// Here's To Being 25!

Things that are weird: officially saying "I'm 25"... yow! That number is so weird to me. It feels like I should have my crap figured out by now, ya know? I've always thought that came with 22... then 23... then surely 24. But nope. Here I am - still feeling like I'm perpetually 12. I'm starting to realize that may just be how things work. Will I ever actually feel like an adult?

I'm still working on my "25 before 26" goal list... as usual (Spoiler: Kinda flopped on my 24 before 25! ha!) What are some of the goals you've put on your lists?! I need some inspiration! (Yep, totes gonna steal them if they're good! haha) I'll be working on my list this week so I'll share it soon! 

I'm off to get tattooed again today! Yesterday was super well and the thigh was actually a breeze. I'm in love with it so I can't wait for it to heal :) xo

// Cherry On The Dot

Cherry On The Dot
Can I just squeal about this dress for a little while? Please? Yea? Cool! ModCloth did real good! I am only a litttttle bit in love with it! I even got the sister dress in the mail the other day (and already wore it out and about). I wasn't sure if this cardigan would pair well with it because of the black dots on black dots, but I think I really like them together. This cardigan is the sister cardi to the blue one I've been sporting a lot lately. Yeah, so I basically just buy things I like in multiple colors... I'm not even a little bit ashamed. There's also way more photos in this outfit set than I normally post, but I loved this outfit paired with this location! Sometimes it gets hard to narrow down haha I can't wait to get my petticoat in the mail so I can wear it with this. I'll probably look like Little Miss Muffet but whatev!
Cherry On The Dot
Cherry On The Dot
Cherry On The Dot
We took these photos in Lawrenceburg yesterday on our way home from Florence, Alabama. We headed down to do a little shopping since Christina had never been to Alabama before. Obviously she wasn't missing out on much but we had a fun day regardless. We shot at least 4 rolls of film on our way home. We stopped in this gorgeous field in the middle of nowhere and the four of us (Toby was there, too!) traipsed around the area for a while. We had just enough sunlight to stop in downtown Lawrenceburg. Seriously, that place has the best buildings and backdrops for photos. So many old buildings and beautiful, paint-chipped walls. I can't wait to get the film back! We're sending it off today so cross your fingers they turn out well! After we got home from our adventures we decided to have a "firecamp" night (Toby's word for a fire pit + s'mores). We let him stay up a little later than normal so he could roast marshmallows with us. He went to bed a happy (and full!) camper. We ended the night with a few Grain Belt beers that Christina brought us (our favorite!) and a lot of Wii Sports in the living room. Best Thursday ever!
Cherry On The Dot
Cherry On The Dot
Cherry On The Dot
Today Christina and I are spending the day in Nashville getting tattooed. She's getting a piece on her arm and I'm starting my big thigh piece. I can't wait to show y'all what it is! Here's to hoping I don't: 1) chicken out completely (I'm nervous!) or 2) totally throw up all over myself haha! I mean, I'm setting the bar pretty high don't you think?! Maya is meeting us at the shop to try and sneak in a quick tattoo, too, and then we're meeting Elle for cocktails. Clearly I am not complaining about our plans at all! I am so excited. Just check back with me tomorrow after the actual tattoo happens and we'll see how I'm holding up!

MIA Jukebox wedges (they're on sale, too!)

// Things I Love Thursday v.129

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited for today (and this weekend!) because our best friend Christina just got into town last night! So many fun plans for the next few days - Apologies ahead of time if I'm out of pocket for a bit! You can always reach me via Twitter! Today we're planning on heading out, enjoying the sunshine, and shooting a few rolls of film. I hope today includes guacamole. Every day should include guacamole, don't you think?!
this sarcastic "safety tips for women" tag on Twitter! you must read the others! ♥
♥ henry rollins knows what's up ♥
♥ this tweed blazer from Joules is divine! love the red! ♥
this is the best out of order sign ever. ♥
this cat is cracking me up ♥
this gorgeous moth! ♥
these mogwai (gremlins) cupcakes! ♥
this makes me yearn for a vacation! come on, summer! ♥
the sweetest pitbull ever! ♥
the first ever two-head bull shark has been found! ♥
this looks DELICIOUS! ♥
♥ a yummy box of goodies from Keep It Sweet Desserts! ♥
These came at the perfect time - my birthday + Christina is in town! We all definitely enjoyed these last night. My favorite were totally the Blondies - Mike loved the Chocolate Chip cookies with Salted Caramel Buttercream (YUM!) and Toby took right to the Triple Chocolate cookies with Cream de Menthe buttercream! I'm going to be so sad once they're gone!

// What happens with KitKat and Oreo go head to head in a Twitter Tic Tac Toe match? This! Epic.

// Holy moly! This guy is the KING of perspective! These drawings look so 3-D!

// Have you taken the "Ageless Paul Rudd" quiz?! I got 11 out of 16, but I totally jumped the gun on 2 of them. Argh!

// Speaking of (the perfect, incredible, dreamy) Paul Rudd, here are 5 Reasons People Love Him... I could give you 500. Easy!

// Cal shared this on Facebook the other day - a baby squirrel was found in a bag of mulch. Look at the little guy grow up!

// Jenna wrote a post called "Six Things I Did Instead of Blogging" and it makes me want to just unplug and live life! (I've gotten a little more lax on my constant blogging at least)

// This Week In The "Don't Say 'Vagina'" Files: Idaho Teacher Investigated For Teaching Human Anatomy. So, what exactly do we send kids to school to learn? Crap that they'll forget in 6 months. Oh okay!

// Roxy is SO freaking rad. Every time I go to her blog I just want to learn roller derby!

// 33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now. Caitlin sent me this and I about died!

// If you want to learn how to bake delicious vegan treats (or you know, delicious treats in general!) you need to follow Shannon's blog. Everything always looks so delicious!

// Sara just made Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes (and shared her recipe!) on her blog. Clearly I'm craving sweets right now... haha

// Wishlist Wears: nude buckled chukka boots // berdine strap sandals // cognac gladiator sandals (but not the tacky kind!) // i just got THIS amazing dress in the mail (and i am in love!) // i want to redecorate my entire office around this necklace! // flamingo iphone case (for if/when i finally upgrade to a 5!) // mint leather tote bag (from gap!) // this bernie dexter dress will be mine! // polka dot nine west  dress (both colors, please!) //

// The Not Knowing Path Of Being An Entrepreneur. Love this post.

// I'll be picking a winner for the Michael Kors bag this weekend! Get in your last minute entries!

♥ ♥ ♥    W O N D E R F U L   T H I N G S:    ♥ ♥ 
fresh post of home-brewed coffee  freshly cut flowers around the house  tater tot finally feels comfortable coming (and staying!) inside !!!! ♥ when friends drive 14 hours each way to come visit you  impending birthdays  ♥ the feeling of excitement for an upcoming appointment (and the nerves!) ♥ cocktails with best friends  chipotle ♥ having a clean house  color-coded closets ♥ signing a new client for design work  cleaning out my closet and sending clothes to new homes 

What are you loving this week?

// Kaelah's Closet + Mini-Design Update

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday :) I wanted to pop over and tell you all that I just added 76 new items to Kaelah's Closet last night. I tweeted out the link around midnight and several of the items are already gone, but if you're keen to take a look, feel free! A lot of them still have their tags on them... which is kind of shameful. I have even more to get rid of and list over the coming weeks so stay tuned. From here on out I'm buying with intention, not just because something is "so cute!" It just ends up getting lost in my closet anyway.
I've already been asked dozens of times, but yes, I do ship internationally. Just pick international shipping at checkout. (Please note that there was a recent USPS price increase for international shipping!) If there's an overcharge for shipping, I'll gladly refund it once I have the receipt!

Also worth noting: I gave LCH a mini (tiny, itty bitty) facelift last night, too. Just the navigation and sidebars mostly. I also cut off a bit of the header so it didn't take up the whole page, and then I made the blog about 200 pixels wider so it didn't feel so cramped. I went through about 50 posts and resized the images (UGH!) but there's still 1750+ to do! You'll notice a "//" at the beginning of edited blog post titles. That's just my way of keeping up with what I've edited already. 
I know the pink of the sidebar feature headers is a little light for most people - I'll be tweaking things like that over the coming days. I'm hoping to really organize this messy, messy blog! I'm also working on several supporting pages so hopefully those will go live/be apparent soon. Can you see a huge difference in the graphic color quality? In the header, especially! I swapped everything over to Flickr and now my images look like they're supposed to! I doubt I have it in me to reupload and edit all 1800 posts, but I'm going to do as many as I can. From here on out I'll be hosting on Flickr, even though the extra steps are super lame haha.

Until next time, feel free to check it out and shop Kaelah's Closet! You can always tweet me if you need info on an item (@kaelahbee).

Oh! I am also accepting sponsors for April + beyond! Check out the stats + traffic, then shoot me an email if you'd like to see rates + sizes! The PRIME ad for April has already sold, but I'd love to get you on the list for May! I have plenty of XL ads left, too!

// Pretty Woman In Peach

It doesn't matter what silhouette or shade a dress is - if it has white polka dots on a brown fabric, it's instantly a Pretty Woman dress in my eyes. Anyone else totally love that movie? Ugh. Julia Roberts can do no wrong! This dress is from Nine West but I found it for only $40 at Ross. I had just picked up another Nine West dress at TJ Maxx when I found this one (and another one!). All three dresses are a completely different look and style, but the silhouette is the same. Can't really complain about getting a $100+ dress for less than half price! The fit of these Nine West dresses = unreal! The length is so perfect. It makes me feel confident and comfortable (and modest!) without feeling matronly or frumpy. I feel like so many dresses lean one way or the other: entirely too juvenile or way too grandma. Plus it has pockets! Instant win! The little bunny brooch (3rd photo) is the perfect "cutesy" touch for a rather simple Spring outfit. I've also been living in these Target flats as of late. I wasn't crazy about the gradient color at first, but now I think they're the perfect match for almost all outfits.

Yesterday Mike and I worked on pulling out over 100 items from my closet to list on Kaelah's Closet. We're doing an e-commerce site this time so non-Instagram users can have a chance to snag something, and so it's more organized. IG sales seem like a good idea up front (and there's a definite sales perk to having them be so "OMG MUST COMMENT NOW!") but they're SO much extra work and then people flake and it's such a mess. It sounds silly to talk about getting 3 new dresses in the first paragraph, then follow it up with "But I'm getting rid of so much!" but I'm so so happy to be getting rid of things I didn't think I wanted to let go of. Consolidating my closet and all of our belongings is such a good feeling. A few weeks ago I started the whole "1 in, 2 out" rule with clothing, so I should be pretty set yeah?! Can I go buy like 50 new dresses maybe?! haha! Kidding! We started uploading them to the new site last night and we'll try to finish them up today. We're hoping to launch the new Kaelah's Closet tomorrow morning so be on the lookout! If you're on the hunt for loads of new dresses (seriously, so many of them were never even worn. Shameful!), stay tuned! I want these babies GONE!

We're also gearing up for one of our best friends to come visit this week! Christina is driving in from Iowa to come stay with us for the weekend and I am so excited!!! It's going to be so rad to have a friend here for my birthday. We both have tattoo appointments on Friday, then we're meeting Elle for drinks after. On Saturday (my birthday!) we're planning on heading to the tattoo convention in downtown Nashville. I have a tattoo appointment while we're there, too. Can't wait to show y'all what I'm getting. We have so much to do before she gets here though. We're hoping to get our cabinet doors finished and rehung before she gets into town. Not to mention finally finding homes for everything that has overrun our kitchen! Gotta love that "just moved in" limbo... even 5 weeks later haha!

Nine West dress via Ross
Marshall's cardigan
Target flats

// Mastermind Sessions + Best Friends

On Saturday I met my friend Elle at Baja Burrito for a delicious lunch and a business chat. Elle is one of those people who just have it so together when it comes to life/career/basically everything. You can't help but be inspired when you're around her. Her work ethic is totally enviable (and somewhat contagious luckily!) She's currently working her way through Marie Forleo's B-School and man, the work load is crazy! She shared some of the exercises with me as we talked about her business and I was so impressed. In case you don't know, Elle is a paper/wedding stationery designer under the name Jam + Toast! Anyway - we chatted for well over 3 hours and by the end of it I just felt so motivated and inspired. She called our meeting a "Mastermind Session" and that was totally on point. We agreed to try and make this happen every 2 weeks or so that way we can both work our way through business blunders and help each other see a fresh perspective for whatever problems we may be facing. She's getting ready to move to Wilmington (!!!) at the end of May so our sessions will be via Skype, but I'm already looking forward to them! It was so so incredible to sit and just talk about ideas. "Is this a good idea? How do you feel about this? What do you think about ____?" 
I really feel as though it was just the kick in the butt I needed to really really figure some things out. I've said it a few times (too many) now but I've just been teetering on the verge of something awesome (or so it feels!) but haven't felt the nudge I needed to just go full force. And as silly as this may sound, I think part of it has to do with the fact I don't feel super inspired by my office set up. We only just moved in but I think that paint switch needs to happen and something has gotta give with my clothes/shoes. I think I'd rather downsize all of those and have a more dedicated work space rather than it just be pretty. (Yikes! Just don't tell that to my husband who spent all those hours drilling holes in the ceiling haha I'll keep my wardrobe rack but I think the shoes might go? IDK! Getting sidetracked here!) 
I keep thinking about all of our "businesses" (this blog, Honeybean, Him + Honey, design work, etc) and I want to consolidate them as much as possible. I want to rebrand certain aspects of stuff, have a dedicated work site for each one, and streamline everything on this blog. I wanted to redesign the  LCH layout, but every time I go to try I get hung up on the beautiful flowers and I just can't let it go. Until I feel comfortable with a full redesign, I'm just going to tweak the navigation and clear out the sidebars, all the while making it about 200 pixels wider. It's so cramped right now! I also want to launch some surveys/polls and get (anonymous) feedback from all of you. 

I feel so blessed to know Elle and be able to spend time with her and chat about life, business, etc. She's one of my very best friends and she's such a great person to have in my life. I'm excited for her next chapter in North Carolina (We can't wait to visit!) but we'll miss her and Bryan so much! Saturday's meet up really made it obvious to me how much it helps to have someone you can talk to about things like that. We can relate to each other and help each other out along the way. Sometimes being a solo entrepreneur or small biz owner can be so daunting and stressful. You feel like you have nowhere to turn and no one to talk to (I mean, there's Mike but I'm talking about someone not directly tied into the success/failure of the business) -- we get to see each other reach goals and milestones. We can celebrate those small victories along the way. 
If you have your own business (or want to start one), I highly recommend finding someone you can confide in and learn from. Almost like a mentor, but a peer. It's amazing how one little afternoon can make you feel so revived and inspired. I can't wait to put these new goals and ideas into motion.  While I know it's a flexible schedule and only a foundation, I already have all of April laid out. Here's to hoping it's beneficial to be back on the scheduling wagon! Thanks, Elle

Do you have anyone like that in your life? If so, do you feel like it's helped you succeed?

// Whipped Butter

Is it totally against fashion blogging ~*rules to wear the same cardigan two posts in a row? Yes? Well then. I did warn you that it was becoming one of my fast favorites. Same with this Omerica necklace, too! (Oh hey! Look! It's turned the right way this time!) I wore this outfit last weekend and yesterday. I'm a creature of habit. Apologies for the wrinkles -- it was late in the day when we shot these and I don't exactly carry an iron in my purse (surprisingly enough...) Speaking of this dress, doesn't it just make you think of sunshine?! It was super gloomy yesterday but the colors put a little pep in my step. I love the fit and silhouette of this dress. Perfect length, too!

Toby's first tee-ball practice was supposed to be last night but it was canceled due to the weather. He didn't seem to mind too much since he was preoccupied his rollerskates out on the carport. I really want to take him to the skating rink soon (and only a small part of that is fueled by selfish "I wanna rollerskate!" reasons haha) But he gets super shy/nervous around "bigger" kids so we probably shouldn't crash the middle school crowd on a Friday or Saturday night haha That kid is something else. I feel like he's really grown up in the past 2 weeks. That probably sounds weird but seriously, his personality and reasoning ability has just matured so much in the past dozen or so days. Mike and I have slowly (and sadly!) gone from "Mommy and Daddy" to "Mom and Dad". I feel like that's our first real taste of what it means for him to grow up. It's so bittersweet! So many awesome happenings and stages to come with him, but I already miss those precious toddler days. It's so strange to me how such a tiny person can evolve so much in just a year. I wonder if this is why that Subaru commercial with the dad putting his daughter on the bus for her first day of school makes me cry every time (It's just so sweet!)

Today Mike and I are headed to Nashville so Toby can see his grandparents. Mike is hoping to make a day of it at the skate park (weather permitting) and I have a lunch/business date with Elle. Few things leave me feeling as inspired as business talks with that girl! Plus it'll be nice to spend some time with her before her and Bryan embark on their new journey in North Carolina (I'm going to miss them so much!) Afterwards I have a tattoo consultation for a leg piece at Kustom Thrills, then I have to drop off my artwork for the piece I'm getting next week at Music City. I tend to get tattooed in random bursts, then nothing for 6+ months haha. So much to do tomorrow and so many people to see. I hope we can squeeze enough hours out of the day! 

Dress c/o Eshakti
Forever 21 cardigan
Skeleton Key pendant c/o Omerica Organic
Forever 21 bracelets
Boyfriend watch c/o LuLu*s (last year)
Maja tote c/o Little Black Bag
Target flats

// Things I Love Thursday

♥ this jellyfish photo ♥
♥ this mouth phone is so tacky and wonderful! (in purple, too!) ♥
♥ this! ♥
♥ this coffee infographic! ♥
♥ these constellation earrings are insanely beautiful ♥
♥ scotland looks so serene ♥
♥ this sunset! ♥
♥ this gif of amy poehler ♥
♥ this karen walker campaign ♥
♥ this puppy with a cast! ♥

This PSA video is incredibly powerful. It shines a light on domestic abuse. (The video itself is not real, don't worry - but millions of people are affected by abuse daily. This is only skimming the water. The last image depicts the woman holding a sign that translates to "Help Me. I don't know if I can wait unti tomorrow.")

// England's Smartest Family Is Black. These 9 year old twins are about to make British history as the youngest students to ever enter high school... but the brains run in the family!

// Roxy's Roadtrippin' outfit is so super cute!

// Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers and I've been meaning to feature her for a while. Then this awesome post just happened to hit at the right time. Now you can check out her blog AND support a worthy cause! Check out these Temporary Tattoos For A Good Cause!

// So It Turns Out I Don't Want To Work From Home After All. A refreshing (and relatable) tale from the other end of the spectrum. (...I typed this while sitting in yoga pants and a hoodie... oh boy.)

// Blog series I love: Mary's 100 Ways To Be Creative and Erica's A to Z series. It seems like a really fun way to get to know bloggers. Maybe I'll take a cue from them and try something like this out!

// This post makes me want to whip out a cotton candy colored wig -- but the impending humidity is telling me no, no, no!

// Deanna posted about her favorite TV shows. What are your current favorites? (Mine: Downton Abbey, Girls (wahh! season finale!), Shameless (!!!) and Seinfeld + Friends (always!)

// Karen needs your NYC eat-see-do recommendations! Share with her your favorite Big Apple haunts!

What are you loving this week?