Things I Love Thursday

It's been two weeks since my last TiLT post. Thanksgiving came and then the iPad giveaway was on a Thursday (and I've learned that nothing gets attention on giveaway day), so here it is! A fresh, new TiLT post! These are one of my favorite posts to do on LCH because it's so fun to share cute pictures, silly things, and awesome links. Hopefully you enjoy them just as much! (There are lots of words/quotes this week!) xo

♥ this snow patrol illustration ♥

♥ these wise words. ♥

this pretty pretty picture ♥

this neon sign ♥

this map print ♥

♥ this drawing ♥

♥ this journal page ♥

♥ this bokeh picture ♥

these driftwood horses by heather jansch ♥

♥ simply this. ♥

Other Awesome Things: The front half of these Jeremy Scott shoes are awesome (but the back half leaves much to be desired, in my opinion) ♥ Susannah is giving away one of her snazzy huge bow scarves to one lucky winner. You can read the details + how to enter hereElyse from Give Me Bows has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read. She's so darling and her style is impeccable ♥ Poorly Drawn Things is offering LCH readers 20% off with the code KAELAHTHEQUEEN (promise I didn't pick that myself! :P) ♥ Papercakes has some cute girly jewelry that would make great stocking stuffers! ♥ Beca (of Tumbleweeds Oddities fame!) is moving to Tennessee in 3 weeks, and I am so so excited! She's a huge entrepreneurial inspiration to me and I'm so tickled we'll only be 2 hours away from each other! ♥ Grace from Betwixxt is over the moon with how well her Ron Swanson mugs have been doing in her shop, and guess what?! She was even featured in the Huffington Post! You go girl! ♥ I'm eyeing a bunch of pretty things in this shop, but trying to resist!

What are you loving this week?

PS; As usual, I couldn't locate all of the sources for each and every thing featured here. If you know who the original creator of anything not linked above, I'd love it if you could share with me so I can properly credit! 


  1. LOVE THIS and your ENTIRE blog. You are my absolute hero! I hope to one day open a vintage shop likes yours. Keep rockin'.

  2. Those drift wood horses are amazing.

    Elle x

  3. I think this post is lovely. As soon as I saw the Snow Patrol image I went to youtube put on Chasing Cars and then continued reading the post. Makes me so happy.Love.

  4. Lovely. These are all awesome :)

  5. I love everything in this post, so perfect. c:

  6. As soon as I saw that map print I thought of Fleetwood Mac. I like all of these words/quotes. Elyse has great style! :)

  7. This post has been so inspiring! Those words are so wise. I specially liked the last piece of advice. I'm currently struggling towards a more positive life and it really has given me some strength! :)

  8. Totally in agreement about the Jeremy Scott shoes. They completely fell short! Gah!


  9. what fantastic quotes!!! The horses gave me the hee-bee-gee-bees bevause I didn't know what it was until I read the caption. It looked like muscles and veins of the inside of a horse. YIKES!

  10. Hi Kaelah,
    I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that you do such a great job with it! Very cool.
    Love the photos, cute dogs, and pink hair. :D

    ~ Diana

  11. oh my gosh! an Iowa map and Fleetwood Mac lyric all in one cute print?! Can't handle the greatness!

  12. Agree with you entirely about the Jeremy Scott shoes. I think they would have looked way hotter as a pump instead of sling back and with a ever-so-slightly thicker heel.

  13. So glad tilt is back! The Fleetwood Mac letterpress print is so so great! Here's where you can get one:

  14. thanks so much for sharing these, loved going through your finds! have a great weekend :)

  15. I love the "you can go your own way" map print. I've always wanted to create it myself. I need to get on that!


  16. This post was just what I needed to read! Thank you for sharing! I love it!

  17. Oh Kaelah I can't tell you how much this post made my day, my week, my month even! :D I am so absolutely thrilled, I still can't quite believe that such an amazing successful blogger would be reading my humble little blog :) Thank you so much xxx

  18. oh my! those horses are AMAZING!!! Yes, please always continue TILT posts!

  19. only thing to make this better is the song <3

  20. Those driftwood horses are absolutely amazing! And I love all these quotes, so inspiring.

  21. Thank you commenter for the credit.

    Please credit your sources!
    -Amy Rice

    1. You weren't left un-credited on purpose. I simply did not see the commenter above and for that I apologize. All credit is given where credit is due if I'm able to find the source location. In this case, I wasn't. It has been rectified.


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