// Things I Love Thursday v.305

wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
wedding suspended 400 feet over Utah canyon
♥ this wedding suspended 400-feet above a canyon in Utah. HOLYCRAP!

this DIY farmhouse desk! ♥

♥ this work in progress ♥
llama trinket dish
this darling llama trinket dish ♥

ALL. OF. THIS. this kelly green! ♥

these adorable necklaces ♥

this sketchbook spread ♥

this photo ♥
try Stitch Fix for FREE
try StitchFix for FREE
try out stitch fix for FREE!

these valentines! i might have to make these for tobes! ♥

♥ this is the last day for the shopbop designer sale! ♥

// Because I am readddddyyyy for summer! Eyeing swimsuits and sunhats galore!

// This obituary is by far one of the most amazing I've ever read. Terry sounds like an *awesome* person, and he was so clearly loved, and known, by his closest. I giggled at the references all the way up to the end, then my face was just WET!

// 20+ rare photos reveal the unseen side of things, and it will change the way you see the world. This was fascinating.

// Got a Valentine? Stitch Fix has gift cards for everyone! Men, women, plus size, maternity, and even petite!

// Another shoutout to Fress Press Media if you're looking for a network to explore brand collaborations. -- If you'd like an invite to join RewardStyle, send me your email address/blog link via IG/FB/email!

// ICYMI: Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags // My Amazon Deals group where I post ~150+ deals every. single. day!

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// The Importance of Wearing Comfortable Clothes as a Woman: Prioritizing Comfort, Well-being, and Style

 As a woman, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest fashion trends and feel pressure to constantly look put-together and polished. But at the end of the day, comfort should be the number one priority when choosing what to wear. Not only will it make you feel more at ease throughout the day, but it can also boost your confidence and overall well-being.

One of the main benefits of wearing comfortable clothes is that it allows you to move freely and easily. Whether you're running errands, going to work, or just hanging out at home, you'll be able to do so without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. This can also help to prevent physical discomfort, such as chafing or pinching, which can be especially frustrating when trying to go about your day.

Another important aspect of wearing comfortable clothes is that it can help to reduce stress and anxiety. When you feel good in what you're wearing, you'll be able to focus on the task at hand rather than constantly worrying about how you look. This can be especially beneficial in professional settings where you may already feel nervous or under pressure.


Comfortable clothes can also help to boost your self-confidence. When you feel good in what you're wearing, you'll be more likely to stand up straight, make eye contact, and speak with authority. This can be especially important in professional settings where you may be trying to make a good impression.

Of course, it's important to note that comfort doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing style. There are plenty of comfortable clothing options that are also trendy and fashionable. It's all about finding the right balance and choosing clothes that you feel good in, both physically and mentally.

Another important aspect of wearing comfortable clothes as a woman is that it can help to promote a positive body image. Oftentimes, we can feel self-conscious or insecure when wearing clothes that are too tight or revealing, which can negatively affect our mood and self-esteem. Wearing comfortable clothes that fit well and make us feel good about ourselves can help to counteract these negative feelings and promote a more positive body image.

Comfortable clothes can also be a great way to express your personal style with the best Tshirt bras for example. With so many comfortable clothing options available, you can easily find pieces that reflect your unique sense of fashion and make you feel confident and stylish. Whether you prefer a casual, bohemian look or a more polished, professional style, there are plenty of comfortable clothing options that can help you achieve the look you want.


Additionally, comfortable clothes can also be a great way to save money. Investing in high-quality, comfortable clothing pieces that can be worn multiple times and on various occasions can be a more cost-effective option in the long run than constantly buying new, trendy, but uncomfortable clothing.

In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. Wearing comfortable clothes can be a simple but effective way to do just that. So next time you're getting dressed, remember to prioritize comfort and choose clothes that make you feel good, both inside and out.

Another advantage of wearing comfortable clothes is that it can improve your posture and alignment. Clothes that are too tight or restrictive can cause discomfort and pain, which can lead to poor posture. On the other hand, comfortable clothes that allow for a full range of motion can help to improve posture, align the spine, and reduce the risk of back pain. This is especially important for women who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or in front of a computer.

Another benefit of wearing comfortable clothes is that it can help to improve your sleep quality. When we wear clothes that are too tight or restrictive, it can make it difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep. On the other hand, comfortable clothes that are made from breathable fabrics can help to regulate body temperature and promote a more restful sleep.

Wearing comfortable clothes can also be beneficial for those with medical conditions or disabilities. Some medical conditions may require specific types of clothing that promote comfort and ease of movement, such as clothes with wider openings for those with mobility issues, or clothes that are made from soft, breathable materials for those with sensitive skin.

In conclusion, wearing comfortable clothes as a woman is important for many reasons. It allows for easy movement, reduces stress and anxiety, and boost self-confidence. And it doesn't mean sacrificing style. Be comfortable in your skin and clothes, and you'll feel more confident, less stressed, and more productive.

// Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags

Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags with Michaels
For this month's Michaels Makers challenge we were tasked with doing something Valentine's/Galentine's Day theme, and as soon as I saw the cute new baking bits and bobs in the store, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The ~buff guy~ candy mold is what really sealed the deal haha! Men are instantly made better when they're made of chocolate, am I right? ;) I tried my hand at cookie decorating over the holidays and had a lot of fun. I saw Michaels carried a ready-to-decorate box of cookies so I thought I'd give it another whirl, without all the mess of creating the dough and icing from scratch. I picked up some pink and white cookie icing, along with some Valentine's Day themed sprinkles, and then set out for the candy melts. I started to make brownies in the heart pop molds, but I worried the brownies wouldn't be dense enough to hold their shape in the mold, much less when they're dipped in chocolate. Instead I opted to do some mixed Oreos and cream cheese, for oreo balls! I liked the mixture of the golden and regular oreos - so yum! And how cute are these LOVE bags?! 

Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags with Michaels
Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags with Michaels
The oreo balls were so so easy to make. You literally just crumble up a full container of Oreos, and then mix it all with one package of cream cheese (8 oz). You really have to get your hands in there to make sure it's mixed well, but once you've managed to get a nice consistency it's as simple as stuffing it into the molds and/or rolling the batter into balls. I did this the night before I planned on dipping them, and then put them in the fridge overnight. You can quickly freeze them for an hour if you'd like to get a move on rather than waiting. I made the mistake of letting mine sit out for a bit too long before dipping them, so they warmed up and got a bit soft. Lesson learned! None of the pops are perfect, but holy moly they're delicious! The boys helped me decorate a couple of the cookies, and that was really fun and sweet. Linden really just wanted to eat all of the sprinkles haha Tobes was a bit more skilled in his icing application.

Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags with Michaels
Galentine's Day Sweet Treat Bags with Michaels
I would be stoked to get a little bag full of sweet treats, so hopefully my gal pals are, too. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, and celebrating with your best girlfriends only makes it better! I love everything about the pinks and reds and hearts and sweet things. I don't care how commercialized it is, I just love love. As for this batch of yummy stuff, just looking at these photos really makes me hungry haha Maybe I should skee-daddle to the fridge so I can opt for something a bit healthier. Otherwise I'll sit here and eat every single one of these. 

It’s almost February and love is in the air! From classroom – perfect projects to gifts for her galentines or her one-and-only, Michaels makes it happen! Michaels has tons of baking supplies, craft goodies, and projects perfect for Valentine's Day. Swing by your local store or check out the website and see if anything tickles your fancy. Homemade treats and gifts are totally the way to go, in my opinion. 

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// Things I Love Thursday v.304

♥ this made me chuckle ♥
♥ this cake! ♥
♥ this styling ♥
this book of embroidery ♥
these smoothie bowls ♥
this moodboard ♥
these stunning whale ceramics ♥
this illo/motto ♥

// The women the abortion war leaves out.

// 600 men stand in for absent fathers at Texas school's Breakfast with Dads event after faculty asked for just 50 volunteers. Y'all just reading the title of the article still makes me cry. This is so amazing.

// Good people don't defend a bad man.

// I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. I turned into the worst night of my life.

// Norway reaching out to Americans looking for an alternative to Trump's madness.

// What I want to say to all of the well-meaning motherhood advice givers.

// Photographer reveals the "addicted" side of the streets of Philadelphia, and it's terrifying. Heartbreaking is the more appropriate word, in my opinion. These are our neighbors. They could be our friends or family. Oftentimes humanity is left out of the depiction of addiction.

// I know it's a little early to be thinking swimwear, but I am so into PatBo's drop.

// I made the pizza cinnamon rolls from Mario Batali's sexual misconduct apology letter.

// Help Puerto Rico get life back to normal.

// The lefty critique of #TimesUp is tired and self-defeating.

// Lookbooks I'm Loving: Rainbow Brights. Flower Power. Costarellos.

// It's so cold in North America that Niagra Falls is frozen, and it looks like something out of Narnia. These photos are truly stunning.

// Wishlist Wears:  this green military coat // this striped jumpsuit (that plunge!) // this ruffle blouse // this ombre sequin dress OHMYWORD! // this letter pendant necklace // this green velvet trucker jacket (!!!) // these velvet joggers // this lavender coat // this pink faux fur coat // this slouchy cable knit cardigan // THIS CAPE! // this striped mini dress (just not that price tag) // this blush tulle gown // these high waist, wide leg jeans

// Male sex robots with bionic penises could be here to make us all feel inadequate. Because 2018?

// Cat bonded with horse and they explore places together almost every day.

// OkCupid redefines 'DTF' in striking ads that are like little works of art. I love these SO MUCH! They're so nice to look at, and seeing them all together is so neat.

// I started a Facebook group for DEALS, so join it if you're into that kind of thing.

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