// Go Outside and EXPLORE!

Yesterday I didn't touch the internet. (Such a weird way to say that, isn't it?) I didn't Instagram, I didn't tweet, I didn't blog. I didn't worry about numbers or followers or letting anyone know what I was up to at every waking moment. It was refreshing. (But of course now I'm here a day later to tell you all about it... eh?) 

There's a big sense of "change" around our family right now. Adjusting to new schedules and roles and goals. Some days it feels like we're on top of it all: checking off to do lists, wiping out grocery lists, and having all of our laundry clean and put away. Then there are days where I feel like I'm grasping at straws to keep my head above water. I know everyone has them, but I've definitely felt the weight of it all lately.

Yesterday I steered clear of social media and I loaded up the boys with my friend Whitney and we took them to a gorgeous creek and picnicking area, along with her 2 boys, too. 4 boys, running hog wild, splashing in the water and throwing rocks. And 2 mamas just enjoying being outside. It's so easy to feel like a prisoner in your own home when you're there day in and day out, especially with kids. Sometimes I'll find myself asking "What does it feel like outside?" at 2pm... As in I haven't stepped foot outside all day. It's sad! I'm trying to be much more intentional with my time lately, and getting outside was high on the list. Whitney and I are trying to check out our "Autumn Bucket List" with the kids, so maybe I'll share more about that soon!

It was just really really nice to unplug and skip rocks and get a little dirty. I'm going to make it more of a priority before it just gets way too cold (because let's be real: when I turn into a human popsicle, I'm not going outside! HA) So far it's been a successful Fall break!

TiLT will be coming at your later this week, don't worry! 

What's the last (fun and intentional) thing you did outside?

xo KB


  1. We (myself and 2 kids ages almost 4 and almost 2) go outside to play everyday (unless we have a high wind warning, which is often in the winter). I've made it a part of our schedule. Breakfast, play inside, snack and outside until lunch. Yes, it's so much easier to plop them down in front of the TV but that's when they get crazy and stop listening! I try to sneak chores in whenever I can, like taking a leaves or pulling weeds. The kids usually help... For 5 minutes.
    Today we're headed to the park for the morning, we'll have a picnic lunch before heading home for nap time. I make my oldest walk on nice days (it takes about 20 minutes) and I'm guaranteed easy bedtime tonight.
    We're outside for chores everyday, it's easy to get caught up in the to do list and forget to play. I have half done chores all over the yard and always have work gloves in my pocket to do some work when I can.

  2. I read this yesterday and LOVED It and it made me think how I really need to get out more. Reading your post has made me even more determined :)

  3. I love unplugging! I love just not going on the internet for a few hours or a day and just reading or watching tv or hanging out with friends. It's awesome! People need to not be attached to their phones all the time!

  4. Going outside and taking a break from social media from time to time is really important. Especially when you're working inside all day - I always go out for lunch even though I could have in front of my computer but I really enjoy going to the park and have my lunch with a view of the river.


  5. I have been trying to get outside before work more, especially while the weather is so nice. I actually checked my phone today to see what the weather is when I could just open the door lol. I am so reliant on my app.

  6. I don't get to go outside very often (or out in general haha) so it was VERY exciting to go out to coffee with an old high school friend and sit outside. Thanks to being a hermit, I totally got a crazy sunburn anywhere my shirt wasn't covering me. Oops. Totally worth it though. High five for unplugging, I think we need to do it to regroup.


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