Landlocked in Tennessee.

dress: modcloth, belt: thrifted, tights: c/o we love colors, flats: target

001. this is the last of the outfit shoots i have for a bit. mike doesn't have another day off of work until next thursday (!!!) and i'm so eyeball deep in final projects that i just don't know what to do with myself. with that being said, i will also be queuing up some posts for the next couple of days so i can really buckle down and get stuff done. don't worry, the content won't change!
002. i've been writing in my little book of ideas a lot lately. i got another new one. yes, another. this time i took one of mike's and i sewed some stuff on it. made it a little more personal and i've been loving it. i bought two new ones recently and i just haven't been able to write in them. they have to be broken in. worn around the edges, smudged, and stained. i'm weird like that. i don't like things that are "too new."
003. to the anon who is pretending to be friendly all the while trying to tell me i've gained ten pounds since last year... you act as though i don't own a mirror. i'm well aware exactly what i look like and if it's so hard for you to be happy with yourself, i'm sorry, but don't try to rain on everyone else's parade. yes, i have chubby arms, but they're covered in rad tattoos. yes, i'm short and stout, just like my favorite teapot. yes, i have thighs and calves like you wouldn't believe, but i guarantee they're a lot stronger than yours. thanks 14 years of softball! and guess what? i'm also happy with myself. i just wish the same for you. silly that i even needed to devote a paragraph to this but just know, you can be fat AND happy! 
004. mike's sister is leaving for a year abroad in paris to live as an au pair on friday! she visited us last night and it was definitely a treat! i will be living vicariously through her adventures and i can't wait to see tons of pictures! the little girl she will be nannying is absolutely precious! good luck, maggie! we love you and we'll miss you! 
005. eight days! yes, eight days! school days, that is. but still! it is so so so so very close!
006. pipkin is back to her 100% regular self. thanks for all the kind wishes and prayers! she's made a full recovery and georgia is in hog heaven because now she can bulldoze pipkin and not get in trouble for it.
007. touching back to number 2, in my book of ideas i've been charting and sketching out store ideas and displays and tags and oh goodness, everything! i'm so full of ideas and i'm so excited to see them become a reality. it'll take a while.. but you can't put a deadline on passion! 


  1. you are definitely NOT fat. what an unhappy jerk saying those things to you. anywho, LOVE your red tights! they look great on you! :]

  2. oh my i have so many things to say about this post.

    1) i am sorry i didnt email you when i was in chattanooga to meetup. but i got so busy with random things and totally forgot. :( so sad. i want to meet you in person and not stalk you on the blogosphere..haha.

    2) i love this outfit. i own this amazing dress as well. you are looking lovely in it. red and blue look perfect.

    3) are NOT fat and rude of someone to say that. goodness gracious..what in the world. everyone has a different body frame..its not a big deal.. i played soccer for 12years of my life and my thighs and calfs are bigger than most and i am okay with that.

    4) lastly..yay for your puppy. i was worried. and good luck on the last days of school..dont stress out to much.

    ok thats it.. :)

  3. Ignore the idiot you was saying things about you. You're beautiful just the way you are. I once again love your coloured tights! Glad Pip is back to her best (: I also hate things that are 'too new' - you're not alone!

  4. as always, LOVE your dress. that jerk can kiss your behind! you are NOT fat (agree with kristin) but you are the cutest dresser!!!
    love the photos. and congrats on only 8 more days of school. exciting!

  5. I absolutely love reading your blog and I can't believe someone would say such things! What an imbecile! Of course they didn't even have the guts to comment without making it anonymous! HA! I <3 those tights with that dress, I bought my first couple pairs from We Love Colors because of you and I am wearing them today, they are so fun! Good luck on final projects!

  6. Love, love your tights! Such a pretty color!

  7. you are too funny!
    it'd be so dreamy to live in a different country as an au pair... i remember that movie too.
    so glad your little girls are back to their usual selves!

  8. Fat? WHAT? That makes me really mad. You are a normal, healthy, and very pretty gal. What is wrong with people that they have to rain on other peoples' blogging parades?!
    I have 'shapely' arms and calves too and have had them for as long as I can remember. Who cares?! It doesn't stop you from wearing what you want to wear and maintaining a style that the person who left those rude comments just WISHED they could have.

  9. Your waist is to die for girl, don't let meanies get you down!

  10. Those tights are so red hot - i love it! Your hair is looking so lovely too. You're absolutely beautiful.

  11. People are so rude!!!! You are so gorgeous!! I love this outfit!

  12. It's amazing that there are people who insist on being mean when they could just go somewhere else...

    I guess they just encourage us all to shout from the rooftops how much we love you and your style! You're a gorgeous girl Kaelah! I love your hair, your tats, and those awesome piercings that give you perpetual dimples :) Lovely!

  13. Um...this is my favorite! I'm a fan of the bright colors of course but you look soo stunning!!

  14. Miss Kaelah, I just want to tell you that you are stunning. I'm sure all these other comments are saying the same thing... But after reading what this silly anon is saying to you I can't keep quiet. Weight seems to be the thing that anons are picking on at the moment. I myself weigh 70 or 80 pounds, and was told on my Tumblr to 'Get on a treadmill' because I look 'Fat as fuck' - a few days later someone (also pretending to be super nice) tells me that my best friend in the whole wide world is chubby and needs to go to the gym... I cannot pinch an inch of fat on this man's body and his arms are wider than my waist... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it's not only you who's feeling the strain of dealing with these stupid, needy and attention seeking people! I think your figure is beautiful, and as someone also very very short, I have to say you inspire me endlessly - I once showed my friend a photo of you and said 'THAT is what I want to look like when I'm 22... Only more me :P' Whenever you put yourself out there, haters gonna hate... But they are not the majority. This comment has turned into a huge rant so I will just wrap it up now by saying that I hope you never, ever change because you are the closest thing to southern belle perfect I've ever come across. And I LOVE your "chubby" (see: not) arms.

  15. ahhh i am in love with these pictures the red tights look great:)

  16. Wow! 8 days left?
    I'm glad to hear Pipkin is fighting fit again!


  17. Kaelah, I love you. You are awesome. That is all.

  18. Good for you, feeling good about yourself and standing up for yourself like that! You are beautiful, and I'm glad that you don't let anyone tell you different. I too played softball for many years, and the arms and the legs will always be there to prove that.

    I'm also very happy to hear that Pip is perfect again. I get oh so worried about others pets.

    I would love to hear about some cool Nashville places to visit. I'm new in town, and me and the boy haven't gotten out much.


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