// Pregnancy Diaries - v.1

I've been wanting to write specifically about my pregnancy for a while now, but despite sitting on top of a handful of half-finished posts, I just haven't done it yet. To be honest it still feels so surreal. I haven't felt Baby Flynn kick yet, though I'm sure that'll bring ~*ALL THE FEELZ. Right now the only obvious sign of this bun in the oven is my ever-growing midsection (plus insatiable appetite and chronic fatigue!) I'm at 18.5 weeks now... almost halfway there, yet it feels like it hasn't even started yet.

I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about being pregnant. What if wear and how I'd look. Wondering if I'd read or sing to the baby. Actually being pregnant has been a new experience in and of itself. Those "preparation" books don't tell you about feeling totally awkward the entire time! Is that just me?! I mean, I know there's a baby in there and all, but how am I supposed to not feel slightly silly talking to my belly?! Haha and looking cute?! Please! I hardly have the energy to even entertain that thought.

My absence on the blog for December and January was incredibly obvious, but man I couldn't even manage to get off the couch most days! Aside from battling some not-so-fun nausea, I didn't throw up the first time. (Huzzah! Throwing up is my "first worst"... I'm like Jerry Seinfeld because I keep up with how long it's been. 3 years, 7 weeks. Thank you very much). The fatigue was (and still is) pretty awful though. I let so much slide in those 2 months. I've been playing a mad game of catch up ever since. But without a doubt the hardest part of the first trimester was the anxiety. I know I'm ultra hormonal and all, but rarely did a day pass where I didn't just cry out of absolute fear. Fear that something unexplainable would happen at any moment (I still fear this... and even if I have a healthy, happy pregnancy (and baby), I'm sure that fear won't go away.) It's not something I've told many people before, but my #1 fear in life is that I couldn't/wouldn't be able to have children. So when I saw those (four! Because apparently I didn't believe the first three...) positive pregnancy tests, I almost let my fear overshadow my excitement.

So many of my friends have experienced such profound losses. Whether it was loss during pregnancy or just trouble conceiving, my heart aches for them. And such a large part of me felt guilty when I found out we were expecting. I wasn't sure how to celebrate our news without feeling like a traitor of sorts. I know no one can be blamed for these sorts of things, and I truly do know what a blessing a pregnancy is (especially a healthy one thus far). I guess part of me will always hurt for those I hold near and dear. I'm not even sure this was a complete thought. Do y'all at least get what I mean?

Lately, as my belly grows, I've found myself sort of "cradling" it with my hands. Mike and I were walking into a store the other day and he made a silly quip about it, but that's when it became apparent to me. It's almost like I'm trying to protect it or something. Like most pregnant women, I'm hyper aware of buggies, cars, and other shoppers. But not only that, but I'm also starting to feel that "connection" with the baby. Like HELLO! There's an actual human *growing* inside of me right now! It's so totally bizarre and animalistic. It's amazing, but brain boggling. I don't even notice that I'm doing it most of the time, but chances are if you see me out and about I've got my hands all over my belly. I want to make sure I don't miss any movement or any "time" touching the baby. Is that totally silly?! Haha

I've started living in jeggings and maternity v-necks because then I actually get to look (and feel) pregnant. The dresses of mine that still fit just make me look like I've chowed down at a Mexican buffet haha I know I'll probably grow tired of it down the line, but right now it's fun when people notice. (Though the few unsolicited and slight rude comments I've received could have been done without!) the good with the bad I guess. I'm sure I'll balloon up before long, but the "looking pregnant" part is so fun for right now!

Just thinking about my pregnancy being half over total spins my head. There's so much I want to say and share, but I've made sure to tread lightly thus far, assuring myself that I won't become a pregnancy/mommy blog. Still, I want to document these things, even if they're not the most relatable or popular across the board. Growing a new life is something each expectant mom experiences differently. I want to be able to look back on this for years to come. Plus it'll be funny to glance back at the insanely expensive baby stuff I was lusting after (but will never buy because, uh, too rich for my blood!) You should see my make-believe baby registry... it's stupid crazy. (A girl can dream!)

I definitely plan on going back and finishing the several posts I have in my drafts. Even if just to humor myself! Despite the occasional uncomfortable moment, I've absolutely loved being pregnant so far. It's so hard for me to fathom that I'm actually experiencing all of this first hand... Knowing that I'll have two precious boys to call my own (in just a few months!) is absolutely amazing. Hearing Toby talk about his baby brother makes me just well up!

Thanks for letting me share such personal parts of our lives here. I know I rarely shy away from "filler" content and things that'll appeal to the masses, but it's these honest, personal posts that make me love this space so much. It really is like having hundreds (thousands?!) of best friends. Yall are always so supportive!

PS; Does documenting your growing baby bump *ever* get old?! I have so much fun trying to notice the progress each and every day. It's hard not to post a photo every time haha! Sometimes it feels like the baby has doubled in size in a matter of hours, but that's probably just my big lunch talking...

// Things I Love Thursday v.173

these are INCREDIBLE! 2D artwork brought to life by makeup! ♥
this gif! "oh gosh i hurt you? oh no! i'm so sorry! so sorry!" ♥
this halloween inspired simpsons flash sheet! ♥
♥ the caption on this photo was "i love guacamole" + i about died! ♥
these goats in sweaters! ♥
♥ i'd love a dress made out of this fabric! ♥
♥ this shoe illo. (source?!) ♥
this. "oops." ♥
this adventure time piece! ♥
this fierce gal! ♥

// Paul Rudd will forever be my celebrity heartthrob. This makes me love him even more! (Bonus: here are some great gifs from his performance!)

// What do you get when you combine a 4 year old girl and paper dresses?!?! Only the cutest thing EVER!

// Indigo Box Jewels is offering up free shipping on orders over $25 and 20% off with the code CLUELESS. Get on it!

// Carrie Anne's sweater in this outfit is everything! The drape! The color! And how adorable is Isobel?!

// "The clothes in Clueless weren't really what the kids were wearing..." Love the insight from the costume designer of my all-time favorite flick!

// If you want to be constantly amazed by the advancements we're making in any and everything science related, this is the blog for you. It's one of my favorite Facebook pages to follow, too. SCIENC IS SO COOL, YOU GUYS!

// Unpopular opinion: I think tattoos are corny and degrading. Obviously *I* don't feel this way at all, but I couldn't help but throw the conversation into the mix this week!

// My weekly BeauCoo favorites: this mega babe! (that pink and white outfit is the bomb dot com!) // this neutral but girly combo // this patterned dress with this coat! // an outfit i totally wish i could pull off

// It's been a few weeks since I blogged about Swapdom. Have any of y'all signed up yet?! (Send me your links so I can see what you have up for swapsies!)

// Love this Now + Then post from Joelle!

// 9 signs that you shouldn't buy that item of clothing you're trying to talk yourself into buying. My personal rule is if I wouldn't take off what I'm wearing that exact moment to change into it, I probably don't want/need it.

// Happy (belated) birthday, Panda! Gosh, this guinea pig is seriously so cute. And look at their new addition, Woody!

// Wishlist Wears: this novelty print dress (covered in precious little "inns") // two of my favorite things: pink and big polka dots! // these gorgeous peach and white shoes. ahh! // i'm *this* close to buying this dress. it's seriously AMAZING! // i'm obsessed with the colors on this dress. tangerine + mustard! // saltwaters for the summer! (loving the yellow, too) // by far the most beautiful thing i've ever linked on my blog (and the most expensive, too!) // the colors of this Gap dress are so good // the prettiest scarf ever

// Have you 'liked' The Clueless Girl's Guide on Facebook?! I'm going to start posting some stuff over that way that won't really make it anywhere else on the blog or social media! I've been wanting to share some favorite quotes, affirmations, anecdotes and things like that. You know, just start some fun conversations! I'd love to have you!

What are you loving this week?

// Mike's Big Dream (+ Our Plans!)

I've hinted briefly over the past several weeks at some big test and big news coming our way... and the confirmation of said news finally came this past Friday. Over the last several months we've been weighing the pros and cons as a family, and deciding just what risks to take. Now I can finally share what all of that hoopla has been about! Mike is going back to school!

"Going back to school" is honestly a bit misleading since that would imply he'll be doing something similar to what he did originally, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. Rather than pursue the art degree he started many moons ago, he's going to nursing school! Working in the medical field is one of his biggest dreams, and I'm so proud of him for making that call. His plan is to get to the top of the top and become a Nurse Practitioner (with his Doctorate degree!) Back in the day his (medical) goal was to be a Physician's Assistant (which, just like a DNP, is a mid-level physician), but he's since decided that the nursing route is for him. He could always change his mind and choose to apply to a PA program when it comes time, but after countless hours and sleepless nights full of conversations, we think this is the perfect plan. Of course plans and dreams change, but I can tell just how motivated he is by this goal.

Owning a brick and mortar retail store has always been my dream. Being 100% self-employed has always been what I see for myself. And Mike has always been there to support me 110%. Now it's my turn to support his dream. To see him through these long, hard years. It won't be easy, and it probably won't be fun, but I know great things lie ahead for our family.

I can't imagine going back to school in my mid-twenties, so I'm giving him a constant round of applause. He's so motivated and dedicated to making this happen, and it's so inspiring to see that sort of drive in a person. We're trying as hard as we can to get as much done as possible for this baby (and life in general!) before his first day of class on May 1st. He'll spend his first year getting his LPN license, then he'll move on to a few years of training to be an RN. After that we'll have to make the call on where we'll move so he can pursue his MSN and/or DNP degree. Luckily Nashville is a great city for this, you know, being the healthcare capital and all. But there will be a lot of decisions to be made over the coming years. I'm just hoping we can all hold it together while he spends long, exhausting days at school and clinicals. It's going to be a big and busy year for the Flynns! Here we go!

Please feel free to send your congratulations and excitement Mike's way if you feel so inclined! I'm sure he'd love to know he's being supported by so many of my friends! (You can always leave a comment below or tweet him @miikeflynn!)

// You Are Good Enough

Today I have a special guest, Ebonnie, here to share her Tumblr project that aims to inspire girls and remind them that they are good enough. Ebonnie's idea is simple enough, and sometimes that's the perfect way to get your message across. Her project is accessible and far-reaching. I'm a huge fan of any and everything that helps promote positivity and self esteem. Today Ebonnie is going to tell us a little more about You Are Good Enough and share how we can all get involved!

Hi Ebonnie! Thanks so much for joining us today and for being our PRIME sponsor for this month! I want everyone to get a feel for what You Are Good Enough is all about.

What inspired you to start You Are Good Enough?
I started You Are Good Enough after I started to suffer from depression, I would go online and all I could seem to find were pictures and blogs about never being perfect, never being beautiful, never being good enough and it drove me deeper and deeper down into that black hole, and then one day I woke up.

I realized that none of that is true, and that for the sake of the girls and guys who run those sorts of blogs, and for the sake of the girls and guys who read them, there had to be something positive out there as well, so I created my You Are Good Enough Tumblr, in order to help me out of my depression, and hopefully will help others as well

Can you tell us a little more about you? The girl behind the project?
My name is Ebonnie and I’m a 19 year old makeup artist and body piercer living in the capitol city of Australia, I’m tattooed and pierced and believe that your body is a canvas for you to decorate how you please.

While I was in college I bought my first of many loves, my beautiful back Kawasaki cruiser Polly, who I rode until only recently when she broke down and I had to buy a car. One day I hope to move to New York and study fashion design, but I try not to make concrete plans in my life. I prefer to let life come to me and just enjoy the ride.

If you could sum up your message in one, short sentence, what would it be?
Every girl and boy on this planet is good enough for anything they could ever possibly hope to achieve
How has You Are Enough grown from the very beginning?
Well that’s the thing, other then a few people submitting when I first started it, life got busy, things got in the way and I stopped promoting it, it fell to the back of my mind and it never really became what I wanted it too, but that’s why I decided to sponsor Kaelah, so I can get this blog really going and hopefully brighten someones day.

Any specific reason why you chose Tumblr as your platform?
I chose tumblr because I think it’s the easiest site for anyone to access, you don’t have to have a tumblr account to few and get involved with this blog, you just need the url and a few minutes to snap a photo of yourself and upload it!

Do you have any “end goals” you’d like to reach with your project? Or is it more of a hobby you do for fun?
I would love to see people from all over the world upload pictures to this blog, I would love to have you are good enough written in all different languages presented on the blog from all different people of different walks of life, to have submissions everyday so the flow of positivity never stops
What do you hope your audience will take away from You Are Good Enough?
I hope that they will take away the knowledge and understanding that they are good enough, that people set their own restrictions in life and that doesn’t have to be the case, and that there are places you can go on the internet that won’t fill your head with negativity, that you can come to this site and not only help yourself but help others as well.

How can other people get involved? Do you only accept photos or do you have plans on expanding into writing at some point, too?
Getting involved with You Are Good Enough is as easy as snapping a photo of yourself, or you with some friends, with the words You Are Good Enough written on your hand, once it has taken off, I would love to expand into getting people to share their stories of success and achievement, but for now at the beginning I’d like it to be an easy thing for people to do and get involved in that will only take 5 minutes
Do you think the power of positivity has the ability to affect people and inspire them to live fuller, richer lives?
Absolutely, positivity has the power to change the world

Are there any last words you’d like to share with my readers today?
I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my project and I would really love to hear from you and see your pictures getting uploaded to the blog, it would mean so much to me to see everyone getting involved and spreading the word about it! I hope you guys have an amazing day!

Thanks so much Ebonnie! It's been an absolute treating having you!

If you're interested in submitting a photo or two to Ebonnie's project, be sure to visit You Are Good Enough and click "Submit" in the very upper left corner of your browser! (It's a little bit hidden but if you look you'll see it!) If you'd like to support her project without contributing yourself then you can always share the project on your blog or reblog straight from her Tumblr!

If you're interested in becoming a PRIME sponsor (or any size at all!), don't hesitate to get in touch! Email me within the next 5 days and get a special discount! xo

// Happy Gotcha Day, Toby!

It's been two years since Toby came to live with us full-time, and in many ways that's so hard to believe. Two years! Part of me feels like it was just yesterday and it still feels so new, but the other part of me feels like he's been with us for decades haha I guess that's what it's like when you're parents to a 5 year old! 

We celebrated yesterday with a custom TMNT cake and Turtle Tracks ice cream. We spent most of the morning out teaching Toby how to ride his new bike, and then capped off the evening by playing with his new styrofoam airplane. It only got stuck on top of the house a few times haha It was a very, very good day.

When I think about the circumstances surrounding our custody situation I often feel like maybe it's "wrong" or "weird" to celebrate such a day, but then I remember that we're all in a better place because he's here. We gave Toby a safe, loving environment to grow and flourish, and he gave us stability and the foundation of a home. We all came out on top.

I'm so grateful we were able to bring him into our home and show him what unconditional love truly feels like. I can't even begin to explain how much I feel I have grown in these past two years. And Toby! He's such a blossoming little dude now. He's full of so much personality and excitement. He couldn't be more different than the Friday we brought him home with us. I've also been able to watch Mike melt into this puddle each and every time Toby is around. He'll sneak a kiss on the top of his head when he walks by, or give him a hug "just because."

We'll always celebrate birthdays and things like that, but I'm especially fond of Toby's "Gotcha Day" because that's when the three of us became a family. I feel blessed each and every day when he wakes up and calls for "Mom" or when he asks me to read him a bedtime story each night. He's going to be the very best big brother, just like he's the very best son. 

Happy Gotcha Day, Toby! We love you more than words can say!

PS; Here's the post about bringing him home, and here's his first Gotcha Day!

// Things I Love Thursday v.172

Hello from sunny (and windy!) Vegas! I'm keeping the link section in today's TiLT short but sweet since it's already past noon at home and I'm tardy to the party! I guess it's better late than never, right? Let's all drool over these pictures together! Feel free to let me know your favorites! xo
this is so true. ♥
♥ i love pictures like this! (more cute animals at the source) ♥
these james franco socks ♥
this illustration ♥
this super cute gif! ♥
♥ hah! would you wear this? ♥
♥ this is how i feel 24/7 haha ♥
♥ this dude! jason schwartzman is a man among boys. ♥

// Have any of you submitted photos to Ebonnie's project You Are Good Enough?! I'm going to share more about her endeavor this weekend!
// I love the brown ombre hues in this necklace. And I think this would be such a lovely little dainty gift for a friend who is fixing to move out of the country for a few years. I also think this would be so cute thrown over a loose tunic!

// A few favorite outfits recently shared on BeauCoo are: this dress // this dress and cover-up // and this gorgeous top (how cute is she?!)

// This is the cutest pregnant gal ever. If I'm half as adorable at 33 weeks, I'll be counting my blessings!

// She Said/She Said: Dear friends with kids, Dear friends without kids. I'd totally be interested in hearing what y'all thought of this!

// Four secrets to our happy marriage. This was such a lovely read!

// Nothing good ever comes from reading your partners' emails. Someone should have told me this when I was 19... ugh.

What are you loving this week?

// Amelia

This dress immediately made me think of Amelia Earhart, despite most likely not being her style (ha!). It's covered in schematic drawings of prop planes, helicopters and fighter jets. I loved how "all American" it felt so I added a red belt and a white polka dot cardigan. The fit and cut of this dress is so incredibly flattering! I bought it one size up (XL) from my regular size, but it really does fit more like a L instead. Just a heads up incase you decide to buy it! It could be my growing midsection, who knows! But I'm hoping the waist sits high enough that I can continue to wear it throughout my pregnancy. It's the perfect length for Spring and Summer strolling. I'd highly recommend it to everyone. No joke. It's probably one of my favorite dresses of the moment.

The weather has been pretty amazing in Vegas so far! With highs in the mid-70s, I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to the gloom of Tennessee! I definitely miss my boys (and my Bump Nest pillow! haha) but it's been so fun to meet new people and enjoy a nice little trip away from home. I definitely promise to fill y'all in on all of the WWDMAGIC and Vegas happenings though! I figure it's better to do dedicated posts rather than litter each one of my outfit posts with anecdotes and happenings. Plus if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you're already getting a hefty dose of the goings on! (Sorry if it's overkilL! We have a set number of shares we have to do each day/hour, and it's definitely higher than my normal volume! Regular posting will resume after the trip! haha)

Some of you may already know this, but I'm obsessed with Cirque Du Soleil. I own the Anniversary collection on DVD but I've only had the pleasure of seeing one show in person (Saltimbanco in 2009!) I really wanted to see a show while I was in Vegas last August but my schedule simply didn't allow. Since I don't plan on spending as much time in the casinos or at Happy Hour this time around, I'm considering splurging on a show! I've always wanted to see "O," but I've heard great things about "Love" and "Zumanity." Each one is so unique and different, and I know they'd all impress! Have y'all seen any of their shows in Vegas before? Which one(s) do you recommend?! I keep talking myself out of it because the ticket prices are so high but then I remember just how magical it was to witness it in person. Everything about Cirque is totally insane and I love it!

Now I'm off to Day Two of MAGIC! I'll be sitting in on some panels today and hopefully seeing what the rest of the floor has to offer. Wish me luck! xo

Belt from a Bernie Dexter dress
Thrifted clutch

// Minnie

Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm off to Las Vegas for another round of WWDMAGIC! (I couldn't be there without your support so please know how incredibly grateful I am!) Yesterday we had such a gorgeous day! It kicked my Spring Fever into serious overdrive. Sunshine, bare legs, and an incredibly blue sky. It sure beats the frozen rain we got for the entire week leading up to it. I took advantage of the sunshine and popped out of the house in a new polka dot dress. I scored this little number from ModCloth recently and I instantly knew I had to pair it with my yellow flats. Everything about it screamed Minnie Mouse to me! I opted to tone down the loud colors with a new, black nautical cardigan from Voodoo Vixen. I'm obsessed with how comfortable this cardigan is. It's solid black right now, only because I made sure not to sit on any of our furniture wearing it haha! Ugh, life with short hair dogs! (Speaking of which, any of y'all have any recommendations on really, really good lint rollers or snazzy methods for getting rid of pesky pet hair?!? Nothing stands up to bulldog hair it seems) Anyway, I love this dress! It's a little short on the backside, but the color and fit are otherwise perfect. The bright white collar is definitely one of my favorite features. Plus the piping on the little pockets!

Last week was such a blur for me. Everyone in the house battled an icky stomach bug, Toby was out of school for 2 or 3 days thanks to "snow" (ha!), and we spent Friday at a Pre-K Cake Walk where Toby hit the jackpot! He won six times! After #4 we were like "Okay, this is just ridiculous" and we asked Toby if it'd be okay if we gave his extra winnings to his friends instead. At the end of the day he still came home with 3 boxes of Little Debbie cakes (Swiss Rolls for him because "they're [his] favorite". Oatmeal Cream Pies "for Dad because they're his favorite". Strawberry Rollups because "they look yummy") and a big box of V-Day chocolates "for Mom." That kid! Not to mention the big box of candy, treats, and Valentines his classmates gave him. Tobes was on cloud nine basically haha 

On the topic of Valentine's Day, did y'all have a good one?! I woke up to a dozen peach roses, the most comfortable maternity shirts, a hilarious pregnancy book, and plenty of candy. Not to mention a handmade card from my mister! Mike totally spoiled me and I was over the moon! I returned the love with new snazzy pajamas, some Forage bowties (no other brand compares!), a silly lovey-dovey book, and a handmade pineapple card (I mean, a fineapple!) Toby racked up with some SpiderMan gummies, a Lego digger, and new Matchbox cars. I know it's not about what you receive, but it was such a special treat for each of us. After we put Toby to bed on Friday night we enjoyed a few episodes of House of Cards season 2. Have y'all watched it yet?! Dude! (Please don't share any spoilers for others!) I'm so stoked on this season. That's one amazing show.

I'm looking forward to a full work week in Las Vegas! I can't wait to reconnect with some of my favorite brands from last season, and meet plenty more. If all goes according to plan I'll be interviewing Kristin Cavallari tomorrow, too! (Let me know if you have any [non personal] questions you'd like me to kick her way!) If you're in Vegas (or have experience there) let me know if there are any places I should check out! I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant so I don't exactly have any business in the ~*clubs haha! (Though I definitely plan on popping into Beacher's Madhouse on Wednesday night with the rest of the group! Even if just for an hour. How can you pass that up?!) 

Also - that last diptych! How cute is that kid?!?! Gosh I just love him! He's kindly requested that we cut his hair before t-ball season starts so those precious strawberry blonde locks will be long gone here soon. Anyway, have a lovely day! xo

Retrolicious dress c/o ModCloth
SheInside flats

Toby's outfit:
Old Navy tee
Old Navy sweater
Old Navy jeans

// Rad Gal, Rad Gig: Aerial Performer

Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m an aerial performer and instructor from just outside Detroit. I’ve been training for over fours years and performing with my troupe, The Weird Sisters Circus, for almost three.

I got started in aerial the way many people jump into new and crazy things - by getting my heart totally broken. I was bummed out and looking for something to focus my attention on when a friend (another blogger I’d never actually met in person - we’re now really good friends. Yay blogging!) suggested we take a silks and trapeze class at a local circus school. One class led to another, one eight-week session turned into nine, and eventually I found myself on stage being paid to show off my circus skills and helping aspiring aerialists earn their wings.
Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide
When started taking aerial classes I had ZERO upper body strength and ZERO flexibility. I couldn’t do a pull-up, I was no where near touching my toes, and my splits were painfully far away. It took me months to be able to get on the trapeze by myself. But I loved the challenge and the little successes and was determined to conquer the tricks I saw more advanced students doing with ease.

After training for about two years, my current duo partner and I performed a trapeze act at a student showcase. The video was sent by her then boyfriend (a sideshow performer) to the producer of a local art show, who hired us to do our act for five nights. After that we gained two more Weird Sisters and lots and lots of shows. So many, in fact, that in 2012 I left my full-time corporate design job to work as a circus performer and freelance web designer full time.
Performing has been extremely rewarding. I love creating an act with my troupe, designing costumes and props, and piling on the glitter for shows. We’ve been clowns, sparkling starfish, and bearded ladies and performed at huge outdoor fairs, lavish charity events, and NBA halftime shows. I’ve even spun on my lyra behind Salt-N-Pepa! It’s a total thrill to climb 20 feet in the air and look down at hundreds of eyes trained on you. People generally ask if I’m ever scared or nervous and the answer is - nope, it’s a ton of fun!
In 2013 I was offered the opportunity to teach at a local studio that hosts music and movement classes. I love when people walk into class completely sure they won’t be able to do anything and helping them see that they are stronger (physically and mentally) than they think. I love helping them push past their boundaries and try things they are truly afraid to do. And I LOVE when they master a trick or complete a scary drop. I get that feeling of success and pride all over again.
Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide
The biggest challenge in working as a performer is that my job is extremely physical. I’ve had to train my body to endure being in the air for six to eight classes a week, doing intense conditioning, and helping students move through tricks without injury. We also rehearse once or twice a week as a troupe and up to six days a week if we’re building a new acts for an upcoming show. I’ve thankfully never sustained a serious injury, but I end up with sore muscles and a pretty good bruise or rope/fabric burn once a week.

You don’t need any experience or physical ability to take a class. We have students from age 8 to 52 and people of all sizes and shapes, just be prepared for a workout! Our first-time students are usually surprised that we do cardio, plus core and arm conditioning before we even touch an apparatus. If you want to run away with the circus too you can Google “aerial classes” “circus school” or “aerial arts” to find a school in your area.
And lastly - a note on safety: I know there are lots and lots of videos on Youtube teaching aerial tricks and techniques, but I really recommend you go to an actual aerial school to learn. It’s extremely easy to sustain a long-term injury from improper technique and the only videos I’ve seen that I trust are from Paperdoll Militia. Though you’ll notice, they only teach technique and don’t post instruction for tricks at all :)
   Rad Gal, Rad Gig - Aerial Performer - The Clueless Girl's Guide

Rad Gal, Rad Gig is a new feature on The Clueless Girl's Guide where I invite really neat gals to share their really cool stories. Whether your gig is a full-time job or just a hobby, I want to hear from you! If you think you'd be perfect for Rad Gal, Rad Gig, feel free to get in touch or view the information on the Submissions page! Just submit a short description of what you do and why you think it's rad!