// Toby's First Day of First Grade

There he goes! Toby had his first day of first grade yesterday. I'm not sure why, but this year was a little bit harder on me to let him go. I'm all for childhood independence but this year I got pretty sad when I thought about Toby leaving the house every single day. He's such a big help around the house with Linden, and he makes our days so much brighter. Not having 4+ children constantly cycle through my house in the middle of the day is strange. Over the Summer I've noticed just how much Toby has grown, too. I don't mean physically (although there is that), but mentally and emotionally. He's starting to really blossom into a young person and it's mind boggling! He'll be 7 in December so we're working our way up to issues that are more than a skinned knee or a kid being mean. I just want to keep him little a bit longer.

These photos crack me up because it was so early for him and his hair is such a fluffy mess (like his dad's!). I guess somewhere along the way we forgot to schedule him for a haircut! Guess I know what we'll be doing this weekend! (Doesn't he totally look like a little Who from Whoville in that last photo?!?! I love it!)

Anyway, we're celebrating the back to school season with our old friends from Schoola! I've blogged about Schoola on several occasions, but here's the idea in case you haven't heard: Schoola is an online based secondhand "store" that features thousands of quality clothing pieces at 70% off retail. The best part? Schoola donates 40% of the sales to schools! Last year we sent in a big ol' bag of clothing and 40% of the funds generated goes straight to Toby's elementary school! Isn't that fun? And you can see exactly what school benefits from your purchase when you shop at Schoola. You can request a free bag to send in your secondhand clothing, and shipping is free, too. I think the business model is such a good one. Since Toby grows out of his clothing so quickly, it's nice to have an alternative to traditional donation places who may or may not use the funds to line their own pockets. I know who is benefitting from each purchase and donation and that's super freaking cool.

Request a Schoola bag // Shop Schoola (and get $15 credit!)

Do any of you do beginning/end of year photos with your kids?

xo KB

Toby's wearing:
H&M shorts
Old Navy flip flops
Walmart backpack

* PS; The southeast US seems to go back to school *way* earlier than everyone else haha! They go back in August and get out the second week of May!


  1. Omgoodness - super cute :) It feels like its so early for back to school - summer just started, didn't it?

    1. It definitely feels like it! They go back to school pretty early here, but they also get out in mid-May so it sort of balances out! Summer certainly wasn't long enough though!

  2. We normally start in the middle of August and get out at the end of May, in Kansas. My daughter doesn't start preschool til the last Wednesday of the month though. I'm planning on doing the first/last day of school pictures and questions.


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