// Life Lately: Spring Awakening

Spring is my favorite! As soon as the temperature hits 70, I feel like a new person. It's great that this awesome weather coincides with Mike's spring break because we are getting so much done on our house! We have these two awkward "windows" that open up our kitchen and living room, and they've just been useless for the past 2 years. I had an idea last week to create some shelves in them so I doodled up some ideas. I thought one side would be cool with some floating shelves hung on rope, with pots nestled in the top row, and then the other window could have some little "built ins" for all of Mike's books. Sort of like a his and hers set up. Luckily Mike loved the idea and was stoked on building them. We spent Sunday working on them and then we painted them last night. They look so good! I'm so so thrilled. Once they're styled up and finished I'll be sure to share them.

We also worked on our carport and deck. We cleaned off all the leaves (omg) and worked on tossing stuff and reworking the furniture. Mike spilled the beans and said he wanted to buy me some new patio furniture for my birthday later this month so we're on the hunt! I spilled the beans and told him I had planned on buying him a new grill for his birthday at the beginning of May, so it looks like our deck situation is going to be nice! My parents are getting a new patio set for their deck so they offered up their iron table and chairs to use on our carport. We're trying to utilize the carport area the best we can so it doesn't turn into a catchall for tools and junk. (We obviously don't park on it - not the best fit for my Xterra) 

I even painted the front door on Sunday! I had the itch last week and I asked Mike how he felt about it and he was totally game. We picked out a color together and I painted while he screwed in the shelves. Linden got to enjoy a lot of sunshine this weekend, too. We took his Breeze outside and he loved every minute of it. It's supposed to be pretty rainy (again! womp!) this week but I'm just going to hold out for more sunshine. 

Linden has been crawling all over the place (and all over Pip). It's been so fun watching him master this new skill. We also bought a new video monitor this weekend and I love it so much. Linden has slept in his own crib in his own room for the past 3 nights (!!!) and I woke up to the sweetness of Toby making Linden laugh the other morning. Such a sight!

Alrighty, we're off to Franklin to look at some patio furniture and grills! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are! xo

PS; Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Spring is such a fantastic time of year - I totally feel the same way, about feeling like a new person as soon as the sun peeks out again! We have terribly heavy winters here and it's really a weight off my shoulders when the snow melts and sun shows up :)

    Sounds like you guys are having a great and productive start to spring :)

  2. Waking up to baby babble is just the best! I love when they become super talkers, even before the idea of syllables meaning anything comes in. They just talk. Audra goes 'da da DA da da da da da da' nonstop in her crib in the morning, just talking to Holly Bear (I don't care about the advice in the books, she had a friend in her crib from the start).

    This weather, man. I am mad the rain will take it away, it's just been too gorgeous!

  3. These photos are so bright and happy, and so is your home! I LOVE the door color, btw. My little 6 mo old is starting to learn how to crawl, and you're right, it's just the coolest watching him grow! Xoxo
    Lo - www.traveltheunbeatenpath.com

  4. I just want to climb right into your pictures!

  5. Aww... Look at that baby-doggie friendship. So cute! And I absolutely LOVE your house :)

    Love, Dara
    Hola Darla


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