// Date Day

We took advantage of the nice weather and Mike's Spring Break last Tuesday and had ourselves a little "date day!" (matching Converse and all, ha!) I had mentioned we were on the hunt for some patio furniture and a new grill for respective birthday gifts to each other, so that's what we set out to do. Toby was in school so we loaded up Linden and headed toward Franklin for the day. We ended up finding the perfect set of huge, cozy patio chairs and a matching glass-top coffee table. Thank you, Martha Stewart! haha Mike found the grill he had been wanting and by the end of the day we were totally set on having a snazzy back deck. We grabbed some lunch at Chipotle, bought some new planters, and even made a run to Ivey Cake for our favorite cupcakes. It was a much needed break from the chaos of our recent days. Most days I feel like I'm drowning, so a few hours together, away from work, were totally necessary (and perfect!)

We had our first cookout on our deck this past weekend, too. We invited over some friends and our neighbors, too. We lit that place up with an outrageous amount of twinklelights and after dinner we roasted marshmallows over the firepit. Mmmm, s'mores! Probably not the most appropriate food for a Tuesday morning, yeah?  

Date day was a total success and now we have a deck I want to lounge on for hours! Overall I'd say it was a big, epic win! I'll be sure to share some photos of said deck once everything is planted and finished. Happy Tuesday! xo


  1. The simplest days out are usually the nicest, when you can just enjoy each other's company :)
    Those cupcakes look amazing!
    Fashion Infatuation

  2. I love your new patio furniture! This post also reminds me that I really need to schedule a date with my husband soon, haha!

  3. Ugh, Linden's cheeks are so cute! Not to be creepy, but I reaaaaally want to chew on them. Haha
    Also, I love how your cat already claimed her part in that chair ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct


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