// Window Shopping: Eliza J Dresses

I was recently introduced to Eliza J dresses and now I'm swooning hard. I've been scouring the pieces online, thinking up ways to get every single one of them in my closet! haha I may not have an excuse to dress this "fancy" every single day, but who needs a reason anyway?! The maxi dress and the bold blue/teal ones are my favorite! But I also really, really dig that striped casual one, too.

I need y'all to invite me to all of your parties and wedding and shindigs! Mama wants to feel fancy! xo


  1. I have a LBD that is Eliza J (3/4 sleeves, polka dots) that I wear for so many occasions! It's so flattering and a crowd pleaser for sure.

  2. That left top dress is perfect! It's cute and it can be worn by a girl with hijab like me. I'm swooning too!

    Love, Dara
    Hola Darla

  3. Always love your inspirational posts! xo

    ♥ www.thekawaiiplanet.com

  4. I absolutely adore that maxi dress! But like you say who needs a reason?! These dresses are gorgeous!


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