// In Her Soles with Dolce Vita

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Dolce Vita at Zappos
Zappos invited me to take part in their campaign to help launch their Fall collection from Dolce Vita, and obviously here I am, joining in on the fun. I always say yes to Zappos collabs because I've never ever had a bad shopping experience with them. The 365-day return window is a    heaven send for forgetful and indecisive people like myself. I also appreciate how speedy they    are with their service, with my packages typically being on the front porch in well under 48   hours. Of course I'm also a fan of Dolce Vita, so this partnership is basically a win/win. Now for the actual shoes I chose... I'm a creature of habit. I have 4 pairs of the same jeans, I have my favorite boots in 3 or 4 colorways, and I will probably be buried in my Birks... I just like what I like. So when thinking about Autumn appropriate shoes it's easy to assume I'd bee-line to the booties (To be fair, I did haha! These are my favorite!), but in an effort to ~try something different~ I opted to pick up these ivory leather slides instead. Because hellllooooo Fun KB! Plus there's the whole "no white after Labor Day" rule and well, rules are for chumps.

Dolce Vita at Zappos
Dolce Vita at Zappos
Dolce Vita at Zappos
The campaign is centered around empowered women taking on the world and ~doin their thing~ which is something I can totally get behind. Dolce Vita and Zappos posed the question "What makes you uniquely you?" Their call to action was to be empowered and strong while carving     out your place in the world. But what does that mean to you? It's such a subjective and relative thing, honestly. In my attempt to be empowered and fearless I'm seeking self-awareness. The     past year and a half has been a journey toward self-discovery, understanding, acceptance, and healing. It's an effort to uncover all of my intricacies and to shine a light on whatever I've kept in the dark, consciously or otherwise. It's closing the door on things that no longer serve a higher purpose in life, and investing whole-heartedly into things that do. Apparently it is also strangely vague references for some reason  ha!

It's really hard not to feel empowered when you realize you're the captain of your own ship. I get   to call all of my own shots, each and every day. Some days that means turning on Boss mode and getting things done behind the scenes. Some days that means unpacking a lot of anxiety and emotional baggage, or sharing my passions with others. Some days it's simply accepting that   today is not my day. It's understanding that the most temporary things in life can have a huge impact on the world, and accepting the impermanence of things we put most of our focus on. Empowerment can even be found where others only see defeat. You might agree or disagree with every bit of that, but that's the beauty of something both subjective and relative. That's what   makes this whole thing so interesting - the uniqueness of experience and interpretation.

Dolce Vita at Zappos
Dolce Vita at Zappos
At the end of the day though, nothing makes me feel more empowered and as badass as being a mom to those two up there. I strive to teach them bravery, humility, self-awareness,  and  acceptance of disappointment. I want to celebrate their uniqueness - their  personality  traits, quirks, flaws, and all. And I want them to accept and celebrate those things about themselves,    too. I try to show them unconditional love and how to be mindful, present, and conscious in a   busy, loud, chaotic world. I feel empowered when I see them "get" something - manage an  emotion in a healthy way, understand a concept outside of their typical awareness, whatever. I   feel empowered knowing I've helped my boys navigate the world, even just a  little  bit. I'm partially responsible for helping prepare them for all that life has in store - a tall order! I'm very open with them about my own journey through it all, in hopes that it will show them that it's     okay to mess up and not be perfect. It's okay to love and forgive yourself, and others, and when    it's all  said  and  done,  you  are  more  than  enough.  I  cry  in  front  of  my  kids,  and  quite  often with them. I don't hide "bad" emotions like hurt, anger, sadness because these are all things we each experience and they shouldn't be shunned or glossed over. I think it's so important to empower ourselves and our children to feel everything because it all has its place.

How does any of this have anything to do with my shoes? Eh, I'm not entirely sure (ya know, minus the whole theme of the campaign). But at least they looked cute while it all went down, right? ha! As for this ensemble: This is totally my ideal end-of-Summer outfit. Slides, chambray, gingham, strapless dresses, and hats! This outfit also makes me really want to go to a pumpkin patch. September is like, tomorrow,  right?

Dolce Vita at Zappos
Dolce Vita at Zappos

wearing: charlotte russe dress // american eagle chambray shirt // target hat //
dolce vita 'rilee' sandals // gorjana and sophie harper  bracelets

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// Things I Love Thursday v.294

On a Friday... whatever. ha
these amazing textile moths (!!!!) ♥
this this this! ♥
this illo ♥
this is true, too (you can buy the print) ♥
these cute fish ♥
this collage ♥
these veggie illustrations ♥

// My Dad's Confederate flag. If you were raised in the South then this might resonate with you. As someone who grew up around the confederate flag and had it normalized as a part of heritage/culture, I too once overlooked and defended the right to display it because it didn't register as a sign of hate to me personally - which was the problem - I wasn't thinking about the millions of people it *did* trigger. It was the backdrop of the karaoke stage at the bar I worked at. It's both embarrassing and shameful to recall that time, but the important part is denouncing those thoughts and behaviors now. I appreciate Trae's perspective.

// Books With Style is easily my favorite Shopbop collection to keep up with. I think Desserts of New York needs to make its way to my kitchen!

// Scientists found that the soul doesn't die - it goes back into the universe. The title is a bit misleading as it's really only a theory - but a theory on energy that I can personally get behind.

// Proctor and Gamble's new anti-racism ad is roiling white America. Every parent - and person, to be honest - needs to see this. It will likely bring you to tears, just a warning.

// Cassini just sent back the closest, most incredible photos of Saturn. Amazing. Cassini will burn up in Saturn's atmosphere on September 15th. Rest in peace, Cassini.

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// Things I Love Thursday v.293

critter pots anthropologie
these adorable freakin' critter pots! ♥
cocktail illustrations
this awesome cocktail illustrations ♥
♥ i live for these prickly pear margaritas ♥
these paintings by cathy mcmurray ♥
this adorable rainbow party invitation ♥
♥ and this darling cloud tape dispenser (with rainbow tape!) ♥
this amahhhhhzing cake ♥
♥ this awesome "mixtape" ♥
the work of marion barraud ♥
cool poster design
♥ this poster design ♥
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// From now until December 31st: Download the Shopbop app and get 15% off your first (full price) purchase with the code "app15". Use it to scoop up these awesome painted overalls or these rad boots. -- Full terms for the promotion here.

// Wanna watch the eclipse but failed to get glasses? Or maybe you just wanna do a fun little project with your kids? Here is a DIY Pin Hole Viewer for the eclipse on Monday!

// I'm a sucker for these "Pick a ____ and see what it says about your life!" - Here's one with crystals haha Was yours accurate? (Mine was so...)

// I am super feeling this whole military green thing right now.

// I've shared this survey site a handful of times in recent TiLT posts and I've received 3 or 4 emails/DMs asking questions and if I used any others that were worthwhile. This one is ideal for anyone between 18 and 24, and there is this one specifically for dudes, too. If you're Hispanic, there's a specific campaign you can join here. If you don't fall into either of those categories, you can always use this one - all four pay $3 per survey. Not bad if you've got time to kill. -- I'll share others as I find 'em!

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// Do Something - Actionable Steps To Challenge Racism

The state of our country gets scarier and scarier by the day. The events in Virginia over the weekend are just further proof that the hatred and bigotry of America is being fed and fueled by the current administration. If you don't see the problem in neo-Nazis and what went down this weekend then YOU are the problem. If you don't want to read political rants, why are you still here? We can all learn from what is being shared by POC. It can be totally overwhelming to look at the current state of affairs and wonder what to do or where to start or how to help. I've tried to compile a list of efforts and articles that are worth being shared and supported. We must do more. We should not rely on POC to educate us on racism. I'm guilty of this myself but we can all use Google. Call out racist friends, family, and acquaintances. Recognize your own privilege and prejudice. Understand that you may fail and disappoint at times, but use them as opportunities to learn and grow. And quite possibly the most important of all: LISTEN. If you're looking for a way to make an impact but don't know how, this post is for you. (I'm happy to add any/all relevant links if you want to share any!) * I use "you" as a generic term referring to all of us non-POC.

// Donate to victims of Charlottesville

// Articles and sites worth reading and sharing (and acting on)

// Organizations to donate to

// Women of Color owned businesses (please send others to include!)

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