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First things first, I have green hair now! Well, teal/green/something or another. I dyed over my red hair the month before our wedding back in 2012 and then I let my natural color grow out. I swore I wouldn't dye my hair again because the upkeep is just too much. (read: I'm lazy... ish) For 3 years I sported my almost-black hair and didn't pay much mind to the greys I started to accumulate. Then I started getting antsy. I've had basically the same hair style for nearly 9 years. I'm a creature of habit and honestly, downright boring. I wanted to get a little "va voom" back, so I threw caution to the wind and BOOM. Green hair. It's incredibly frizzy thanks to the non-stop rain we've had (there was a massive downpour about 3 minutes after these photos!), and I've ditched my extensions, but I'm loving something new and fun. I opted to keep my roots dark and some strands dark, too, just for some dimension. (Also because I don't want to bleach my hair over and over and over, so the roots being dark makes it look intentional when it grows out... or something haha!)

This outfit was thrown together so I could run some errands with the boys: groceries, post office, fighting the Oktoberfest traffic. You know, fun things like that. The temperature has been all over the place... in the 50s then in the upper 80s. I opted to ditch the tights and layer my Andrew Marc (faux fur!) vest over a black VooDoo Vixen cardigan (it's my most comfortable black cardi!) and my black and cream LuLu*s dress. I actually carried a purse for the first time in a while, too. This vest is probably the softest thing I own right now. Both the lining and the shell are just so smooth. I've caught myself "petting" the vest a few times while wearing it haha! (I wore it Monday, too. You can see that version on Instagram). It has pockets, which is a major plus since my dress doesn't have any. My only complaint is that it runs pretty big. I got a large but I should have sized down to a medium. Definitely go down a size if you swipe one of your own! Unless you like oversized vests. In that case, rock on :) I've also grown insanely attached to these rose gold ribbon weights from Buddha Jewelry Organics. I've never worn weights before this but I'm obsessed with how sweet these are. The color is seriously so perfect with this LOVE eternity necklace. Rose gold forever!

This weekend I'm looking forward to loading the boys up with Mike and heading toward Lucky Ladd Farm with Whitney and her two kids. Pumpkin patch, hayrides, a corn maze! Oh man, it's going to be SO much fun! The weather is supposed to be just perfect for our plans so here's to hoping it complies! Toby loves stuff like that, and I can't wait to see Linden really experience it for the first time (since he was only 2 months old when we visited one last year!) It's such a lovely time of year, right?

xo KB

LuLu*s dress
Urban Expressions bag (via Stitch Fix)
ShoeMint flats


  1. You're hair is gorgeous, I love it :) xxx


  2. You rock that pretty green hair! Love the color on you. So fun!

  3. You rock that pretty green hair! Love that color on you!

  4. I'm loving the fun new hair color and this entire outfit! The jacket is awesome and look super cozy and you can't go wrong with a striped dress.
    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  5. Your hair looks amazing - and the green really sets off the rose gold! You look super-cozy and super-cute!

  6. The green hair is supahhh cute! Love it!

  7. I love your pretty green hair, I've been trying to grown my black dye out (that I've had for 6-7 years now) so I can have some pretty colours. Yours looks so great!


  8. Your hair looks perfect! I love the darker roots and stands through out, looks so good with the green!


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