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I'm starting to find more ways to do my hair now that I don't have the added length and volume of my extensions, but I'm just not loving anything quite yet. It has been a total learning curve, y'all. My hair feels so thin and limp now, but I'm trying my best to give it some va va voom! I'm probably going to break down and get new extensions dyed to match because I miss having longer hair already. It's nice to have the option, you know? Anyway, while I didn't pay much mind to color coordination with my hair and outfit on our Lucky Ladd outing, I ended up loving how my hair, dress, and sling all coordinated in a fun, bright way. This outfit is my tried and true favorite for Autumn. I've worn it half a dozen times already, and it's typically my "go to" when I need something quick and easy. No fuss! This honey colored Eshakti dress is one of my favorites, too. I have it in cobalt blue as well, but I love the way the yellow fits so seamlessly into the season. When I was pregnant with Linden I started wearing this chambray shirt tied up like this and now I just can't stop. It makes the outfit feel a little more "down home" haha! My LuLu*s boots are in heavy rotation right now. But the true star of the show: this Vienna Springs silk ring sling (the color is called Barcelona!). Ah! I just love that thing! Linden is pretty content being worn on my back now, so this ring sling is always in our diaper bag. The double layer silk really helps make L feel weightless (and look at that chunk... he most definitely isn't!) So much love for this thing, seriously!

I bet I won't share another outfit post for like three weeks because I'll just be busy wearing this over and over and over again. Creature of habit, y'all! Do what works, right? haha Hope you're having a great week so far, friends!

xo KB

LuLu*s boots
Vienna Springs sling in "Barcelona"


  1. In my opionion your hair looks good and thick! Such a cool and colourful look, you are all so cute <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Really Awesome photos and especially little baby's are looking so cute

  3. Love your blue hair!! you have a beautiful family!!




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