// Linden Atlas: Twelve Months

Nevermind that tomorrow will be three weeks since Linden turned 12 months old, but it's been a busy month haha I thought I better finish up the "Monthly Linden" series with his 11/12 month stats and photos! I know I'm going to love looking back on these posts. I'm planning on printing his first 12 months into books so we can have them. I think my goal from here on out will just be to snap precious moments with both boys so I can print those off, too. (Speaking of which - Do y'all have any recommendations on your favorite places to print Instagram books!? I've only used Blurb in the past, so I need some suggestions if something better exists!)

This past year has been so hard and so rewarding. It's hard to believe he's already been here for 52 (55!) weeks. Linden is truly something else. And seeing Toby as a doting, sweet big brother has been so so awesome. It's easy to dwell on the trying times and the struggle, but all of this is worth it. (Someone remind me of that next time Linden dumps an entire box of Cheez-Its on the floor, please!)

While Linden was 11 months he:
+ weighed 24 pounds (on his birthday)
+ stood 30..5 inches tall (on his birthday)
+ started waving and saying "bye bye"
+ didn't wake up at night at all (!!!!!)
+ spent his first nights with daddy (while mama was away)
+ graduated to his big boy car seat (!! more on that soon!)
+ went on a "wearing strike" (we're still riding that one out. hello independence!)

Short and sweet! Now we have a toddler! It's so weird. And fun. And frustrating. How on Earth folks have another baby with their kid at this stage is beyond me! Y'all are superheroes.  Thanks for watching Linden grow these past 12 months. 

xo KB


  1. Aww wow such precious pictures, he has grown so much. I do a yearly photo book, great to look back over.

  2. I really like Social Print Studio. They have some great options, prints, books, calendars. Used to be called Printstagram. Chat Books also has pretty books to make. Love following along!

  3. so adorable!!


  4. Oh man that little dude looks so much like his dad and brother!


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