// Things I Love Thursday v.151

Hello from North Carolina! Mike and I made it into Wilmington yesterday evening and we've been having a blast seeing our friends. I can't wait to share all of the photos we've been snapping! You can keep up with our hijinks around the Carolinas on Twitter or Instagram if you feel so inclined! I'll try to keep the blog stocked with fun bits and bobs, but I'm going to make it a priority to enjoy what little time we have with our nearest and dearest! We all need a break, right? Enjoy this week's collection of goodies! I have a feeling you're going to love it...
this little reminder ♥

this cat dress!! ♥
these gifs of this cuttlefish are super relaxing for some reason ♥

this is so true! ♥
this gorgeous moth! ♥
♥ this strawberry cookware! (anyone have a source?!) ♥

♥ this is hilarious, even if it's not true haha! ♥
this is precious! ♥
♥ i love this tattoo ♥
♥ i could watch these all day ♥

this hilarious infographic of the typical Yelp user ♥

♥ this chiptole ad is incredibly moving... amazing! ♥

// The Real Life Of Barbie And Ken. This is actually rather disturbing, but a neat concept/execution.

// Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy. There's been a lot of backlash against this article, both in the comments and in responsive writings, but I think it's a great read. Even if you don't feel this way 100%, I think many of you will find yourselves nodding your head in agreement.

// Roxy just got a new kitten! Look how cute she is!

// Karen has been making progress on renovating her new home! I love seeing the before/during/after shots of projects like this.

// Street Style: Fashionable Duos at NYFW

// I have these Kate Spade "correspondence" cards and I love them so much! I think everyone should own a set!

// 20 random facts about Tera. I love these posts and I've been working on mine for a few weeks haha

// Do you want to launch your own online shop? My best friend Elle is a "Shopify Expert" and she just launched this online class that will teach you how to start your own Shopify store! Ah I can't wait to dive into this class!

// I Just Saw A Photo Of Myself So Bad It Made Me Want To Change My Entire Life. Oh girl, I feel you. I think we've all been there.

Happy Thursday!


  1. That chipotle ad actually made me cry!! The poor cows in crates :(

  2. I look forward to Thursday just for this post! I love reading absolutely everything!!!

    You are awesome!!


  3. The strawberry cookware is so cute. The Gaga bee cracked me up too.

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. So much fun stuff!
    I never knew cuttle fish looked like that!

  5. I actually really really hate that Gen Y article, because it's just... not taking into account so many huge factors. It's partially flavored with the 'please can we stop making Gen Y's problems all a matter of YOU'RE TOO ENTITLED YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF OUR LAWNS' exhaustion. Because really, these articles routinely don't take into account that we're ont really expecting to have what our parents have now, after forty years of hard work. We want what they had -when they were our age-.

    I mean, at 27 my mother and father owned a house, had two babies, two cars, and my mother was able to get a good job with a salary she could live on at age 22 by -being able to do the job-. She didn't need a Master's in Insurance Whatever to even be considered for the position, she didn't have to work an unpaid internship for six months to be considered, all she needed was the skills, the determination, and the ability. Health insurance premiums were more than my parents wanted to pay, exactly, but health insurance did what it was supposed to and was pretty affordable, except that my father has to have special insurance due to being an adult Type I diabetic.

    At 27, Jason and I have only just, JUST NOW gotten jobs where insurance was affordable, where vacation is more than a laughable dream, where we could afford to start even considering kids. And we have worked our hands to the bone to get there; we've taken what jobs were available regardless of whether or not we were 'following our dreams'. And we're not the only people in that position. Everyone keeps this idea of Gen Y as being lost-in-the-clouds daydreamers who won't do any actual work, but when you get down to it that's not even a little bit true. It's just part of the tar brush that is supposed to make an economy that has no room for us somehow our fault.

    Gen Y is struggling in large part due to the economic decisions those in charge made back in the early 80's and early 2000's, before most of us were even in the workforce in a serious way. Were we raised to believe we could acheive anything? Maybe. SOme of us, sure. But we're not scrambling to pay off our student loans because "we just don't want to take anything that isn't perfect/unicorn on the lawn" scenario. We're scrambling to pay off our loans because a year of college tuition might cost 2K in 1978, but it costs 25 - 30K for the cheapest public schools now. And college isn't optional anymore - if you want a job that pays more than minimum wage you are essentially expected to have a Bachelor's degree. Want a job that pays enough to actually live on? You need a Master's or Doctorate. Oh, but once oyu have those things employers will ask why you weren't working for four years and judge you for THAT.

    Whew. I'll stop now, and I apologize and understand if you don't want to let this comment through before it's kind of insanely long. But suffice to say I hate articles that try to posit that Gen Y is responsible for its own joblessness, when studies hold over and over and over again that that isn't true.

  6. That cookware is so darling! You always find the cutest things.

    The Sist3rs

  7. I look forward to your Things I Love Thursday post every week (and then I end up bombarding my co-workers with all the cute pictures and great links you post). :)

  8. Oh my goodness I must have the cat dress!!!!

  9. I love that strawberry cookware set, I wonder if it's just hand-painted? If so there better be a tutorial on that somewhere! :D The Chipotle video is great, I'm all for exposing the dark side of food processing and people knowing what they're eating, and this animation does that really well x

  10. i literally love all these things - especially the cuttle fish!

  11. Have fun in Wilmington. It is such a beautiful town. I hope you get a Flamin' Amy's burrito while you're there.

  12. Have fun in Wilmington. It is such a beautiful town. I hope you get a Flamin' Amy's burrito while you're there.

  13. A friend of mine has a similar strawberry tea pot, she got it from Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/khgqqc3

  14. Oh I love your Thursday posts. I legit cried when I read the Training the World: On Little Girls and Body Image article. I'm pro bodies of all shapes and sizes and it just kills me how many lovely people beat themselves up about their bodies on a regular basis.

    I hope you have a blast in Wilmington!

    Ladyface Blog

  15. I really liked the generation Y article. I feel like so many people in my age range have tried to start out in the middle. Ignoring everyone else and focusing on your own path is always great advice!


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