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I'm one of those people who really really loves candles (and you know, things that smell good in general haha) It's no uncommon to see 3 or 4 candles clustered together in random corners of my house. - I know some folks are scoffing at an open flame in a home with a toddler, but luckily he couldn't be less interested. - I recently got a package of the a few pieces from the Mind + Body Collection from Chesapeake Bay Candles, and they've all found perfect new homes. The collection has pieces named "Joy + Laughter," "Reflection + Clarity," and "Peace + Tranquility." You already feel more relaxed from just reading that, right? Ha!

I put each candle in the room I thought the most fitting for the name. Joy + Laughter is lit up in our living room, and I can't help but smile when my eye is drawn to the light and I see those goofy little grins right beside it. Those two boys certainly are my joy and my laughter. // Peace + Tranquility is currently on my bathroom vanity. I've borrowed it for a bubble bath a time or two already. A hot bubble bath is my peace and my tranquility. // Reflection + Clarity is the one on my bedside shelf. My bedroom has become my sanctuary these last several months. Sometimes it's nice to just lay in bed and think or read or just be. // Below is a quick snap to show a few of the other scents. I seriously love everything about this collection.

I love how seamlessly they all fit into our home. The frosted glass jars and the pretty pastel colors! I'll always be a candle girl, I'm sure of it. They're just so romantic and relaxing. If you're a candle person or know someone who is, definitely consider giving these a shot. The prices are so much better than other brands out there, and can I just give a shoutout to whoever packed my package?! They were so secure and that honestly might have been the most surprising part of it all haha!

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  1. I just love your everything. Lady. There are so many aspects of my life I need you to be a part of. Designing my house is one of them. (I need to be independently wealthy. That would just solve so many of my problems.)

    This is stunning. Your home/style is such a reflection of you. Savvy, bright, intriguing, welcoming, warm, fun, sassy, interesting. So many things. I just love it so much.

  2. Oh my god, your home is gorgeous! x


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