// DIY Aca-awesome Chocolate Fondue Bar with Pitch Perfect 3

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Hey Pitches! The Bellas are back for one last call in Pitch Perfect 3! Now available on Blu-ray, you can even check out the new musical performances, gag reel, and extended scenes that weren't even shown in theaters. Grab your favorite gals and throw together a #PitchesNightIn - whether it's a potluck, cocktail party, karaoke show-down, dessert bar or even slumber party, Pitch Perfect 3 is the ultimate movie to watch with your ladies. There hasn't been a single Pitch Perfect movie that I haven't absolutely adored, and this one is no exception.
Since we're gearing up to move and I'm having to say "See ya later" to my friends here in town, I've been extra sentimental. Growing up is hard when it means you have to leave people that you've grown close to. Knowing that's just how the military life works I'm trying my best to just enjoy the time I do have with whatever friends I make, and then making it a priority to remain as close as possible despite distance. Anyway, some of y'all might know of Whitney. Whitney is by far my best friend here and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She's the person I know I can always rely on to celebrate the good times, or wade through the bad. We're both always in Mom Mode so when we get a chance to just be together as friends, without other responsibilities, we try to take advantage of it. It's never dull! But to celebrate the Pitch Perfect 3 release we whipped up this spread and had us a grand ol' time. Since Pitch Perfect really accentuates such a diverse group of women and their surprising-yet-incredible bond, Whitney and I threw together a Chocolate Fondue Bar. All of the little bits and bites are our various personality traits and while they're great on their own they are made all the more better by the bond of friendship (chocolate). Ha! Did I totally sell you on my cheesy spiel? I'm just being sentimental, but for real. Whit is my person and knowing that she won't be just 1 mile down the road anymore has me feeling all sorts of ways. I was really really glad I was able to do this with her. Such a fun little "work" project because it didn't feel like "work" at all. While we don't need an excuse to have a girls night, it was fun to have a "obligation" to take time away from life and do something fun together! Here's what we put together...

Our Fondue Bar included a pot of melted milk chocolate, Rice Krispie treats, ripple potato chips, cinnamon graham crackers, Goldfish crackers, jumbo and mini marshmallows, fruit gummies, Reese's eggs, butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, fresh kiwi, tangerines, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, chocolate chips, and sliced bananas. We also enjoyed some red moscato with our sweet treats! It was totally indulgent and such a great way to spend a Thursday! We obviously didn't eat everything (ha!) and there was loads to share with the kiddos and other friends. But we most definitely made sure we got to enjoy the spread before having to share it with anyone else. Constantly thinking like a Mom here! :P


Check out the trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 below, and go grab a copy to host your own girls night in! You can also check out the #PitchesNightIn tag on Instagram to see what others did to celebrate the release - get some fun ideas to throw your own bash! Happy weekend, Pitches!

// Things I Love Thursday v. 309

this illo is everything ♥
this rose gold garden party ♥
this dreamy picnic ♥
this gorgeous cake ♥
this hand drawn typography ♥
this has to be the prettiest nursery space ever ♥
♥ this outdoor dinner setup ♥
this floral rainbow ♥
this frida easter egg painting ♥
this new contraption (see first note below) ♥

// If you're a La Croix/flavored water kind of person, check out this new system that is on IndieGoGo! I drink entirely too much La Croix, so this would be a dream. It's so sleek and pretty, too. (There are only 9 left for the Early Bird pricing though - heads up!)

// These are the women of color who fought both sexism and the racism of white feminists. Jezebel and The Root are partnering together for JezeRoot, a series that focuses on women of color, domestic workers, and sex workers.

// If you've never heard of Sir Nicholas Winton before, watch this. You won't be able to make it through with dry eyes.

// The 20 Nashville restaurants you must try in 2018. I think this list will need to be part of my "30 before 31" goals!

// Today is the last day (!!!) of the extra 25% off sale at Shopbop. You can even scoop up a pair of Hunter boots for under $75! I bought this gold velvet pleated dress, even though velvet used to give me the straight heebie jeebies a few years ago haha! And just in case you'd like to save 25% on a purse shaped like a bra, here you go! :P 

// If you're into things I find neat on Amazon then check out my shop page!

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// Your Essential Guide to Collecting Watches

Watches are a fascinating accessory as they have a practical use as well as being attractive. There is an endless choice of wristwatches available with new models launched all the time. If you love watches and have found that you are slowly starting to build up quite a collection, it is a good idea to get to grips with the basics of watch collecting. Watches can be expensive to buy, so before you go on a shopping spree, it is wise to know what to look out for.

Many collectors of timepieces consider their watch collections an investment, so as with any other investment, you need to choose wisely and carry out research before you buy. Familiarizing yourself with the most covetable makes and models and their characteristics will help ensure that you make the best buying decisions. You will need to be aware of each model's features to prevent yourself from being sold a replica watch, so always ensure that you buy from a reputable watch seller. 

Paying attention to the condition of the watches that you are buying is vital. The watch's state can seriously impact its value, so it is advisable to see the watch in person before you buy it wherever possible.

Check out this infographic from Watchbox, which is full of useful facts about two of the Rolex brand's rarest and most revered models of sports watches; the Submariner 16610V and the Daytona 116520. This essential information is a must-read for anyone that collects timepieces.

Infographic Design By Watchbox Rolex Submariner & Daytona Watch Specs

// Things I Love Thursday v.308

Happy March! Today I'm starting a challenge for a full month of 100 squats each day. I even went as far as adding little bulletpoint stickers to my planner so I can check them off in sets of 20. It's the little things! I turn 30 on the 30th (my golden birthday!) so I want to leave behind 29 while kicking some ass. If you want to join me in the challenge then pop me a DM on Instagram! I'm throwing together a little accountability/support group DM so there are only so many spots so if you're into it, let me know! Here's what I'm loving this week...

Things I Love Thursday
this awesome shelf... i'm obsessed! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this gorgeous moth ♥Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
this amazing Pantone smoothie series! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this rainbow light ♥
Things I Love Thursday
these doggos ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this illo ♥
this adorable DIY trivet ♥
Things I Love Thursday♥ this room, and that linen chair especially! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this darling embroidery ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this rad setup ♥

// Stress-related hormone cortisol lowers after only 45 minutes of art creation. All the more reason for us to all hit pause and take some time to ourselves.

// It's basically warm(ish) so it's okay to talk SUMMER! POPSICLES! YAY! and share this Jack & Coke ditty!

// The myth of the Good Guy with the gun.

// Birthday Girl: I'll be the big 3-0 this month and I feel like my birthday wishlist is totally fitting... this kitchen table // these mirrors // this nightstand // this first aid box // this coffee table // this bed // this step stool // this couch // this cutting board // a bosu ball // this t-bar row handle // and this medicine ball set // but for real my #1 is def this apple watch

// Up to 25% off your total order at Shopbop this week! It ends at midnight on the 3rd, so jump on ittttt! If you need some inspiration: I'm super into these nautical pieces, and it's never too early for the perfect swimsuit or coverup! Also any/everything from Paper London.

// What are you 6 Human Needs? This little test can apparently tell you...

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