// Things I Love Thursday v.132

this is perfect. ♥
EnglishBulldog by Gingiber

Stacie did this AMAZING portrait of Georgia for her 52 Weeks of Dog series! Go look! ♥ 
these koalas! ♥
♥ and this koala, too! ♥
this pretty gal's outfit! ♥
this frenchie! ♥
this goldfish has swim bladder disease so his owner made him a buoyancy device ♥
♥ check out this awesome ride, ladies ♥
these russian arms ♥
this abandoned church got a makeover !!! ♥
♥ i love this

this life hack is so great ♥
♥ oh lawd! ♥
this tattoo is fabulous ♥
this is my favorite ♥

// These photos of firefighters saving cats are so adorable... and the last one is a little bit hilarious/frightening!

// Did/Do you love Garden State? Want Zach Braff to make a follow up film? Here's your chance!

// Emerging Thoughts is still giving y'all 20% off until midnight tonight! Seriously, go nab those cat tattoos pronto! 

// New faces I'm stoked to have over on the sidebar this week: Amanda's amazingly adorable New Zealand blog + some of the most fantastic jewelry from The Northern Sea.

// If Your Friend Says You Are Too Fat To Be In Her Wedding, She Is Not Your Friend.

// The Gnarly Whale is offering y'all 20% off any order in their shop! Just use the code "KAELAH" to claim your savings. Also - get a free 2oz bottle of Thai Coconut Beach Waves with any $10 order after using your coupon! Mermaid hair for everyone!

// Now I Like My Hair, But I Hate My Skin: Why Picking Our Physical Selves Apart And You (And I) Need To Stop. Always check the comments section on XOJane articles, too!

// Gmail turned 9 earlier this month. Here's a visualization of the the years leading up to now!

// Don't Change A Thing: 8 Inventions That Never Need Updating.

// 28 Ways To Live Like Lucille Bluth.

// Cat Fancy: these earrings! // cat loafers (in blue! and white! and black!) // tabby cat coffee mug // a newspaper/cat dress! // a kitty cat phone stand, too :D

// The Future As Told By 1993 AT&T Ads: You Will Send A Fax... From The Beach.

// Want to check your cosmetics and make sure they're still fresh and sanitary? Here's a super easy way to tell!

What are you loving this week?

Psst... I'm working on compiling a list of new and old blogs I'm loving to share in an upcoming post! If you haven't left your link for me to check out, leave it with your comment! I'll spend some time tonight going through them! xo

// A Day In The Life : A Typical Afternoon

Pipkin - French Bulldog
How much is that doggie in the window?
Organizing bookshelves
Building raised beds for our garden
A rambunctious four year old
Enid : Maine Coon
Can you spot the Enid?
New Porch Railing
A brand new porch railing thanks to my handy husband. Now to paint!
New Carport Railing
And a new carport railing, too! So long, wonky lattice!
I simply had to post all three... what can I say? I love this little dude.
Toby Teeball
And he loves to play baseball... even though he crowds the plate.
Apple Blooms
Apple Blooms
Our apple trees are blooming!
Georgia : English Bulldog
By the end of the day, we were all tuckered out. (and this little lady needs a manicure)

This is what a typical afternoon looks like in our house. Loads of outdoor time, woodworking and building galore, and enjoying the sunshine. Now that I've kicked a 2 day migraine, I'm excited to dig into my new flowerbeds and get to work! That's if Mother Nature allows... it's looking like rain. On the to do list: try and document a full day in the Flynn house! Happy Tuesday! xo

// OhLife - Write In Private About Your Life

Things have been quiet around here this weekend. I'm (hopefully) coming off of an icky stomach flu and that's seriously my least favorite feeling in the world. I slept 21 of the past 24 hours and have only eaten a small handful of Saltines in that time. At this point I'm starving and feel like I could go 3 days without sleeping haha But I wanted to share a blogging platform with y'all today because I think you might like it!

I will always love LiveJournal. Always. I started blogging on LJ in 2002 and to this very day, I still have an active account I log into daily. I don't update my actual journal anymore, but I still spend time in various communities, etc. One thing that I loved about LJ is that I could be as open and raw as I wanted (and I often was... Not exactly the best idea when you start friending a lot of people on there!) But LJ saw me grow up. Relationships, break ups, school drama and regular ol' worries. Even though I cringe at the sheer thought of it, I often like to go pick a random month in my archives and read all about what was hyping me up at the time. I do miss that private glimpse into how I really felt at any given moment. I guess I could easily keep a written journal, but I've never been able to stay consistent with those. When I found out about OhLife in early March, I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about.
OhLife is a private journalling platform where you can write in as much, or little, detail as you'd like. OhLife sends you an email once per day, at your designated time, and you simply respond directly there in your inbox. You write whatever you want to include, hit "Send" and voila! A new blog post. 
I have my emails set to be delivered at 8pm because that's usually around the time our whole family winds down. Toby comes in from outside and gets ready for his bath. Mike starts cooking dinner. And I work on finishing up my last bit of lingering work. Some days in my OhLife are dramatic and awfully emotional, while other days are "Went to the grocery store. Played baseball with Toby. Took a long bath." Some days I don't even respond to the email.
To me, OhLife is the perfect balance of how to remember the past with the key details, all the while venting when I need to vent. Sometimes there are things that I see/experience from blogging that I wouldn't feel comfortable divulging on LCH. I'll tell Mike, and I'll tell a friend perhaps, but when I really want to just "get it all out", I'll put it in my OhLife journal. I also love that it's 100% private. No friends to add, no journals to read. It's just for you, the author. So many blogging platforms today are based on what you as an author can do to attract other readers, but not this one. This one is solely for your benefit.

I know loads of you are from the LiveJournal generation, too, and that's why I wanted to share this platform. I have so many micro-blogs going it's hard to remember them all, but I can see this one being like LJ - sticking around for a while. Blogger is great for socializing, LJ is great for the communities I grew up loving, Tumblr is great for photo inspiration, and Jux is great for a drama-free "happy zone"... but OhLife is great for being real. I love that. You'll have to let me know if you decide to try it out!

PS; I wasn't compensated in any way to write this post. I know that's the first thing people assume when they see a post full of adoration for a product. I just really dig it!

// JewelMint Giveaway

Today I'm super excited to be partnering up with JewelMint yet again to bring all you fab gals another awesome giveaway. The premise of JewelMint is simple: it is a free, members only website with affordable, luxury jewelry. The best part? The price tag. Each piece of JewelMint jewelry is only $29.99 and that includes free shipping + returns. New pieces are added monthly, and you'll receive personalized jewelry recommendations based on your fashion profile and style. I'm currently mixing and matching my JewelMint pieces with my Spring wardrobe, but I think that Geo Mesh necklace featured above (large circle) is my all-time favorite!

One of you lucky readers will win your favorite piece of jewelry from the JewelMint site. Here's how to enter....

Visit the JewelMint website + sign up (quick, painless and free! with absolutely no obligation to buy!) and then browse around and pick out your winning piece!Leave a comment below letting us know what you'd choose if you are the lucky winner!

Plain and simple! No fuss and no frills. A winner will be chosen at random on May 4th and contacted shortly thereafter, so be sure to leave a way to get in touch! Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to US + Canada residents.

If you're just totally in love with a piece or two and you can't wait 'til next week, it's worth noting that JewelMint is offering all new shoppers a 2-for-1 deal! 2 snazzy pieces for only $29.95!

Congratulations Celia Gonzalez!

// Things I Love Thursday v.131

Today I'm hoping to enjoy a little bit of sunshine and nice weather before the evening storms blow in. Maybe we'll get super amped and start building our raised vegetable beds and our new flowerbeds, too! I'm so antsy to start planting. Happy Thursday!
this sheds light on the domestic violence often endured by women of the world {original} ♥
THIS makes me want to go to the beach SO bad! (all of their products are vegan!) ♥
this determined cat. ♥
this gorgeous packaging. ♥
this is how i feel sometimes, too. ♥
♥ i love this picture for some reason. ♥
♥ i love honest projects like this
this bookshelf is amazing. ♥
these carpets made from leftover wool to spark conversation on sustainability ♥
AMAZING hyper-realistic paintings. ♥
for true love! ♥

// First of all, I'm in love with Gingiber's website design/setup. But also these prints: brown sheep and her entire 52 Weeks Of Dogs project! She even makes wall decals, too!

// If you want to see a cute lil' kitten rescued and documented from bottle-fed to one year later, you'll love Carrie Anne's latest blog post: Happy Squirrelly Day!

// (5 minute) Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake-In-A-Mug Recipe! The perfect single serving snack to hit the spot.

// Emerging Thoughts just got in a new line of pretty things: Family Affairs! Swoon-worthy! I'm also dying over the new floral crowns!

// An Open Letter To Weddings Unveiled Magazine. I remember seeing this when it was first posted, but I never saw the magazine's response. It makes me even more angry!

// Karen shares her "Chosen Alternative To Google Reader" and I'm right there with her. I love this platform.

// I thought this "WonderPlanet" article was sort of hilarious, even if it is a spoof on mommy-blogging.

// I've been loving all of the new blogs I've found lately! I've made it more of a priority to click through to each commenter lately and read their blogs (then rabbithole down whatever friends/sponsors they have linked in the sidebar). Seriously, I've subscribed to SO many new and amazing blogs. I'm definitely going to do a post full of favorites + recommendations soon! Be sure to leave your link when you comment!

// Don't forget: enter to win $50 to Kintage! The giveaway ends Saturday so get 'em in! Peep their amazing selection HERE!

What are you loving this week?

// 25 Before 26 - Goal List

* (via) *
I really love making these lists every year... even when I don't even come close to finishing them (ahem, last year!) My 23rd year was great for goal making and achieving, but last year was full of so many life lessons and experiences. My list took a backseat to being a mom, being married, and being a business owner. This past year also taught me that goals don't need to be huge or lofty or "hopefully maybe with a miracle obtainable"... They just need to be things that make life a little bit sweeter. There's nothing on this list that is mind-blowing or awe-inspiring. Instead, there are 25 things that I think will add some sort of value to my life, no matter how big or small. Don't get me wrong -- I still have plenty of lofty, over-the-moon type things to aspire to, and some that I most certainly hope to make a reality in my 25th year. But those are the goals that I realize shouldn't be rushed. I (hopefully) have a lot of life ahead of me. I want to make sure those things come organically and in due time. 

Now, I know I'm two and a half weeks late in sharing my goal list, but I'm already stoked on how many of these things I've started to cross off. It'll be a fun year, that's for sure! 25 doesn't scare me nearly as much as it did 3 weeks ago.

* (via) *

25 Before 26

oo1. Visit a state I've never been to // I did this one in 2011 and it made for a fun day trip to Milwaukee with Mike and Susannah. Maybe this year we'll take a quick day-or-two trip to Mississippi?

oo2. Learn "Gotta Have You" by The Weepies on my ukulele // I started learning the song with Mike over a year ago, but then wedding things picked up and I never played my uke. 2013 is the year!

oo3. Quit biting my fingernails // I'm 3 weeks strong on this one and I'm hoping that'll seal the deal!

oo4. Kneecap tattoo or take my half-sleeve into a full // Ahh, priorities! Priorities that break my mom's heart.

oo5. Host a BBQ or potluck at our new house // make use of our deck and the gorgeous Tennessee sunshine!

oo6. Do 25 Random Acts of Kindness throughout the year // I had intended this to happen on my birthday, but at least now I can really put some time/effort into them!

oo7. Get my motorcycle license... finally // Nevermind the fact that I've owned a motorcycle for nearly a year already. Too bad my legs are too short to properly/safely ride it. Guess we'll be on the hunt for something a little smaller in the future.

oo8. Complete a "A Day In The Life" post at least once per month // Um, it's been a long time since I did one of those...

oo9. Build and plant a flowerbed (or three!) that I'm proud of // Try really hard not to kill everything in it.

o10. Spend time each week reading comments on my blog, visiting your blogs + returning the love, and also clicking through to a few buttons on y'alls sidebars to see what they're all about // Keeping the blog love alive and helping ensure blogging stays fun for everyone.

o11. Create a dedicated design page on my blog along with a updated portfolio // I'll also be working on multi-tier packages and design options to help ensure any and everyone, no matter the budget, can have something snazzy. 

o12. Finally open that PO Box and do more "penpal" type stuff // Snail mail!

o13. Shoot guns // At a range (indoor and out), in the woods, etc ... I miss spending Sundays at the rifle range!

o14. Go on at least one family day-trip // Explore a small town or big city for everything it has to offer.

o15. Get rid of at least 100 items of clothing // I got rid of 58 the week of my birthday (and technically I sent them off a few days after I turned 25... does that count? We're going to say it does...)

o16. Grow vegetables! // As many as our raised beds can muster! Also try to not kill these... Sigh.

o17. Finally sew a motherfriggin' dress! // It's shameful how long this has been on my list... and it's even more embarrassing that I was actually a fashion design major when I started college. Oh bother.

o18. Get my Concealed Carry Permit // Yes, I'm a liberal and yes, I want to have my CCP. No, I will not always carry a gun on me. Regardless, it's a fun thing that we can all do as a family (my parents, me and mike)

o19. Build some daggum furniture // This one was on my list last year... and I failed to do it. But now that we're more permanently settled, the furniture ideas are overflowing!

o20. Shoot at least 1 roll of personal film per month // This can be a disposable camera, or professional-grade film like we use for Him + Honey. Either way, I need to get in the habit of photographing more. Mike and I used to shoot several rolls of film per week... I miss those days!

o21. Buy a GOOD fitting pair of jeans! // This goes against my entire ~*style persona, but I actually really do want a nice pair of jeans... I just haven't found them yet!

o22. Successfully bake at least one batch of macarons // But let's be honest, the second I successfully bake a batch, I'll never stop. Hmm... think this has anything to do with the inability to complete number 21?

o23. Go on a solo trip/vacation with Mike // Could be for one night, could be for seven. Could be an anniversary trip or "just because". Making our marriage a happy and fun one is a huge priority.

o24. Give my office a MAKEOVER! // Now that we've decided just how we'll add on to our house, my office will be making the move from the northwest corner to the northeast (and upstairs! You know, renovations allowing...) A lofty dream for now, but I need to make it suitable for the meantime. Who knows when we'll make the big reno.

o25. Learn to edit video // So often I want to create a video for content on LCH, but something holds me back. It's not my nervous speed talking, sometimes-weird accent, or even the fear of seeing myself in action that stops me, but instead: the ability to edit the video. Cool effects, even just a title bar, etc. I'm determined! Anyone have any great tutorials/resources to share?

Do you make any birthday/yearly goals? If so, what kind of goals are on your list?