for a bit i will! i miss it sometimes too!]

Today I got up at 9:30 and made him some coffee to wake him up with. I got ready for the day and he took me to class around 10:45 after we snapped some outfit photos outside. [I still don't have my car so he's been chauffeuring me around!] My friend Bobby saw Mike drop me off and kiss me goodbye and he commented on how that was the most precious thing ever. [AWWWW!] I had Portfolio class today where i sat and did absolutely nothing. seriously.... so bad. I printed some stuff and then Mike came to get me once more. We ran to the mall so he could look at new glasses and I bought new monroe studs... then I so carelessly dropped $150 on 2 new dresses, a jacket, a pair of black flats and a skirt at Charlotte Russe. oops! my dresses are dreamy though! they make me prayyyyy for spring and picnics and bike rides with my boy! yay! We took care of a bit more business and then headed to Panera for some yummy lunch. We ate soup and sandwiches and had a fantastic talk about our future.

[* I should probably note that i am currently experiencing what i believe to be my quarter life identity crisis.... here it is... my senior year of college and i'm so close to signing off and being ready to get a "real job".... but my priorities are changing on the daily. i realize this is nothing unusual... everyone goes through this.. but one minute i'm like "new york new york new york!" then the next i'm like "but i want to live in my quaint little house with a picket fence and have a cute family and a yard and a dog and an SUV" haha i realize that i can have BOTH of those... in due time... yet i'm having a hard time distinguishing which i want first. idk. whatever decisions are made regarding mike's education is going to impact what i do and vice versa. it will all work itself out. i know it will. but then i opened up an issue of BUST that i worked on and had my screenprinting and my name in it... and then it all made sense. it all came back to me. BUST is my passion... so thats where i'm headed right now. phew. end! *]

we ran a few more errands and then came home. we've been cleaning and organizing ever since. my stepdad stopped by on his way home from work to pick something up and he's going to build us a casing for some of my craft shelves. yay for having an awesome stepdad! we then ran down to Sweet CeCe's to get some yummy froyo and such. We kept working on stuff and Mike made dinner [steamed veggies and some yummmmmy dirty rice!]. Then I dyed my hair and here we are. I need to get to sleep so i can wake up early and finish my presentation. Hopefully ill post a little bit of my work tomorrow and you can see the book i'm presenting [i kind of hate it right now but whatever. thats to be expected]. anyway... sleep it is!

oh.. a few more pictures first!

Tuesday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21 ($25)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Tights: Target ($7)
Boots: Goodwill ($10)


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pppps; here's 2 funny videos of georgia in the snow this weekend from MY YOUTUBE.

dont make fun of my doofy accent ha.

happy wednesday!


  1. Your hair looks super amazing against the snow.
    Pretty jealous right now ;)

  2. aw thanks girl! i was amazed at how BRIGHT it made it look! my hair is sooo ridic red in the right light haha

  3. dang girl! check out that hair! the snow and the blue and the mike-behind-the-camera really make it pop =)

  4. You said to leave a note in your blog, so you could follow back :)

    By the way, I love the black and blue checkered dress! Gorgeous!

  5. bb, you make me want to dye my hair red so badly!
    you look fabulous!

  6. I love your hair!! You take the cutest pics!!!

  7. Love that style couch, I wanted one like that for so long!! I love your style you are gorgeous and your hair is amazing, I wish mine was that vibrant!


  8. aw thank you guys so so so much! you are all wayyyyy too sweet! xo

  9. Awww! Dogs and the snow are so cute :) My little Westie Bowie loooves the snow... it's adorable. He comes back in the house after playing with huge clumps of it all over his face and a huge grin.

    All of your dresses are so fabulous! And (like you haven't heard it a gazillion times), you're so pretty!

  10. oh my goodness april! you MUST post a picture of Bowie! i loveeeee westies! [as does mike!] they are THE most adorable things in the woooorrrlllddd! and thank you! <3 <3 <3

  11. Georgia is the cutest thing!
    I hope her eye is okay
    and that the weather gets better for you guys! It's beautiful but a sure inconvinence.

  12. I have a video on my blog of Bowie snapping at me... he's a little drama king... I think I may have spoiled him. It's so adorable though.

    If you want, you could follow my blog. Bowie is going to be having puppies with his Westie girlfriend, Chispa. I'll be posting TONS of pictures once she has them. I can't wait! :)


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