// That One TIme I Got Stuck In A Corset...

So this one time (Tuesday), I tried to wiggle my way into a corset, only to get stuck for an alarmingly long amount of time. Seriously, it felt like forever. Truth: I've never worn a corset before. I've always admired how they looked on others, and I've always wanted to try one, but my body shape scared me off. My hip to waist ratio is redonk. My hips are basically the width of Texas (it's true). I would look at corsets and think "That'd be so fun to try, but my bottom half would never work". I could just envision the corset squeezing the daylights out of me and then causing a weird muffin top at both ends. Errrr, no thank you! Luckily that wasn't my reality when I finally tried some corsets, but it was certainly a fear.
I attempted to put on this latex corset from Corset Story by myself in the privacy of my own bathroom right? Well, I totally went about it the wrong way. Instead of unhooking the corset and putting it on like a jacket, I started by trying to put it over my head like I would a dress. HA! Y'all, I was stuck in that thing with my arms flailing over my head. Like, STUCK! I couldn't seem to wiggle out of it. I kept thinking to myself "OMG OMG OMG NO. Don't holler for Mike. Don't holler for Mike. No." Mike is my best friend. Goodness knows he has seen me in some compromising positions. Stuck in a corset would not be one of them! He's the type of guy who would look at me in utter disbelief, and then laugh at me. After taking a few pictures of course. (Though looking back I really do wish I had proof of how ridiculous this was haha!) After quite some time I managed to wiggle out. PRAISE! I put it down and walked away for a bit. After I regained my composure, I attempted this Corset Story waist taming corset. That went a wee bit better haha. I was totally squeezed in that sucker, but could see the visual difference. The waist reduction wasn't my favorite part though. My fascination with that corset came from how dang good my posture was! I have terrible posture. I slump and slouch and I'm likely destined to be the next Hunchback of Notre Dame. But when I put on the corset, I instantly sat up straight (believe me, I tried to slouch). While I don't see myself waist training any time soon, I might pop that bad boy on when I need to fix my posture or look smoking in a fitted dress. 

I did finally work up the guts to get back into the latex one, and I actually loved how it smoothed everything out. It only has a waist reduction of 2 inches, so I didn't feel as squished right off the bat. The waist taming corset has the added bonus of the hip panels though. Those helped squash the fear of my hips being too wide to use a corset. Anyway, while I may not lace one up every day, I definitely plan on utilizing them for when I wear my favorite vintage reproduction dresses. It just adds that pin up flare, I think! I'm also looking up some fun Halloween costumes to wear it with.
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Above are a few of my favorite designs from Corset Story. If you're the type of person who rocks a corset as an outfit, these 4 above could be awesome! I'm in love with the ivory and rose one especially. I plan on sharing an outfit soon with the corset so stay tuned!

Have you ever tried a corset? What about waist training?

xo KB


  1. Wearing corset is an absolute nightmare! I've only worn it once on my wedding day and I couldn't eat that day. When all the guests and families and even my husband were eating, I only managed to gulp in my cream soup. I cried joy tears when I took it off at the end of the day. But the corset made my body look so perfect in my wedding dress. Oh the cost of looking prettier, haha!

    xoxo Dara

  2. I just got myself a Rago corselet - just to smooth everything out when I wear a skirt and top. I have only tried it on but it seemed pretty comfortable - well, as comfy as a corset can be I guess! I am interested to see how it feels when I do wear it all day! haha

  3. I wear one for reenactments and can attest to the magical posture fixing techniques. All of our ancestors had fantastic posture, I'm sure of it. I honestly love wearing one and even though my 17th century version is purely for utilitarian purposes only, I can't help but feel super awesomely fantastic in it. I look freaking amazing and it helps me get into character better.

    I've tried modern ones, too. Since I'm used to a conical, bust flattening monstrosity, it made me better able to cope with 21st century versions. Can't wait to see your outfit!

  4. I don't think it's really for me but glad to hear you got on well in the end. I'd maybe wear a lingerie corset but not for every day wear!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  5. Can I just say that the image of the model in the first corset on Corset Story's website is absolutely ridiculous!?! Can you say photoshopped? Jeez!

  6. Hello! could you follow up on the corsets? have you used them again? I've been looking into getting one to improve my posture, but I haven't found anyone giving an indepth review. xx


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