Things I Love Thursday

Here is this week's list of things that are making my heart flutter! (It's a good one, too!) ;P

wrapping paper
this gorgeous wrapping paper! what a color scheme! anything with yellow gingham has me sold

studio apartment
this wonderfully designed studio space/efficiency apartment. red isn't my go-to color by any means, but that aside, everything works so well in this space!

beautiful coffee! perfect for the season.

animal print and baby pink rollerskates! do you think it's too much to want a rollerskating party for my 23rd birthday?

french bulldog
french bulldog
naps with pipkin (and georgia). don't be fooled... georgia was next to us snoring away!

christmas tree
being inspired by susannah & chris' eagerness for the season, mike and i purchased our first christmas tree together and are in the process of setting it up! (he's on his way home with new lights!) can't wait to share what we end up with!

delightfully tacky
met up and hung out with these two on tuesday! it was oh so cold and oh so dreary out but i met up with elizabeth and her pup while they were passing through franklin with the brave on their journey. we snagged some coffee, sat in the brave and chit chatted for quite a while before saying our goodbyes. it's always so rad to meet blogger buds! 

wedding cake
this gorgeous wedding cake as featured in yesterday's wedding wednesday post! it is the epitome of what i want for our wedding! swoon!

zach galifinakis
i've been watching bored to death recently and i'm in love with it! even though zach g isn't the main character, i love the role he plays and i know i'm going to get even more hooked as i progress into season one! 

seth rogen
seth rogen! are words even necessary here?! doesn't he look darling?! i love the funny ones!

gorgeous bedroom
this bedroom! dreamy! it wouldn't take Pip long to destroy everything in it (carpet included!), but still... i am drawn to the whimsical color palette. I wonder what Mike would think...

that's it for this week's installment! what are YOU loving this week?!


  1. I love that wrapping paper and the bedroom! Well.. pretty much everything! ha really neat post :)

  2. Yay you guys got a tree!! Such a cute list.


  3. Zach is the greatest! I'm so glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves. I miss bored to death! I saw the first season but have since lost my premium cable channels...boooo!

    right now, i'm loving that I'm one week close to my 4 day holiday weekend! i need the break!!

  4. i love the funny ones too... a guy who can make you laugh is always cute.

  5. Cool blog i follow you now =D

    come see mine


  6. oh i also totally love bored to death and zach! and jason s. but i think my absolute fav charachter is ted dansons george! i sometimes daydream of he beeing my best friend. or my lover. :) well, enough said! :)
    love your blog! hugs from sweden!

  7. Love me some Seth!!

  8. ok WOW i loved all of it : )

    you and pip look too cute together and that studio in spaced out amazingly! oh and that cake....bliss. loved it all!!!

  9. Aw, seth rogen!
    I lovelovelove those rollerblades.

    I just followed your blog, by the way. It's lovely. <3

  10. Oh my, those rollerskates are beautiful. Ow, if only I could skate! That bedroom isn't practical but it is beautiful!

  11. Those roller skates are PERFECTION! I will be turning 31 in a few weeks and would totally have a skate/derby party! So, having a skate party at 23 is so not inappropriate. Rock on!


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