// Things I Love Thursday v.152

this is adorable! ♥
this notebook reference. ♥
this! ♥
♥ loving this pattern (and others!) from kendra dandy! ♥
flamingos are seriously so magical! ♥
♥ i'm only a little bit obsessed with moths - this rosy maple moth is amazing! ♥
this little illustration! (and all of melissa chaib's work!) ♥
the perfect graphic for autumn! ♥
♥ aw! this is cute! ♥

♥ love this top so much! (and it's so cheap!) ♥

♥ i love this photo project so much! ♥
check out what some former college classmates are doing for women in Haiti! ♥

// Louis C.K.'s Explanation of Why He Hates Smartphones is Sad, Brilliant. I feel like there's so much truth to what he says. I guess I never really thought much about it, but this article made a lot of sense.

// 50 People On The Secret My Company Doesn't Want The Public To Know. Despite #44 being a Workaholics reference, and the natural skepticism one should have, I found this post fascinating and horrifying. And it links to even more!

// Want to see an adorable sloth snack without a care? Oh my stars, it's so cute!

// Sophie is getting ready to come over to the US for a trip and she's packing the most beautiful dresses EVER! I'm dying!

// 8-Year-Old Boy Asks Santa To End His Sister's Bullying. My heart! Did it make you cry?! Ahh!

// Family Hosts 200 Homeless People for Dinners After Daughter's Wedding Gets Called Off. This also made me cry... and they're planning on making it a yearly thing! Some people are seriously so rad.

// 10 Things This Southerner Wishes North-Easterners Knew. Or anyone not from the South. Try to take it as a silly read.

// Whoa! This "Mirror Maze" outfit post over on K+B is so neat!

// Roxy did an Etsy roundup of her favorite "fox" goodies and it's full of so much cute! Totally on point for her, too!

// Photo Album Printing! Tera shares various books from different sites so you can see what they're like!

// Wishlist Wears: this black and white carnations dress is amazing! // this cardigan is what dreams are made of // this rose garden dress is perfect for the cooler months // this chambray tie-waist dress with scalloped bust! (in light blue, too!) // this coral midi skirt! (ahh!) // this skirt makes me think of Pixar movies // my dream boots // this military inspired utility jacket is perfect for Autumn // i wish this silhouette looked good on pear shapes! // this pink dress is perfect for a birthday party

// Honest Pays Off For Homeless Boston ManHe returned $40,000 in cash that he found! I love reading stories like this. And I love that the owner of the money put forth the effort to give back to the honest man. Can't wait to see how it all pans out.

// Loads of awesome going on over at the Little Big Blog! : Greek Food Festival (yum!) and this Snapshots post! (I always love the links CA picks!)

Happy Thursday! xo


  1. I wish there was some sort of special prize for people who do amazing things like in so many of these links! I love your weekly round-ups. They always lift my spirits!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love the dancers among us photo project, they can do some crazy things! I also think that close up of the moth is fantastic, it looks like something from monsters inc xx

  3. I always look forward to thursdays because I LOVE these posts! That one about the family donating the wedding to homeless people is incredible!

  4. thanks for this fall inspiration:)

  5. That bear print is to die for! So cute!!!

    Love your blog. :)


  6. Ahhhh I am totally ga ga over the moth photos you shared! :) You should check out my blog! I painted moths (I have been raising butterflies and moths since I was 5) and I made them into a pattern and also into a fabric! I just started making a collection with the fabric and I am hoping to make them available for sale in a few months. Would absolutely LOVE to hear any feedback from you about my print (I really value your fashionable opinion ;) Anyway, fabulous photos and hope you had a wonderful week! <3

  7. I looooooooooove that photo project with the "dancers in real life" - gives you such an appreciation for their art!

  8. That called off wedding post? awwwww


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