// Springtime in Paris: DIY Decorative Pots

Spring is my favorite! Oh man, when things start turning green again, I get such a rush of motivation, inspiration, and excitement. I truly feel like I'm hitting refresh once the weather starts to break. Forget New Years! Give me Spring!

Since it's still incredibly gloomy and wet around Tennessee, I thought I should start infusing a little greenery around our house to get me pumped for the upcoming season. The challenge for the Michaels Makers this month was "Springtime in Paris" so it was the perfect opportunity to take a few of my favorite colors and add ALL THE PLANTS! I actually did about four different projects for this challenge, but in the end simplicity won out. The little pops of green around my workspace bring me too much joy to ignore.
What I did was incredibly easy and relatively quick. I just spray painted a few terra cotta pots that I picked up at Michaels and then I painted on some French phrases and doodles. The black chalkboard is a stark contrast to the white and pastel pink, but I feel like Parisian women are always so chic and decked out in black, so I went with it. Plus I love how matte it is next to the lighter two. If pink isn't your cup of tea, or you share your space with a less than pastel-compliant partner, you could totally do white, black, and red! These hues fit my workspace so perfectly though, so pink it (always) is! It reminds me of the cherry blossoms and floral stands on every corner. So dreamy!

Now for the more exciting (!!!) portion of this post: a super fun contest announcement! Michaels is giving one lucky winner (plus a guest) a trip of a lifetime! I'm talking a four-night trip for two to Paris, 1,000 euros, a VIP tour of the Louvre (!), and private classes including sketching, floral arranging, baking, and more! (Please don't enter... Like, none of you. Just forget I mentioned it. Because I'm entering and I really want to win! HA! Just kidding, but not really!) Okay, well, if you insist on tossing your hat into the ring, here's what you gotta do: Create your own Parisian-inspired art, floral, baking, or paper crafting project and upload a photo of it to Paris.Michaels.com now through March 31st. You can also share your project on social media using the hashtag #SpringtimeInParis. If you need a little inspiration to get the wheels turning in your head, check out a few of these project on the Springtime in Paris page at Michaels.com, or click through to any of the Michaels Makers posts below! (But really, no need to enter... ;P)


  1. These little pots look amazing! I painted a terracota pot, which I still have, so maybe I can upgrade it with a cute quote or word! :) Thanks for the suggestion


  2. This is such a great idea, love this decor. I want to add a few similar pieces to my house too.


  3. Love the way you interpreted springtime in Paris! Those pots are so cute!

  4. YES!!! I've been counting down the days until spring! Not too long now!

  5. I love these! Such a cute project! Definitely doing.


  6. Love this idea! Did you get your paint markers from Michaels?!

  7. I have been putting off buying new pots for my plants, but this has totally inspired me!



  8. There are many flowers pots & another pots are available in the market. I bought pots of my choice. Sometimes i bought simple plane pots and decorate in my home.Then i keep flowers in the pots, this thing give me pleasure.Thanks for sharing.


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