// Things I Love Thursday v.131

Today I'm hoping to enjoy a little bit of sunshine and nice weather before the evening storms blow in. Maybe we'll get super amped and start building our raised vegetable beds and our new flowerbeds, too! I'm so antsy to start planting. Happy Thursday!
this sheds light on the domestic violence often endured by women of the world {original} ♥
THIS makes me want to go to the beach SO bad! (all of their products are vegan!) ♥
this determined cat. ♥
this gorgeous packaging. ♥
this is how i feel sometimes, too. ♥
♥ i love this picture for some reason. ♥
♥ i love honest projects like this
this bookshelf is amazing. ♥
these carpets made from leftover wool to spark conversation on sustainability ♥
AMAZING hyper-realistic paintings. ♥
for true love! ♥

// First of all, I'm in love with Gingiber's website design/setup. But also these prints: brown sheep and her entire 52 Weeks Of Dogs project! She even makes wall decals, too!

// If you want to see a cute lil' kitten rescued and documented from bottle-fed to one year later, you'll love Carrie Anne's latest blog post: Happy Squirrelly Day!

// (5 minute) Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake-In-A-Mug Recipe! The perfect single serving snack to hit the spot.

// Emerging Thoughts just got in a new line of pretty things: Family Affairs! Swoon-worthy! I'm also dying over the new floral crowns!

// An Open Letter To Weddings Unveiled Magazine. I remember seeing this when it was first posted, but I never saw the magazine's response. It makes me even more angry!

// Karen shares her "Chosen Alternative To Google Reader" and I'm right there with her. I love this platform.

// I thought this "WonderPlanet" article was sort of hilarious, even if it is a spoof on mommy-blogging.

// I've been loving all of the new blogs I've found lately! I've made it more of a priority to click through to each commenter lately and read their blogs (then rabbithole down whatever friends/sponsors they have linked in the sidebar). Seriously, I've subscribed to SO many new and amazing blogs. I'm definitely going to do a post full of favorites + recommendations soon! Be sure to leave your link when you comment!

// Don't forget: enter to win $50 to Kintage! The giveaway ends Saturday so get 'em in! Peep their amazing selection HERE!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Whoa, those paintings are absolutely jaw-dropping... totally thought that was a photo at first. And the dog & cat at the window, sooo sweet!

  2. I love your link round-ups!

    The one of the cat and dog in love had me smiling so much! :)

    Katha // kathastrophal

  3. I've read loads of articles on Saira before and it's so heartbreaking that that horrible attack happened to her :( there are some truly horrible people in this world who do a lot of shitty things when they don't get their own way!

    When I first saw the story of the dog in love with the kitty I re-read it over and over because it's SO damn cute!!!

  4. Oh the dog/cat love thing is just ridiculously precious! I love cute little things like that. Thanks for always brightening my Thursday!

  5. That cat and dog love story actually made me get all weepy. : )

  6. oh man, that animal love story... adorable.

  7. i know you've been there before, but i'd love you to follow along too :)



  8. Those resin animals are so cool! And I'm glad everything worked out for the dog and his true love:)

  9. THE DETERMINED CAT. The accompanying letter. Don't tangle with that little guy, he IS staying in that health center! I wonder what the story is there.

  10. Haha I have no tattoos but those questions remind me of all the ones I get about my piercings. "Are they real?" "No, I wear fake jewellery all day every day" "Did it hurt?" "Well, considering it involves a needle being shoved clean through my flesh, what do you think?"


  11. Haha the Wonderplanet article made me laugh too!

  12. i look forward to your TILT posts every week! love love love them!!


  13. I've followed a lot of acid throwing violence for maybe 4 or 5 years and it is great that there are many organizations to help women in a lot of nations like India, Egypt, and Islamic countries that deal with a lot of acid burns and help them build their own businesses since so many are cast off by society and it is terrible!!! Thanks for sharing this photo of Saira!!!

  14. This TILT is so good, that green carpet is so pretty!

    Have the best day ever,

  15. That dog and cat love story is so sweet, I can't even!! I'm so glad that the neighbour did move the plants, even if only for a little laugh. I feel like if I tried something similar with my neighbour I'd be told off :/.
    I always look forward to these posts, Kaelah.


  16. That letter to the cat owner is far too cute. And, I love that they wrote a little note back. So sweet.

    I also really like the confession rooms. It would be so interesting to read all of those little notes.

    Gypsy in Jasper

  17. This is an awesome list. I especially love the dog + cat in the windows, so cute, haha

  18. for true love!


  19. this is, I think, my favorites TILT. especially that WonderPlanet article. I cried!

  20. OMG I LOVE THIS TILT I think it's my favorite. that WonderPlanet article made me cry!


  21. I love the dog being in love with the neighbor cat, and the cat owner's response! Too funny. :)

    The ladybugs actually freak me out because my parent's house up in Ohio used to get infested with them in the summer and it was just icky.


  22. Oh, please do make a post with blog recs! I want/need more blogs to read!


  23. I cannot believe that little octopus/squid thing is a painting? wow! I love that cat/dog love affair and also the secret confessions.

  24. I don't do a lot of talking in mine, just photos of of my life in lovely Portland!


    I don't always comment, but you're the one blog I have stuck with for years. You're wonderful :)

  25. I totally forgot it was Thursday, so I was pumped to see this post!! These are my favourite types of posts... haha. I always open so many new tabs after reading it!

    That first photo... wow.

    LOVE the dog in love. So sweet!


  26. Great pictures and links as usual! The top one is scary and powerful and I wish such violence didn't exist in our world.
    Sincerely, Sara

  27. Haha- how sweet is that cat/dog window romance?! :)

  28. Such a cute post! I love how you mix up your, "Things I Love" posts with pictures and links. :) That picture of the notice and the cat killed me (in a good way, haha). And that link about the tattoos cracked me up - I only have one and it's on my hip, but I still hear that stuff a lot anyway! "Don't you want to get a job?" "Well, yes, I have two which I got just fine, and it's not like I'm pulling down my pants at interviews to get approval. SORRY." I've always maintained (because I want so many more tats) that it's my personality and my taste. I don't want to work somewhere where they don't understand me or don't "approve." I know the job market sucks, but I have some dignity, haha.

    xo Madie

  29. That is the sweetest love story I have ever heard, I can hardly believe it. But I can't help but wonder what would happen if they ever came face to face?



  30. I love anything that's coconut lime verbena! It's the perfect summer scent. That domestic violence photo is incredibly powerful. I also love that determined cat, and the note from the dog owner! You will look super bad ass when you're 80, like those other tattooed people!

    xox Sammi

  31. I love the dog who is in love with the cat! So freaking adorable. Bah! Also, thanks for the links to vegan products and food! Always appreciated. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  32. Yes! The Colbert and Clinton bit was hilarious. I've switched to Feedly and I'm loving it. I think I might like it even more that Google Reader! Happy Friday!



  33. that bear! that packaging! that note from the neighbor! and the carpet! geeze kaelah, this post is really perfect!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing the link to the Pakistani women- it was so heart-breaking and disgusting. I teach tenth grade English and in class this week, we've been talking about the Dove Real Beauty videos, so this was a perfect companion piece for the discussion today.

    Katie- Hems For Her

  35. I never see Ladybirds any more! They're wonderful creatures. x

  36. I've heard the story about Saira, sad how disgusting some people can be.How pretty does that ladybird picture look. It's one of them perfect ones that would look so nice hung up at home. I love the 16 things with tattoos, the bad-ass grandma is just amazing. Lovely links


  37. Hi.

    THANK YOU for being so real love. Really, thank you:) You're a gem amongst millions.

  38. Why did the magazine's response make you even more angry? Didn't they do the right thing?

  39. Why did the magazine's response letter make you even more angry? Didn't they do the right thing?

  40. for true love!! that melted my heart <3

  41. FOR TRUE LOVE!! Also, I'm terrified of lady bugs :(

    xo Ashley


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