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One of the perks of being a mom is shopping for the cutest, smallest, sweetest baby clothing and kids clothing! I've loved shopping for my boys since before Toby came to live with us. Seeing Toby's style evolve has been so awesome. He's gone to almost only wearing bowties and button ups to loving cut off jean shorts (jorts! ha!) and sassy graphic tees. He still loves his bowties now, don't get me wrong! Few things can come between him and his precious collection box, but he's become more relaxed and laid back with what he wears. Kind of weird to think that deeply about a 7 year old boy's style choices, right? haha! 

Despite Linden only being 20 months, we generally let him pick what he wants to wear (as long as it's seasonally appropriate). Of course I get to make the real decisions when I buy his clothes, but until he's old enough to really dictate what he wants me to buy, I get to choose what I love :P Boys clothing has gotten so much cuter since even Toby was Linden's age! I'm always always always looking for new sites and places to find great deals on cute outfits. I've written about PatPat before, but today I'm sharing their recently relaunched website! I've only shopped on PatPat via their app, so this was the first time I even used their site. I love how clean and streamlined it is! One of my biggest complaints about most flash sale sites like this is that they cram SO MUCH STUFF onto the site. Sometimes I just give up shopping even on my favorite sites because there is simply too much to cull through and it feels like a chore. Shopping shouldn't feel like a chore, right?! PatPat is so easy to use and it's not overwhelming at all. The only thing I wish they had: an upcoming sales page! I like to get a peek at what to expect in the upcoming week so I know when to really be checking in. But it's such an easy and inexpensive way to score some trendy kids clothing. There are even cloth diaper deals, too!

Some other news worth noting:
  • PatPat now ships internationally (!!!)
  • It's not just a flash sale site. They also have deals that never expire.
  • They now have even more items available on their site

I can't wait for those two little sets to arrive! Linden is going to look SO cute! Check it out and see if there's anything you like!

xo KB


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  1. shall have to share with my mama friends!



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