// Things I Love Thursday v.224 (on a Monday!)

So... It's been a few weeks, yeah? Did you think I wasn't coming back? Did you even notice? haha I've been taking an "unintentional-turned-very-intentional" blog hiatus as of late, and it's niiiice! So much is going on, so much to share, not enough time. Life, y'al! LIFE! Living it! I'm not quite ready to come back just yet, but I had saved so many links lately that I just had to get these off my chest! Consider this a mini hiatus for my hiatus? Yeah? Sounded good to me. Here's the rad stuff I've been wanting to share with you... Enjoy! and See ya again soon! xo
♥ this! truer words have never been spoken ♥
♥ this is the best! ♥
♥ this is the best advice you could ever get ♥
♥ this photo is just too good for words ♥
this gal is killing it! love the colors so much ♥
this is just a nice picture. those dogs! ♥
this ombre food series makes me hungry ♥
♥ this is the sweetest story ♥
♥ linden just got this awesome tablecloth for his birthday party ♥
it's a keepsake, signable tablecloth that spans years 1-10! how freakin' fun!

// Addition Elle is overflowing with gorgeous plus size dresses and I want every single one of them!

// I (okay, Linden) recently got a few goodies from 7am Enfant and we're loving them. Most especially this triangle blanket. It's become our favorite baseball blanket for him to tinker around on during Toby's ballgames. Last week it was covered in juicy tomato and grape wedges... and it wiped clean in a jiffy. I'd write a love letter to that blanket if I could!

// This professor encourages his students to bring their small children to class because he thinks that shouldn't interfere with the ability to learn. Then he went and got even more awesome by taking a crying infant and soothing him while lecturing. Seriously, amazing.

// 8 of Google's craziest offices. YES, I want to work there!

// High school prank fills yearbook with pineapples. This is an awesome prank! No one gets in trouble or hurt, and nothing gets damaged. Hilarious.

// I got a few questions about how Rocksbox worked the last time I shared it, so I thought I'd answer that real quick! Rocksbox is a "subscription" service where they send you 3 pieces of designer jewelry on loan, to wear as long as you want, with the option to buy if you wish. If you sign up for one month, you don't get just one box... you get as many boxes as you can get/wear/return! It's not crazy to get 3 or 4 boxes in one month... that's 9-12 pieces of amazing jewelry to pair with outfit posts, date nights, events, etc! I've had a lot of fun with it because I don't usually buy jewelry. It's the perfect way for me to have something nice to accessorize with, without spending the money. - If you want to try your first month 100% free, use the code kaelahxoxo and it's all yours! I want to see what you get though!

What are you loving this week?

// My Mom is a Gem (a Mother's Day Jewelry Giveaway!)

My mom and I have an incredibly close, awesome relationship. It didn't always feel that way (Hello, angsty teenage years!) but I know she's always been my biggest fan and #1 supporter. She'd do absolutely anything for me, and I can't even begin to show my gratitude for her. It was just me and her growing up, so she sacrificed a lot of things to make sure I always had what I needed (and wanted), and she never missed a ball game or practice. And I played a lot of sports. (I don't know how she did it, honestly). Her birthday always falls within 3 or 4 days of Mother's Day, so I try to make it extra special for her. I celebrated Father's Day with her growing up, too. When you're a single mom, you do it all. You don't really have a choice otherwise. Regardless of circumstance, she always made sure I knew I was loved an cherished, and I can only hope I am able to reciprocate that to her. (and show the same to my kids).

I have so many amazing memories with my mom. One (many?) of my favorite memories are of her taking me to so many concerts! (Don't laugh at me... these are ridiculous!) We went to those "All That Music and More Festivals" (you know, LFO, 98 Degrees, Aaron Carter... aww yeah!), Spice Girls, N*Sync, etc. I know she was totally out of her element, but it was so fun to spend that time with her. it was something we were able to share together and I love thinking back on those days. I hope I can be half as cool as a mom as she is. (Though that photo above is from last year at the Cher concert! haha)

JTV asked if I wanted to team up again to treat my mom to a little something special from their site (and give you the chance to treat your mom, too!) and of course I said yes. I picked out a ring from their collection and got a matching one, too. My mom is not a big jewelry person honestly. She mostly only wears her wedding ring and maybe a necklace here or there. But she loved the sentimental thought behind the ring I chose and she thought it was absolutely beautiful in person.

Now this is your chance to win this ring for your mama, too! Just follow the instructions below and you'll be entered to win!

Follow @JTV on Instagram (leave your IG name below!) and share why you love your mama in the comments below.

For additional entries, tag as many friends as you like (1 per comment) on my Instagram post for this contest. (Just make sure you've done the top entry first so I'll know you entered!)

A winner will be chosen at random next week and contacted shortly thereafter. Thanks friends! I hope y'all have a fabulous rest of your week, and an chance to hang with your mama come Mother's Day! xo