// Things I Love Thursday v.303

♥ this sign i painted... and painted and painted! haha ♥
these stunning weavings
♥ this whole weird brand apparel trend happening right now ♥
this super cute DIY coffee gift ♥
this photo ♥
this darling woven christmas tree♥
♥ this view ♥
this photo is just so happy! ♥
this diy fresh mandarin wreath ♥
this adorable DIY ornament ♥
// If you're a blogger looking for new brands to partner with on sponsored content, check out the latest gigs available over at Fresh Press Media. I'm a really big fan of FPM and can't recommend the platform enough. My favorite aspect is that there isn't a net-30 or -60 payout period. You do the work, submit the content, and then get paid. Just. like. that! (Apparently I've said this before because I'm totally quoted on the marketplace page haha! It really is one of the biggest things that sets FPM apart from other agencies. No invoicing and no chasing payments or trying to schedule when it'll hit your account. It's almost instantaneous.) Browse these campaigns and see if they're right for you - if so, submit a bid (you get to choose your rate!) and wait for a response.

// Love this DIY ornament wreath. Perfect last minute decoration for any holiday hosting.

// Chalk paint to the rescue! Love the look of this updated dining table.

// If you're super last minute in need of a nice gift, these are still some options for Christmas delivery. Here are some crafty kid kits, maternity basics, and new baby essentials.

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// Our 2017 Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
Merry almost Christmas! It's only 7 sleeps away! Today I'm partnering up with Basic Invite to share some holiday cards I whipped up on their site. I have 6 samples to show you, though you'll quickly notice which two were my favorite haha! Basic Invite is a web-based card and invitation brand that gives you almost limitless options when it comes to customizing your own pieces. They have everything from holiday cards to wedding invitations, stationery, printed business goods, to shower invites and beyond. You can even throw a little shindig and customize an elegant party invitation. You can customize the color of your envelopes, and even the lining inside, too. You can even edit the actual wording on the cards just in case a specific design catches your eye but the verbiage isn't quite perfect. Edit the foil colors, or opt to skip the foil completely. Change up the fonts, the alignment, the paper type, all the way down to the ittiest bittiest detail. Basic Invite gives you an incredible design to start with (and keep just the way it is, if you want!), but allows you all the freedom in the world. Even a template can end up being totally 100% customized and then you'll feel like a rockstar designer.

Basic Invite Holiday Cards
Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
Basic Invite Holiday Cards
Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
Here are five of the six sample cards I ordered. I knew I for sure wanted to use this photo of the boys because I'm just so head over heels for it. It might definitely be one of my favorite photos of these two turkeys ever. The best part about using the same photo for each sample card was being able to see exactly how the cards changed the look of the photo. When I was creating the cards my favorite was by and far the Merry Everything foil card (second to the left, above). I loved the dot border and the phrasing - Merry Everything! To me it's even better than Happy Holidays. However it wasn't until I received the samples that I realized just how dark the fade overylay made my image (it's easiest to see in the group photo toward the bottom). It was still a stunning card, but had I not ordered the samples then I likely wouldn't have realized how dramatic the fade was. It would have been perfect had I had a slightly lighter/brighter image. It was a solid example of how you have to pick the right image for the right card. And let me just say that the ability to order a one-off sample of each card I created is definitely the best part of Basic Invite. I'm notoriously indecisive and that allowed me to have peace of mind when it came to narrowing it down and choosing my favorite. It was so much better to see the proofs in person versus on the computer screen. I can see this being especially fantastic when it comes to sending out wedding invitations or a high volume of cards. Talk about stressful to realize you've made a mistake on your cards only after you've spent the money and sent them out. Ack!

Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
The card styles I chose were: Happy Handlettered Christmas Card // Pine Branches Holiday Card in White (and in green, too - not pictured above) // Modern Confetti Foil Holiday Card (I skipped the foil and chose a cream dot instead) // Seasonal Merry Everything Foil Card // Sparkler Holiday Christmas Card

Holiday Cards with Basic Invite
Overall my experience with Basic Invite was a totally positive one. The creation of the cards was super incredibly easy and hassle-free, and the shipping was quick. The pricing was on par with - or better than - most of the other well-known invitation sites, but I found the ease of use to be far superior. Being able to see all 6 cards paired up with different color envelopes made the process all the better, and I can't recommend BI enough. They are definitely the premiere place to order invitations online I will absolutely be ordering from them again in the future. If you're engaged to get married then I definitely recommend checking them out because they also offer free wedding websites!

Which one is your favorite of the six samples I shared?

Happy Holidays, y'all!
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// Things I Love Thursday v.302

this pretty manicure ♥
♥ this stunning kitchen ♥
this cute pup in the sunflower field ♥
♥ this cozy living room ♥
this pretty cake ♥
♥ this lovely home ♥
♥ this nature journal ♥
♥ this sweet cottage ♥
♥ this relaxing bath ♥
♥ this colorful kids room ♥
♥ this sweet pup in a flower crown ♥
these fun phone cases - i rounded up a few more at the link

// The 12 highest paid YouTube stars in 2017... including a 6 year old who earned $11m! Clearly YouTube is where it's at.

// If you're up for some holiday baking, here are 50 christmas cookie recipes!

// These are THE BEST SUITS EVER: red plaid and pac man print (yes, actually pac man!)

// ICYMI: get in on this Urban Body Jewelry giveaway! It ends tomorrow! 

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// Urban Body Jewelry (+ an IG Giveaway!)

Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
I love me some good plugs. My ears have been stretched for roughly 12 years now (or longer?), and they've been about the size they are now (1.5 inches) for somewhere around 8 or so. I've never really been one to wear tunnels, as decorative embellishments and ornate carvings are usually what catch my eye. I used to have quite the collection of wooden plugs, but I seem to have misplaced them over the years. Since losing most of my collection I've been more of a ~creature of habit~ by wearing white acrylic plugs any time I sported jewelry. It's not rare for me to go "naked" and just let my lobes do their thing, but I jumped at the opportunity to partner up with Urban Body Jewelry so I could rock some attention grabbers once more. UBJ has a huge selection of body jewelry on their website, and it's not just plugs either. Nose rings, septum clickers, labret jewelry, you name it. The number one reason I said yes to a partnership was because of the prices! Y'all, large plugs are spendy! I'm talking $$$. Scrolling through UBJ left me kind of being all "Um, what?" Like too good to be true, right? 

I picked up a couple of pairs to give them a whirl and put them to the test. I ended up with these pink howlite stone teardrops, these adorable wooden sunflowers, a pair of white silicone plugs (a trusty fav!), and this super cute rose gold septum clicker (!!!). I was not the least bit disappointed. Everything came in its own little bag, a measuring card was included, and probably my favorite part of all: the septum clicker fit nice and snug on my nose. It didn't dangle down like so many others do. It's a real trick to try and find the perfect sizing for septum clickers, so I was elated that this one was a home-run straight off the bat. While these pieces have all held up wonderfully over the past several weeks, I rest easy knowing that if I were to misplace one or wear one down I could easily replace them because the price tag is totally easy to stomach.

Among their selection of jewelry they have over 1,200 styles of plugs, over 360 different septum clickers, thousands of nose rings, labret studs, lip rings, tongue rings, you name it. They also have a huge assortment of "fake" jewelry so you can try out a new piercing to see how it'd look, or just look the part for a fun night out on the town. You can customize your look effortlessly! 
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
And because I love my pieces so much, I'm stoked to be giving one of YOU the chance to start your own UBJ collection! If you'll pop over to my Instagram account (this post!), you can enter to win a $60 gift card to Urban Body Jewelry! That's plenty of dough to pick up a few pairs of plugs, some cute nose studs, a clicker or three, etc. The possibilities are endless! Just like the IG post and tag a friend or three in the comments! Each friend tagged is another entry to win! There might even been an additional way to enter, so check it out. I'll draw a random winner next Friday night on December 15th. Good luck!
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway

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// Things I Love Thursday v.301

♥ this ♥
these yummy macarons ♥
♥ this ♥
these cute cacti-in-a-cup ♥
this looks delicious ♥
this pretty pink gingerbread house ♥
♥ this lovely farmhouse ♥
♥ this gorgeous bedroom ♥
♥ these unicorn treats ♥
♥ this design suite ♥

// Time's Editor-In-Chief on why The Silence Breakers are the Person of the Year. (Not everyone has the privilege to speak up and speak out, so this is for them, too.)

// Meet the "neighborhood nanny" who is helping a community in need. Brought me to tears almost instantly. This world is filled with good people.

// Dear kids, when I fail... Sobbing. Nothing has ever hit so close to home.

// Just in case you're wanting to buy me a Christmas present... pickle vodka is a thing. And I need it!

// ICYMI: My kids looking PRESH in their matching holiday 'jamas! (Drop by and tell me about your holiday traditions!) -- and swing back by tomorrow for a super fun giveaway! 

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