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Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville
I promised y’all a follow up to the Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow post I shared last week, and here it is! I shall not disappoint you! ;) The original plan was for me to attend the Roadshow on Friday evening, but less than 2 hours before I planned on being there I received word that Toby was to have his first baseball scrimmage of the season at 5pm - and I realized that the pups wouldn’t be at the event until Saturday. So it was no contest; I’d get baseball with my buddy Friday night and all the pup petting at the roadshow Saturday! Can’t complain about that, right? I kept watching the weather because we were definitely supposed to get a doozy of a storm on Saturday, but we lucked out and only got a bit of rain for not too terribly long at all. I had told my friend Maya about the event and that there’d be free pet adoptions since she and her partner were wanting to adopt a dog - perfect timing!

Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville
Maya and Curtis tagged along through Midtown and we ate some deliciously cheesy, greasy goodness from The Grilled Cheeserie (all of you non-Nashville folk are missing out! YUM!) before petting ALL THE DOGS! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you might have seen that they found a fluffy little friend to bring home (top photo!) Isn’t she beautiful?! Seriously, that’s one good looking pup. She’s still in need of a name though - Do y’all have any suggestions to throw in? I voted for Daisy, because for some reason she just looks like a Daisy to me. It may or may not have anything to do with the fact I’ve been listening to that Brand New album a lot lately haha!

The event itself was super rad. The giant pool floats were such a fun seating idea! I think they might have been my favorite part of the ~decor. It was especially adorable to see so many kids enjoying them. I also was super into the fact they had Corn Hole set up! That makes me want to go find the ones we had built a few years ago. Such a fun party game! I may be a bit rusty, but I bet I could give you a run for your money in some good ol’ bean bag tossing haha

Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville
Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville
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Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville
Oh! And let’s talk about this outfit, yeah? I received so many compliments on this outfit and I was tickled pink. It was super comfortable and so perfect for a day like Saturday. I mean, you know, minus the rain. I wouldn’t recommend traipsing through the rain in sandals… but luckily I didn’t have to so it’s all gravy, right? — Real talk for a minute though: I ordered my sandals via Zappos.com on the night of Wednesday, March 15th - I earned Free 2-day shipping via the Zappos Rewards program, but y’all, those shoes showed up at my house the. very. next. day! Thursday! When I first received the shipping email I clicked the tracking URL and thought for sure that had to be wrong. I don’t live smack dab in the middle of metro Nashville anymore… I’m out in the sticks! And they still got there the next day! What! I’ve ordered from Zappos plenty and I’ve never once had a bad experience - I swear I’m not just saying that because of a sponsored post. The ease of exchanges/returns is a total bonus - um not to mention that incredible 365 return window, but the incredibly quick shipping is just like AHHHHHH! *picture me raising my arms to the heavens*  Zappos, you’ve got me for life. (If you're not signed up for the Zappos Rewards program, you're missing out on some free perks that are totally AMAZE. I know I can't make you do anything, but if I could I would totally make you sign up haha)

The Friends With Benefits Roadshow is touring the country - and you can bring it to your city by popping over to the FwBR page and voting! If you have the opportunity to attend, do it! There is absolutely no reason to skip out on free tacos, mimosas, beer, good tunes, and FLUFFY PUPS! I’d totally attend in another city if I were around for it! That means more dogs to love on so…

Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow Nashville

By the way - See that precious pup? Well it was through this event that I found out about April over at Harmony Designs Photography and Emma's Senior Dog Project. Here's a little snippet from her Facebook page so you can check it out yourself:
"Through Emma’s Senior Dog Project we honor my sweet Emma and capture the special bond families share with their senior dogs. The usual sitting fee of $250 is waived and instead a $100 donation to Agape Animal Rescue is requested."
Y'all, this makes my heart swell and it's such a neat way to cherish your pets and help bring awareness and assistance to Agape Animal Rescue. Both Pip and Georgia are getting up there in bully age so this tugs at my heartstrings extra hard. // Another incredible rescue-geared small business belongs to my friend and college classmate, Madison, of Birch and Terrier. Madison's dedication to rescue animals in the Franklin/Nashville area is truly so inspiring. She gives so much of her time and her heart to these animals (including her own rescues and foster pups). So much love and appreciation to Zappos, April, Madison, and any/all of the other people and businesses supporting this cause. This project was so easy to say yes to because it's not just fun, it's useful! It for sure changed the lives of so many animals, and their new forever families, too. I hope each and every one of you get a chance to check out the Friends With Benefits Roadshow. Even if you just go pet some pups, it's been scientifically proven to decrease stress and increase all those feely good vibes. So basically there's no reason not to, science says so.

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