Tips for Self Confidence

  1. Do your homework.  
  2. Stand up for yourself. 
  3. Ask questions.  
  4. Understand your personal core values.  
  5. Love yourself.  
  6. Believe.  
  7. Tell yourself you can do it. 
  8. Write down fears to see work needing to be done.  
  9. Think positive
  10. Be Prepared. 
  11.  Celebrate small victories.
  12.  Think the best of a situation.
  13.  Do what comes natural to you.
  14.  Manage the apprehension.
  15.  Search for a mentor.
  16.  Feel good about doing your best.
  17.  Choose confident friends to hang out with.
  18.  Ask what can be done better next time.
  19.  Smile.
  20.  Focus on the win and not the loss.
  21.  Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t.
  22.  Focus on the effort instead of the struggle.
  23.  Conduct a walk thru to see how comfortable you are with it.
  24.  Relax take a deep breath.
  25.  Do things that you’re good at.
  26.  Ignore the voice telling you, you can’t.
  27.  Stay active, Exercise.
  28.  Help others.
  29.  Learn to let go of the past.
  30.  Dress well.  A nice suit, cool tie, awesome shoes.
  31.  Make goals.
  32.  Compliment other people.
  33.  Set time aside to work on strengths and weaknesses.
  34.  Implement good habits to boost self-confidence.
  35.  Care less about what others think of you.
  36.  Look people in the eye.
  37.  Speak up. Be heard.
  38.  When sitting, sit up straight.
  39.  Own a confident walk.
  40.  Join support groups.
  41.  Take risks.
  42.  Trust yourself.
  43.  Make a decision, stick with it.


    1. i needed this today!

    2. Nice list.

      I've learned that I've become kinder to myself by focusing on what's wonderful and awesome and nice about others. The less judgmental I am with others, the less judgmental I am with myself. It's like wearing rose-colored glasses a lot of the time. :)


    3. I'd just like to say that I've been reading your blog for a while and your self-confidence/respect posts always put a smile on my face.

    4. great tips! I found this blog vis Freckled Nest but I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing :)

    5. what a great list! thank you so much for posting this!

    6. Hi, found you from the Freckled Nest. Great post! Your rosette accessories are absolutely adorable & I love the bulldog on the top of your blog - too cute!

    7. i love coming to your site. love it! and your red hair!

    8. Just what I needed, girl! Ah, I love you and your bloggity blog so much! Do you care if I reblog this? I will be sure to link you with full credit :)

    9. Thanks Kaelah :) I love that the first thing listed is "do your homework" - I've felt so so scummy the past few weeks, mostly because I've let my school work slide until it became overwhelming and now I've pretty much given up. I know that I know better, but I've dug myself into a hole now, so hopefully this will be good motivation to not let it happen again next semester. Great list - hope you had a great holiday!

    10. You are too cute! Love your blog!

    11. Found you on FN! I am in love with your adorable bulldog. Thanks for the list - great tips all around!

    12. Visiting from FN, but I am TOTALLY subscribing after reading this post. Thank you so much!

    13. This was a much needed pep list for me. Thanks for posting :)

    14. I love the list! thank you for your kind words.


    15. Oh my gosh, I just came by from Freckled Nest, and I totally needed this list this week. Thanks a million for being awesome!

    16. Visiting from FN, and love these tips! you are an inspiration! Definitely will be following your blog from now on!

    17. What a great list! Love it, I'll have to print to keep at my desk side for those moments when I feel I'm in a slump.

    18. Great post! We all have down days occasionally and these are wonderful tips to remember! Thank you!

    19. Hello Kaelah. I just recently started reading your blog and I have to say I just love it!

    20. Wonderful list! I have this baby printed out and on my wall so I will see it and be encouraged when I need to be. ♥

      {Kinsey}Miss French

    21. Great list. I totally like this list. This tips improve self confidence. Thanks for sharing.


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