Misikko Review: Corioliss Curling Wand

I'm going to preface this "review" with a disclaimer: I've had this product for months and months. I was originally contacted by Misikko many moons ago to review one of their flat irons. Well, I never have straight hair so I opted out. I was able to choose a curling wand and give it a go, but upon it arriving to my house I started to notice how saturated the "blogsophere" was with Misikko reviews. Normally I google every pitch I get to make sure I'm not one of a hundred bloggers writing about the same thing. I kindly responded to my contact that I'd keep hold of it to review later in the year, once the saturation had died down a little. I've seen reviews for flat irons and blow dryers, but hopefully there aren't umpteen billion wand reviews! If there are or you aren't interested, feel free to skip over! ;) (Also -- I know absolutely nothing about hair styling or anything.. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. I manage to do my own hair without too much catastrophe but whatever!)

As the months past I didn't give the wand much thought. Remember my basketball head incident? Yeah, it took me a few months to get my hair color under control. The last thing it needed was a heating tool touching it. Finally I made progress with my hair and decided to give the wand a try. Holy cow. Y'all, I was so ready to be disappointed. I guess I tend to be kind of a cynic toward expensive things. I think I don't need them or I could do it myself. I've always used a cheapo little $10 curling iron from Target. I don't need to be wowed and dazzled by some name brand. Or do I?... I still feel the same, but I can say that I am very pleased with the results of my Corioliss 18mm curling wand. I was so confused on how to use it, but after a few Googles, I had it down. Granted I managed to give myself some pretty gnarly burns (that thing is hot!), but I did it to myself considering I decided to forgo the accompanying glove. 

Let's talk about the product specifics and I'll give you my opinion on the overall item...

This is my hair using a traditional clamp curling iron (with straightener and entirely too much hairspray):

This is my hair using the Corioliss curling wand (and absolutely no hairspray!):

The packaging is a huge deal to me. It can make or break my loyalty toward a brand. The wand itself was very neatly packaged in this well designed box. It felt like you were getting something more high end as opposed to ripping open that awfully sharp clear plastic! It was packed up with various ELF cosmetics and maybe even a sleeping mask. This was a nice addition, except I felt like it didn't really fit the Misikko brand. While Misikko items are far from the most expensive on the market, they're still much more high end than what you'd pick up on an impromptu run to the drugstore. I love ELF products and use a lot of it myself, but a $1 eyeshadow packed in with a $130 curling iron seemed a bit off putting. But maybe that's just me! I didn't really find any use for any of the extra gifts, but we're really talking about the wand here anyway!

I absolutely loved the results of my hair from using the wand. My curls were soft, bouncy, and less of a tight spiral. They had more body to them and they just felt nicer. I love that the wand got hot enough to curl my hair without the aid of hair spray or another heating tool. Overall, the wand was very very quick and efficient.

The wand comes with a glove to help protect your non-dominant hand. Use it! So many people say you're fine without it but I have the most epic burns on my hand from this thing. It's hot! There are no heat settings. It's simply on and off. It's a nice simplistic design which I can get behind, but be warned! I also really appreciate the fact the wand was designed so that it can rest on itself, with the head stick suspended in air. That way you don't worry about burning whatever you have sitting near it, but you don't have to worry about those pesky stands that get tangled in your curls. 

I won't lie and say I think this is a miracle product. My experience with other wands is non-existant so I won't simply say "Go spend $100 on THIS very product!". I'm still not sure I could stomach the thought of spending $100 on a curling iron when I'd much rather spend it on a roadtrip (or shoes!). I will say that I've been converted. I'm throwing out my clamp curling iron and giving in to the ways of the wand. I've looked up reviews on various other wands at different price points and many say the ones available at Target are great, too. If you're looking to have some fun bouncy curls, give the drugstore one a go! If you still feel like you need more oomph, check out the Corioliss line! If my Corioliss ever craps out on me, I'll probably try a less expensive version before buying a new one, but I am very happy with these results! I even had people at work say they loved my "new hair color" (which wasn't new at all... and hadn't been dyed in 3 weeks!). The lack of product in my hair gave it new life. It just looked more effortless, yet put together. Anyway, this product has my vote, but don't be afraid to explore other options!

Do any of you use a curling wand? Specific brand that you just can't live without? Tell me all of your hair tool secrets! I'm still kind of a n00b!


  1. I dreeeeam for curls like yours! I think your hair looks so much more beautiful and healthy since getting the wand. I would love to get one, but my hair never holds a curl, so I'm totally skeptical on spending a lot of money on something that may not work for me! I wish you could try before you buy :p I'm glad you did this post though!!



    1. My hair never held a curl either until I got one of these. Definitely worth the money

  2. Thanks for posting this! I've always been curious about curling wands myself, since I have short hair and regular curling irons can sometimes be a bit bulky. I'll definitely be on the lookout for an inexpensive one now!

  3. My FAVE Christmas song is "White Christmas" by Mr. Bing Crosby. I love anything by Bing. He was a total fox in his day!!! :)


  4. Totally commented on the wrong post! hahaa

    While im here....I LOVE wands. They are amazing!!!

  5. Oh funny, I have been on the hunt for a new curling iron so this review was perfectly timed! :) I currently use my old flatmate's cheapo one and it never gets very hot and takes aggesss to heat up, I usually shower and do my make-up waiting for it to heat up! I agree it's worth paying a bit extra for something that actually gets hot enough to hold the curls, and I love that you needed need to go crazy with the hair spray! :)

  6. I love my curling wand, but I wish I was getting results like yours! Your hair is amazing!

  7. i have a wand and i love it...it just takes so much time especial with my thick long hair.
    but i have to admit i love it

    xoxo katlin

  8. yeah, i definitely need one of these things. your curls look fantastic. i hear they are way faster to use too and since i curl my hair for shows all the time (sometimes many days in a row..ugh!) i'd love to cut down on the hr it takes.

  9. I'm definitely a curly girl, but I've never had the guts to try a curling wand. (They seem so complicated and dangerous!) :) But your review made it seem simple enough - I'll have to try one!


  10. Your hair looks amazing! I use a regular clamp curling iron, but i never use the clamp so it's kiiinda like a wand (not really) haha. Great job on those curls though, they look stellar.

  11. Oooh great review, I have naturally curly hair (like tight spirals), and I like the curls to be a little more wavy than curly - so I normally straighten then recurl loosely. I've tried to get the clampless iron thing down and I had a hard time. I may give it another go now (with a glove!) Thanks for the motivation! :)

  12. I don't really use curling irons or straighteners, but your hair looks fantastic! I used to use styling tools though, and I think its awesome that you don't need hairspray. I never liked that stuff. :)

  13. I got their flat iron for Christmas year before last and it's definitely the best one I've used... I suck at doing hair but even I can make my hair look pretty good with it, with minimal effort. Your curls look lovely. ;)

  14. conair curling wand, the clamp-less as well is amazing for the price!

  15. did you try something like this to curl your hair too?? i have no idea how to call it in english so i'll just show you a link: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSFhG9yqhPCiLvXoFhE8WZJDBLkb9QCCaMN5RXnGttncXbfWtAD

    i have this one and I have to admit it is a great option, it's super heavy but it curls your hair perfectly makng waves (not curls) and it has a lot of temperatures so every person can change it to his/her own hair :)

    if you have a chance check it and let me know if you like it! :)

  16. I'm rather scared to use curling tools for my hair cause I simply don't want to burn it. It took ages to get my hair back to looking healthy after years of dying and I don't want to ruin it by using something so hot a sa curling iron. but this looks really promising, thanks for the tip!

  17. I have naturally, THICK, ethnic style hair. I mean my stuff is HEAVY. I use a gold plated Helen of troy 1.25 inch curling iron. I got it from sally's for about ~20 bucks. I go big for the size, cause I like the giant vaaavoooom curls. But they make smaller sizes for tighter curls too.

    This tool is similar to the wand you use in terms of heat (I mean this thing gets HOT) but it also has settings, so if you have thinner hair, you don't need to max it up to 400 degrees!
    Also, there's no plastic at the tip, so you are free to twist hair all around it-just like you can with the wands.

    Usually, these types of irons are used for up-do's (i.e, why you don't need hairspray!)-but they are miracle workers for bouncy curls!

    My iron has the option to lock and unlock the handle if you wanna get crazy and try tons of different curl types.

    They make ceramic ones for ladies who need to cherish their locks delicately. But my mane can take a beating, that's why I go for the gold plates.

    I love this thing and it's lasted me YEARS!



  18. oh girl, HUGE difference. Your curls look incredible

  19. This was SUCH a helpful review. Thank you! I have a short coif (growing out my pixie one day at a time), and a regular curling iron looks so fake and forced. I have a feeling this would work perfectly! Thanks a million!

  20. that curling wand is faaancy! and the curls look stunning on you!
    i agree that i probably couldn't bring myself to buy a 139$ curling iron. i bought a cheap conair curling iron (with clamp) from target for $10 or something crazy cheap like that! and i just took the clamp off to make it a curling wand! it's nothing fancy and will probably die in a few months, but it works perfectly for right now!

  21. sooooooo intrigued! your curls were great to begin with but now...drool! as a girl who FINALLY broke her habit of the straight iron (except for the bangs, my bangs REQUIRE the iron), i'm new to rock my curls on a daily basis. i should check out a wand - i hate the spray and i HATE the clamp mark i always seem to end up with



  23. oh wow... i definitely notice the difference. it looks great :)

  24. Your hair looks simply beautiful (and you are also a looker yourself :D). I only use flat irons to straighten my hair but for curls I simply do pin curls at night but they always go limp after a few hours. You have inspired me to check out some curling irons this week at the beauty supply shop. Btw, what rad piercings you have!

  25. My hair is such trouble sometimes, thanx for this! your hair looks amazing!


  26. Oh wow I'm going to need to try this!!! I already took the clamp off my curling iron but I don't get this effect and I love how your hair looks after using it!

  27. Love my magic wand!! there's this thing I do sometimes I curl it and when I take it off the wand i pull the very very end (or the longs part of the curl) and pull it down it makes the curl look a bit messy and lose....but in a good way! I love curling wands they make way better curls then a plain curling iron

  28. Hi kaelah, Your hair is amazing! I really want such curly hair . I also use curling iron to make my hair curly . Thanks for this informative post .

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