// Things I Love Thursday v.231

these gorgeous photos by mikko lagerstedt ♥
♥ this! *praise emoji* ♥
this charming photo ♥
these poppies! ♥
♥ this! yes yes yes! ♥
this incredible (and terrifying!) "tent" ♥
this is the perfect reminder! ♥
this ice cream iphone case with a mirror! ♥
this view! ♥

// Head over heels for these novelty phone cases: perfume bottle // glitter and eyelashes (!) // gorgeous blush pink tory burch // nail polish bottle (so cute! in pink and burgundy too!) // leather tassel

// Smart kids reveal the unsurprising, sexist gender roles in fashion campaigns.

// 9 reasons sharks are obviously your spirit animal.

// To the Facebook ad team that told me my face would receive "high negative feedback"

// 23 feelings anyone with a driver's license can appreciate.

// Shaved pits and natural births. LOVED this! Love the new wave of "hybrid moms" and really loved the point the writer made.

// Proof it means nothing when friends "like" your engagement photos. I chuckled.

// It happened to me: I showed up to the house of a guy who ghosted me at 4am to tell him how I felt.

// Unpopular opinion: Amy Schumer doesn't owe you a feminist movie. But seriously, go see Trainwreck. It's hilarious.

// Why do we buy engagement rings? The reason is pretty disturbing honestly.

// Little girl and her dog pose identically for fun lookalike portraits.

// A mom called the police on my 3 year old son after a playground incident. And wanted to press charges! UHHHHH...

// A boy got hundreds of books after a postal carrier realized he was reading only junk mail. MY HEART! MY EYES!

// Wishlist Wears: the perfect yellow dress // these blush and gold flats // oh my stars this pattern! (i legitimately want curtains like this!) // mesh overlay and polka dots?! // A POPCORN DRESS! // this is currently my favorite dress EVER and i neeeeed it! haha // this tropical dress! // watermelon keds! and pineapple keds! 

// Here's $40 to spend at Eshakti! (Just sign up with a new email if you're already a customer!)

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. I actually saw those camping "pods" in Peru when we were there in April... We drove on that road along the river and stopped so our guide could point them out!

  2. Just a heads up: Your "Why Do We Buy Engagement Rings?" post actually links to the engagement photos story. I think I found the engagement ring story, but just wanted to let you know. :)

    PS - Your TILT posts are what I look forward to when I get into the office on Thursday mornings!

  3. Ahh those pod-type tents look amazing, but as someone who is terrified of heights, I'd blatantly roll over half asleep and end up in blind panic, thinking I'd fall out!


  4. That tent is incredible but I think I would be awake all night, scared we would roll off haha.

    Amy - http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk


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