// Things I Love Thursday v.271

these pretty flowers! ♥
this amazing bathroom ♥
♥ this ♥
this cake! ♥
♥ this ♥
♥ this gorgeous bedroom ♥

// BE STILL, MY HEART! The 3 Round Moonstone ring is evvvverything!

// Biased strangers take a DNA test... and all the feels ensue!

// Her Loss. What happened on election day.

// All of the Sunny Life gear on Shopbop is making me wish I could jet down to Australia. And that makes me wish I had this watermelon bag and those compliment greeting cards!

xo KB

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  1. My mother always says that I take too long in the bathroom. I can't think of how long it'd take for me to get out of that bathroom. It's so pretty I'd practically be living there!



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