// DIY Roadside Lemonade Stand (for only $3!)

Mike and I have been wanting to build some props for H+H shoots for a while now, but we've simply never gotten around to it. We have access to an insane amount of weathered pallets for free and we finally wanted to build something with them. We spent a couple of hours one day this week putting these together and we're insanely overjoyed with how they turned out. The best part? We only spent $3! We used 100% salvaged lumber and we only spent pennies on screws and nails. Each stand only cost us a little over $1 (and some time/sweat!) That's pretty incredible right? We snapped a few photos to show you what they look like, but they're not all stylized yet. We're planning on using them for some upcoming Him + Honey shoots (including mini sessions!) so you'll have to wait until we really style them up! I shared a sneak peek on Instagram the other day and several people requested a DIY, so here you go! It's such a simple build I'm sure you'll get the hang of it from the photos alone. (The tutorial is for the lemonade stand. The roadside stand with the roof is the same basic foundation, just with an extra rectangular frame up top!)
To build these you will need to find some pallets (roughly 2-3 pallets per stand) and break them apart. You can typically find them for free somewhere around town (Craigslist is usually overrun with them) Most pallets are made up of some 1x4's nailed to two or three 2x4's. The best way to pull them apart is by using a sawzall, but you can use a trusty hammer and some elbow grease if that's all you have access to. If you're going the sawzall route, slide the blade between the plank on top and the 2x4 underneath and cut the nails. It's not fun but it's effective and fairly quick.
Once you have all the pallets disassembled lay out several planks on the ground. These will be what make up the front of your stand. You can use however many you want based on how tall you want it. Find the shortest plank in the bunch and cut the rest to match. Then lay out a few planks for the top. Again, you can make it however deep you want. Cut those the same length as the boards for the front. Our top has a slight lip on the lemonade stand because we liked the look.
Next you'll need to build a couple of rectangular shaped frames. You can use the 2x4's from the pallets for this. You want to lay out the planks for the front and measure them. Subtract 3 inches (3 inches is the width of two 2x4's. If you're using something else change the measurement accordingly) from that measurement and cut four 2x4's to that length. Then lay out the planks for your top and measure them as well. Subtract an inch from that measurement and cut four 2x4's to that length. Now assemble your frames with the short pieces on the outside of the rectangle. 

Now you need to nail the planks on the side. Take full length boards and line them all up with one side flush with the outside of the frame. Once they are all nailed down you'll want to cut the excess off the other end. Now you can take the remainder of those boards and do the same thing on the other side.

Since the boards for the front and top are all cut to length already you just need to square them up on the side panels and nail them in place. At this point you have a base with three sides and one top completely boarded up. You can stop here if you just want a countertop. 
If you want to add a sign it's pretty easy. Take a couple pieces of lumber (We used a spare 2x2 we had laying around) and cut them to the desired height and screw them into the 2x4's on the back of the stand. Then just nail a few planks up on top. It's really that simple! We didn't bother to share the actual dimensions of ours because it'll be dependent on how tall/long you want it, and what lumber you have to work with. We chose to use weathered wood because we really liked the aesthetic. It's all pretty relative. Since it's meant to look pretty "shabby chic" in a way, you can get away with some wonkiness (we even made the sign a little caddywhompus to add to its charm).
At the end of the day you'll have a really cute little roadside stand to use as a photo prop, wedding bar, craft show display, or whatever else you may want/need. We're planning on toting these to some Honeybean events and using them in Him + Honey sessions. (We have a lemonade stand end-of-summer mini session coming up if you're interested! Couples, kids, families, etc! Email us for more info!) We've actually already been asked to build a few for some other people, too. If you're local to Nashville and would rather have someone else do the work, get in touch!

Cocktail party, anyone?!
PS; Sorry for the Toby spam... but seriously, how cute is our kid?!


The gifting at WWDMAGIC was absolute insanity! I can't even wrap my head around how much stuff we were given simply for showing up and writing about the event. I'm often wary of posting several "courtesy of" items in a single outfit post, so you can imagine how nervous a post like this makes me. It's so surreal to think about, but I'm so so grateful. Not just for the mounds of goodies we each got to bring home (but it is a nice perk!), but because of the entire experience. It was such a whirlwind and before I knew it I was on my way home. It's kind of nice to site and pore through some of the bits and bobs I brought home from Vegas... it gives me a fun fluttery feeling to relive it all. (But in the sake of full disclosure: Most of this stuff was still in my suitcase when I pulled it out to photograph it yesterday. Like, I can't even think about unpacking that thing yet. Oof!)

Okay, so - real talk! I recorded a vlog of this whole thing (twice!) and it was a total fail. I'm talking mega fail. There was no way I could get through the entire haul in under 15 minutes because I loved to blabber on and on and on about each item. I wanted to share the fit, the quality, etc. By the time I finished the second go at it my hair was beyond greasy and my voice was almost shot. So you get photos instead! I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to seek out the brands that jumped out at you, so I used a handy little tool that Kelsi recommend called ThingLink! You can hover over the next two images and be linked directly to the brand it represents. That way if you see something you really love, you can snag it for yourself! (If for any reason it goes berserk when the post actually publishes, you can access the links in the captions under the photos farther down!)

I'll make a few little notes of some items below so you can get a feel for my opinion on them. Most of them will work their way into outfit posts over the coming weeks, so just keep your eyes peeled! (Heh! Eyes peeled... get it? *See bag below* Ugh, I know)
LeSportsac duffle // Kreepsville 666 eyeball bag // Lolly studded jersey shirt
This LeSportsac bag instantly jumped out at me for the cutesy print. Adorable household objects and the perfect color palette! I was tempted to go for the biggest bag in the bin (you know, to carry the rest of this stuff home in!) but ultimately the pattern won me over! -- The eyeball bag totally isn't everyone's taste but I love it! It's SO unique! -- I typically steer clear of both jersey knits and shirts in general, but I'mr eally excited by this studded number. I think it'd look rad while riding our motorcycle!
T.U.K. shoes // Ipenama sandals
These red heels are so perfectly pin-up inspired! The bow and ankle strap are just too much! They're really comfortable, too. -- These sandals were my saving grace last week! Oh my gosh! I wasn't immediately blown away by them but after the blisters that came with the first day at MAGIC, these sandals never left my feet. (They're seriously filthy because I lived in them) SO unbelievably comfortable! 
These lace covered heels are the most gorgeous shoes ever. I don't even want to wear them because they're so pretty! I got them in a 9 (my regular size) but sadly they seem to run maybe a half size small. Guess they'll be perched up on display in my office regardless! -- These loafers look so comfortable and I adore the contrast lining on the inside. They're also 9s but they're easily a full size too small. Such a bummer because I know they'd be the perfect shoes for running errands during the day!
Hobo wallet // Shelby Mason knee-hi // Kix'ies thigh highs
This little Hobo wallet is the perfect size for throwing your cards into your clutch or tossing it in your pocket on the go. Lately I've been avoiding carrying my purse in stores so this would be a great way to skip shoving my ID into Mike's wallet haha! -- I've never really been one to wear knee-highs or thigh-highs, but I'm really excited about the 40's polka dot ones I received! We'll see if they convert me.
BCBGeneration sweater // Lolly tee // Imoshion clutch
I love the novelty of the BGBGeneration sweater. It's super lightweight and the perfect shade of gray. It'd be cute layered with an oxford underneath (Who am I?!) -- The Imoshion clutch is by far one of the most beautiful things I came away with. The gold sequins have me SOLD! (Fun fact: All Imoshion bags are 100% vegan! Holla!)
Unique Vintage dress // Beach Bash dress // Mia Melon dress
I know the dresses are a bit hard to see, but they're beautiful! The UV dress is a gorgeous purple floral with a halter tie at the neck (here's the actual dress!) and the Beach Bash dress is the black/orange twin to my turquoise one (worn here!) The Mia Melon dress caught my eye with the baby blue details and adorable print. I hope it's not too short on me!
Kreepsville 666 meat cleaver clutch
Another piece that's not for everyone, but how fun is that?! It's quite roomy, too. I can't wait to see the looks I'm going to get when I take that baby out for a spin.
LUSH sweater // Peek A Boot boot socks // YMI jeans
This sweater is far more gorgeous in person than it is in photos. Even the product photos did it no justice! It's a beautiful shade of cream and has (what I can only describe as) little "fruity pebbles" specks in it. It also has a gorgeous knit detailing across the chest. I can't wait for Autumn! -- These boot socks are super cute with their crochet detail and buttons! -- I'm so not a jeans person, and I didn't pick these out, but I'm excited to see if I can style them up! I actually just bought a pair of jeans to ride the motorcycle with so maybe I'm turning over a new leaf?!
WWD MAGIC Haul - Kaelah Bee
TwoPointOH! MAGIC "Survival Kit" // Ivanka Trump handbag
The survival kit was a HEAVENSEND! Oh my stars! I'm notorious for forgetting or losing important things like deoderant or toothpaste during travel. Opening this up and seeing the bounty of goodies was awesome. Makeup remover wipes, toothpaste, lipstick, Too Faced cosmetic products, lip balm, etc. All wrapped up in a cute mutli-compartment mesh bag. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of my favorite bits of the swag! -- The Ivanka bag was such a surprise. I picked black from the catalog a few weeks back because I figured it'd be the most versatile. There were options for half leather/half animal print, but I didn't know if I could pull those off. (They actually ended up being beautiful!) I wasn't too wrapped up in the thought of the bag honestly, but once they were delivered I was like "Dannnnggg!" It's SO well made and SO nice! It's the perfect size and shape, and even when it's full of stuff it's not too heavy. I'm bad about carrying everything I own in my bags, so it's a nice step down in the "everything and the kitchen sink" department. I wore it all week in Vegas and I'm still using it now. I love it so much!

Overall MAGIC was a success! (Beyond successful, actually!) I have some more photos from the floor that I want to share next week, but hopefully you enjoyed seeing the haul of goodies we got to bring home. I hope it wasn't in poor taste to share everything in one fell swoop! I'm still having to pinch myself because I still can't quite believe I was able to take part in such a fun adventure. Thanks for sharing in my MAGIC moments with me! And thanks again to Kelsi and her team at StyleSmith (along with MAGIC MARKET WEEK) for inviting me. 

Be sure to drop back by the blog tomorrow for a super fun DIY! xo

// Things I Love Thursday v.148

this art series (dyeing the bones of deceased animals) is so haunting, yet beautiful ♥

♥ i absolutely MUST own this flamingo tea set! (it's not even expensive!) ♥
this cat! (and matching tattoo!) ♥
this simple + sweet series of photographs. love the tradition.♥
this sweet thing! ♥
this venezuelan poodle moth (doesn't it look so cuddly?!) ♥

♥ all custom signs are on sale today! save up to $20! email me for more info! ♥
this blog is one of my favorites EVER. ♥
this photo is so pretty ♥

this cat gets his face stuck in a vacuum hose ♥

♥ LOVE these pink + mint rings from the northern sea
this "umbrella sky" installation in portugal ♥

♥ want to advertise on LCH in september? snag a spot now + save 30%! ♥

// Fat Is Not A Feeling. LOVE this body-conscious comic from Corrine Mucha.

// LuLu*s is currently having their half-off end of summer sale! 50% off SO many gorgeous pieces! (Psst... Did you know they have a whole vegan section of handbags on their site?!)

// How to identify crisis pregnancy centers. This is such a valuable read!

// "Teach Me How To Breastfeed" to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie" - Love that there is educational (and catchy!) stuff like this out there.

// Wishlist Wears: if this isn't the most perfect Autumn dress I don't know what is // literally drooling over this cupcake dress // mint cardigan + hearts? YES! // this teal chiffon maxi dress is beyond glamorous // these would be the best motorcycle boots! // the perfect coral (not too) pointy toe flats! and in turquoise and "cappuccino"! and more, ugh! // this bright yellow tory burch tote //  these cutout oxfords are only $21! (in black, too!) // this gorgeous iphone case!

// Are you a tea aficionado? Carrie Anne needs your help! She's on the hunt for the best teas! Chime in with your favorites (or just do what I did and lurk for your own inspiration! I'm a total tea n00b!) PS - I love this fun announcement! Congrats lady!

// The Art of Sending Personal Mail. When's the last time you sent something personal via snail mail? (Self-note: respond to the last wave of PO Box cards, KB!)

// Sarah is adorable (and her blog is no exception). I always dig aquarium posts!

// The average female only wears one quarter of the shoes she owns. Where do you fall in the statistic? (Oh god, I'm way over one quarter and that's seriously alarming)

// 2 Reasons I Enjoy This Post: 1. This looks like a super cute vintage shop. 2. I LOVE Roxy's outfit.

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// I'm not huge into nail art myself, but I can't help but love these simple "toadstool nails" from Amber! I think the photos are so much cuter since they're outside in all of the green!

// Studies show that most parents post a picture of their newborn baby to social media within one hour of the birth. How do you feel about this? Social overshare, or just common practice nowadays?

// Officially obsessed with David Gray thanks to this post.

What are you loving this week?