// Things I Love Thursday v.150

♥ this is hilarious! ♥
the garden collection by emily blincoe ♥
these kitty cookies! ♥
♥ this is such a neat stop motion video ♥
♥ this are great thoughts... (more here) ♥
this hilarious gif ♥
truth. ♥
these well dressed men. ♥
♥ i'm obsessed with this cover of miley's new song ♥
these clever ads - (psst... those are women in front of men! see it?!) ♥

// I Didn't Love My Wife When We Got Married. This is actually quite beautiful.

// Holy moly... Someone get me to Australia ASAP! SO gorgeous!

// Tera had her wedding bouquet preserved and I am blown away (!!!) by how amazing it turned out. If my bouquet had been anything more than just baby's breath I might've done something like this. The final display is so pretty.

// It's 1930's Week over at The Glamourous Housewife!

// Donuts are certainly having their time in the spotlight (good, because they're delicious!) - Here's a chocolate (gluten free!) donut recipe to try. How about (vegan) Maple Bacon donuts, too? (When in doubt for vegan dessert deliciousness, just read Shannon's entire blog. Ugh I wish she'd move back to Tennessee and bake for me every day!)

// I know this outfit is a couple of weeks old, but I couldn't get over how perfect it was! I wish I could pull off a tulle skirt with half the ease Crystal can.

// The Myth Of The Effortlessly Perfect Girl. (With 600+ comments, too!)

// Carrie Anne looked back on her family's "Summer of Togetherness" by recounting the goals she had set for them. I love this idea and definitely want to try our own Flynn family version!

// I'm in awe of Erica's carousel dress - the color and the print are too cute!

// Loving Jenna's blog even more so than usual lately - check out her jellyfish photos and this paper (to scale!) model of Washington D.C.

// Still wanting some more lovely photos and links? Check out Leona's post!

// Amber's got some great guest posters over on her blog.

What's on your love list this week?
Drop your favorite links below! (Even from your own blog/shop!)

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  1. That sad cat video has had me laughing for about 5 minutes straight, omg

  2. I've only been following your blog for a week or two now, but I adore these Thursday posts. Seriously. I always find something that I end up emailing to a friend (like those kitty cookies! What!!).

    So awesome! <3

  3. Hee hee! those kitty cookies (and the Garnier ad) have got me in stitches!

  4. That Wrecking Ball cover is AWESOME and it makes me feel 10000% better about liking the new Miley Song :P

  5. Sad cat diary is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a while. And I loved the article on trans homecoming! Here's hoping he wins the vote of the school board (and I mean, being homecoming king would be awesome too)

  6. 1. Sad cat diary is HILARIOUS! I was obsessed for like a month after I saw it.
    2. Those botanical photos! So pretty.
    3. Cat cookies!!!!!
    4. Those ads are awesome. Love a good optical illusion.
    5. Thank you for sharing that donut recipe. It's possible that it made my whole damn week!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. Those tumblr thoughts are so funny! But OMG "The Myth of the Effortlessly Perfect Girl" was so spot on. It takes a MASSIVE amount of effort on my part every day just to look halfway decent. Seriously! And for men who don't understand all the "behind-the-scenes" stuff, it creates this TOTALLY unrealistic view of what women should be. Ugh anyway. Rant over. Great stuff!

    - April

  8. I'm laughing so much at the Internet Explorer quote, so true! That add is so creepy, I never noticed the women until you pointed it out!

    Water Painted Dreams

  9. I love those Garden Collection photos! So beautiful. My daughter is super into I spy books right now and they remind me of a pretty version.

    I'm also trying to keep my cool and not fan-girl too much about being included in your TILT post... Thanks Kaelah!x

  11. The "I didn't love my wife..." was incredibly sweet. It reaffirms everything I've known about love languages! (If you've never read about them, you should! It helped me realize how different people needed to be loved.) And I loved the leaf photos as well! And I clicked on just about every photo in the dutch retailer.

    I hope you have a great Thursday!

  12. That wrecking ball cover is amazing. I love it!

  13. I love the Sad Cat Diary so freaking much!!

  14. <3 Miss you, darlin'.
    I would happily bake for you all the time.

  15. Cats are so pathetic sometimes ahah! Kitty cookies... I doubt that I could actually eat them! Those two guys really look cool but slightly hipster maybe? Ahaha! Love this post :)^^ x

  16. love the garden collection! pretty inspiring and nice colors!

    and the cat cookies. haha. really nice and they looking funny :)



  17. The "I didn't love my wife.." article was interesting and a really good read :) Thanks for that.

    xo Ashley

  18. Wow! So many beautiful things! Missing the old times...

    Cele mai bune calculatoare second hand, la preturi super accesibile.


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