// Things I Love Thursday v.219

this, because broad city is EVERYTHING! ♥
this gorgeous planner ♥
♥ this. ♥
this DIY chipmunk softie from a glove ♥
this! 12 famous women who totally owned sexist, racist, and transphobic interview questions ♥
this grrrl gang sticker pack is fantastic ♥
these kat von d lipsticks are on point! ♥
the quokka of australia has my heart melting! ♥

// Loving these dandelion towels right now! Perfect way to welcome in Spring!

// Wishlist Wears: this red chiffon dress // love the lining on these boots - and these, too! // this patchwork dress is at the TOP of my wishlist (!!!!) // the pattern on this dress is so fun and it'd look so good with a bright yellow cardi! // this super fun necklace // this shibori-style maxi dress is going to be perfect for summer // 

// Clueless celebrates its 20th anniversary with a vinyl soundtrack reissue (!!!! "We're the kids in Americaaaaaa! Woo!")

// Last chance to get your hands on a free Tea Box Express package! Get itttttt!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Great post! Those Kat Von Dee lipsticks, oh my goodness! Need them all!!!

    Ashleigh | Being Ashleigh Blog

  2. This post was awesome! Thanks for posting about Emma Munger. I'd never seen her stuff before.

  3. Another great round-up of images / links! I swear this always fills up my thursday lunch hour at work hehe How cute is that quokka?!


  4. Those lipstick shades, oh my God! Also, the quokka is the cutest creature ever. Love all these pictures and links!

    Love, Dara
    Hola Darla

  5. I love KVD's makeup line, especially the Tattoo Liner!


  6. Quokkas for life!


  7. Welp, time to go spend my money on Motorhead! That color is beautiful!

  8. I too just want to stay home and make pretty things. Oh that quokka...I want one of those too!
    It looks so sweet, but probably a destructive little rodent, no? Guess I should google it.

  9. I really wish I could stay home and make pretty things...I'm pretty good at it..maybe someday! I'm just happy that I can blog most of the time!



  10. I recently rediscovered your blog after a few years of missing out, and I gotta tell you, I really like what it's become! So much good stuff in this particular post. Keep it up!


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