// Spending Time Outdoors: Doing It Right

Many families think that we should be going outdoors more often, but it's quite difficult to do it right, and this means that you've got to make sure that you are not just choosing the right activities, but ensuring that you know the reasons why you should go outdoors. So many people like to get outdoors, but sometimes it pays to know some scientific reasons why but also the best activities that improve our health and happiness as a family.

It Relaxes You

Being outdoors instantly relaxes you, and partly this is to do with being out in nature, but it's actually beneficial to stop and smell the flowers. Scents like freshly cut grass and roses will make you feel more relaxed. And there's also the sensation of warmth and color that comes with being out in the sunshine. Many people love to spend time out in the garden, and enjoy the warmth, especially when the weather gets colder. For families that are lucky enough to have gardens, there are many backyard fire pit ideas to try that can make a big difference. But being relaxed together as a family means that you will all feel cozy, regardless of the temperature.

It Boosts Your Energy 

Everybody likes to have an energy boost, and if you are craving another cup of coffee, spending more time outside can be beneficial to give your brain and body an energy boost. It boosts your energy because of the serotonin that sunshine can create within us. There are so many ways to boost your serotonin but being out in the sunshine is one of the best methods. This is especially true when you are over-relying on caffeine. Everybody feels that they need an extra cup of coffee in which to feel even-keeled. But the fact is that going outside will increase your serotonin levels, and therefore, you will have that all-important energy boost.

It’s a Way to Reduce Pain

This is a very surprising discovery. But if you want to feel happier, exposing yourselves to natural sunlight can help reduce symptoms of pain. If you are feeling stressed in life, sunshine can make a massive difference. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it could very well be the fact that you don't have the tools to cope with stress, but it could also be about you being undernourished. If you get unwell regularly, or you feel that any illness knocks you for six, this could be due to a lack of Vitamin D. And a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to pain in the body. And if you are someone who feels like you have constant headaches, the over-reliance on pain medication can be detrimental. Having natural sunlight in your life is nature's painkiller.

It Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, occurs during the winter. Shorter days and lower light levels can trigger this recurring condition that can cause sadness, exhaustion, and anxiety. Seasonal Affective Disorder is slowly on the increase, as people are not spending as much time outside. Taking the opportunities to spend more time outside, and relaxing in the sunshine can make a massive difference. If you are someone that works at home, a period of time in the sunshine during your lunch can make a massive difference. If you spend more time outside, you are going to reduce the severity of SAD. And it's important to remember that even if you live in an area where it is overcast, you can still get the benefit from sunlight. It doesn't need to be blistering sunshine in order to have an effect. One of the best approaches is to spend some time outside as daylight begins. This can help to set your circadian rhythm. Taking the opportunity first thing in the morning to have a cup of coffee while daylight is coming out can help you feel calmer and get you ready for the day.

It Improves Your Immune System

Vitamin D is crucial for a well-functioning body. And while we're all aware of Vitamin D, not many of us have the optimum dose. But it's also important to recognize what Vitamin D does for us. Vitamin D has a number of amazing benefits, from preventing osteoporosis, reducing inflammation, absorbing calcium, and recently there have been links between Vitamin D and coronavirus in that affected people who are consuming Vitamin D may experience less severe symptoms. Regardless of your stance on coronavirus, the fact is that Vitamin D is crucial to your immune system's response. And being outdoors will give you a significant dose of it. A lot of people take Vitamin D in the form of a supplement or consume foods like salmon, the fact is that we get over 90% of Vitamin D from our exposure to sunlight.

It's important to spend time outdoors and do it right. What can you do? 

  • You can go for a walk. 

  • Spend a bit of time outdoors first thing in the morning. 

  • Enjoying family time. 

You can also set up your garden to make it more inviting. This is the most important thing of all. Because we are prone to retreating inwards during the winter, we need to make sure that we create a space that will encourage us to spend more time outdoors. And while a garden can add value to your home and do a lot for you, if you really want to have a healthy and happy family, actually spending time in the garden will make a massive difference to your quality of life. 

Being outside can make us feel less pressured, but it can also make us better people by allowing us to value more important things in life. For example, relationships, sharing, and above all else, that sense of community. Sunlight is the one thing we all have in common, and with the focus on making the world a better place in terms of climate change right now, we have to make the most of the outdoors.

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