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Michaels Dream Tree Challenge
This is without a doubt my absolute favorite project to work on every year. This is my third (!!!) Dream Tree with Michaels and I swear it never gets old. (See previous years: 2014, 2015) This year's tree took a 180 degree turn on like, November 7th... Yeah, like, last week. I had decided on my theme back in October and I spent a solid day picking out ornaments and things to craft. The theme was neat (in my opinion), but it wasn't really ~me. I love the creative freedom we get in the Michaels Makers program, and I really wanted the tree to reflect our home a bit more than first theme did. I recently repainted the living room and bathroom in our house, totally on a whim. The bright white reflects so much light, it really makes the space feel bigger. There's a lot of gold and pink in the living room (but the boys dig it. Well, Toby does. L doesn't care) so one day when I was lurking the #MakeItWithMichaels hashtag on Instagram I saw the newest collection of ornaments that were hitting the shelves and OH MY WORD! If I were a Christmas ornament or decorative accent, I would totally be in this collection. It spoke to me on an almost spiritual level. I scooped up stuff off the shelves at the One Hundred Oaks Michaels as the associates were basically unboxing them. (I totally apologized profusely for being all up ~in their biz, and they were so sweet). Anywho, I wanted to decorate around the colors and textures of the new throw pillows and accents I recently picked up/upcycled, and this collection fit so perfectly! Here's my ~glitzy glam Christmas tree! 
Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge
Everything on the tree (including that fabulous tree skirt) is from Michaels. Most of the ornaments are ready made, but I did grab a box of gold and pink "decorative filler" styrofoam balls which I simply stuck a straightened out ornament hook into. Easy peasy! Didn't even need hot glue! The gold garland is one of my favorite things on the tree. I love the different sizes of all the balls and baubles. In this collection they also had those awesome glittery tinsel "trees" you see on my trunk next to the door. They're so pretty and they come in like three different colorways, but holy glitter. If you're at all anal about glitter, don't get them. But otherwise, they're so fantastic and worth the extra sweeping. 

Looking at these pictures makes me realize just how much of our decor is from Michaels or the product of a DIY for Michaels haha! I'll try to link as many relevant products as I can, but if it's not linked feel free to ask and I'll let you know where it's from. You must stop in at a local Michaels soon though because you gotta see this collection. There's a white version and a pink version basically, both with gold accents. There aren't really many pieces online.
Michaels Dream Tree Challenge
Michaels Dream Tree Challenge
I'm sure some of you are thinking "Those poor boys!" because it's so feminine, but I bought the boys their very own 4 foot tree - with multicolored lights, as requested by Toby - to keep in their room. (Yeah, their. Linden has been bunking with Tobes lately and boy it's nice to have my bed back! Tangent, sorry) Anyway, making and shopping for ornaments will be activities in their advent calendar come December, so I'm excited to decorate it with them. They are 110% in the driver's seat with theme and everything. We'll likely decorate this tree some more with our personal family ornaments, but I'm really excited to see how theirs ends up. They helped decorate this one and it was the most precious thing. I really really love this time of year. This year is extra special in so many ways. I want the boys to remember it forever. All the feels to be felt!

As for your holiday decorations go, Michaels has their largest tree assortment this year, including colored and flocked trees. Check out all of their trees, ornaments and coordinating holiday décor on Michaels.com. Are you feeling inspired to start decorating your own tree? Eh? Maybe? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ dream holiday trees that were created this year.

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PS; This tree is by far the prettiest artificial tree I've seen, no lie. I totes called it flocked on snap, but it's ~"cashmere" tips and they make a world of difference aesthetically. Seriously, love this tree!


  1. So pretty! I'm curious, do you add other ornaments after taking these beautiful photos? Things the boys made, sentimentals? What do you with everything from precious years?
    Tell me everything! J/k
    You're tree really is lovely, very fun-elegant. Is that a thing? Cuz it should be!

    1. We always add our family/sentimental ornaments after I shoot the photos for the Dream Tree challenge :)

  2. yay! you're tree looks fabulous!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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