// Things I Love Thursday v.130

If I started only posting ridiculously cute animal gifs on Thursday, would you still read TiLT? Would you even notice? I mean, I've got those babies stocked sky high... so just like, be prepared and stuff.
this! ♥

these sheep pillows from gingiber are killing me! ♥
this is a gorgeous photo ♥
happy belated easter! ♥
this sweet costume! ♥
this adorable (yet creepy!) gif ♥
behind the scenes photos of "The Beast" from The Sandlot!!! ♥
this chicken sculpted from eggshells! ♥
22 of the best resumes ever received. So funny! ♥
this is so precious! ♥
♥ i kind of really love this painting ♥
this. if i never saw another ~*pregnancy joke again, it'd still be too soon. *yawn* ♥

// I know I just bashed April Fool's Day, but this is definitely my favorite joke. And it doesn't involve a pretend fetus!

// We've been working on the decor in Toby's room and I can't help but think he totally needs a bean bag chair. I love the patterned ones from Bean Bag Boss.

// Wanna see a panda break a limb and fall out of a tree? In a totally adorable and totally-not-harmful way? I thought so!

// If you feel like quitting, read this! Totally inspiring.

// Wishlist Wears: this watch is amazing! // these are the sunglasses of my dreams // normally i'm not a hot pink gal, but lately that's all i want to wear. this kate spade bag is no exception! // speaking of KS, the floral maise bag! *swoon* // this piano wristlet makes me feel like i could play the keyboard on the go // this silly lobster scarf // this is the perfect umbrella for april showers // the ugliest shoes i have EVER seen (and i love them... these, too!) // the cutest mint satchel bag // this darling necklace from the little fox // crazzzzyy in love with the print on this dress // this maxi dress comes in such unexpected colors // i love the dunsen dunsen tennis dress (black squiggle!) at emerging thoughts!

// My New Addiction Is Completely Hating Myself All The Time. How many of us can relate to this?

What are you loving this week?


  1. As always a wonderful curation! Look forward to these posts every week :D

  2. Oh my, that kitty in the snow? And the goat? Precious!!


  3. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how adorable the cat's ears are when it lands in the snow! That and the mannatea just made my morning 100% more awesome. Thank you for sharing these!

  4. Cute animal gifs are the best! Also, I agree, April Fool's is so dumb... I think I saw 10+ fake pregnancies. It was not funny.

  5. Loving that TILT landed on my birthday! That Manatea is the cutest :)

  6. favorite post ever okay? this is amazing. the manatee is to die for and omg those pillows!
    kw ladies in navy

  7. THE BEAST!!! I'm so overdue for a Sandlot showing. My brother, sister, and I still say "For-ev-ER" and "You're killin' me, Smalls," probably once a week.

    And bring on the animal gifs! I've been trying to upload all my gifs to an imgur album, but I have so many that it ain't happening.

  8. As always, another perfect tilt! My store sells a lot of Fred products and I'm REALLY hoping we get the manatea in! Right now we have the one where it's like the man is taking a bath in your tea cup and well... kinda creeps me out when I overthink it. xD

    x Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  9. I love the goat! And the sheep pillows!! And also I saw that manatee/tea thing yesterday and it's soo cute!

    xox Sammi

  10. oh my, that panda GIF. hilarious!

  11. Love them especially those sheep pillows!! I'm loving mini tea breaks for sanity purposes! http://mipancitagarcia.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-cup-of-tea-for-mommy.html

  12. I totally did the Brown e's at work and it was super funny! I did bring real brownies the next day but I agree that is so much better than the fake pregnancy test.

  13. I'm not into pretend fetuses either.

  14. Two manatee mentions in one TILT. One awesome, one disgusting! Should we take a guess?!

  15. There can never be too many animal GIFs! The cat in the snow is adorable.


  16. I've been hating myself so much lately. That totally put it into words.

  17. Awh Elle Fanning is adorable! And that eggshell art is amazing, it was on Colossal blog too and I am totally in love with the creativity!xx

  18. Oh that Mant-tea is so hilarious! Also, thank you for linking to the feminism article. Not sure what I think about the issue or the points raised, but very interesting to read and now digest.

  19. I love these posts! I check your blog every day, but on Thursdays I end up coming back about fifty times to check out all of the links. Hilarious shiz, lady.

  20. I want that Manatea! Awesome gifs!

  21. the new addiction to hating yourself is so true - I think everyone has those days (weeks? months?) where just everything feels AWFUL and you don't think you'll ever get better. love that article, made me really want to get out of all sorts of funks! plus I love all your adorable pictures/gifs - those helped too :]

  22. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'd be 100% okay with animal gifs! I am particularly in love with the manatee tea steeper though. I think I need that thing in my life asap.

  23. That little girl's painting is kick ass!! Love it!

    xo Ashley

  24. Ok I am so in L-O-V-E with that painting. How adorable is she? And those sheep pillows are adorable. I think I may need a heard for my sofa.
    But most of all I really needed the DONT GIVE UP article. I feel like I have lost my spark a little lately due to some negative people. This really made my day. Thanks Doll.
    Gracie B



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