Featured Sponsor: Saturated Canary

This month we have Krista from Saturated Canary here with us (again!) as our Featured Sponsor! Krista was also our featured sponsor back in June (you can read her guest post on wearing white here!). She's a real sweet gal and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her over the past handful of months. She's an absolute regular around here so I'm sure you've seen her by now! If you haven't, I definitely urge you to check her out! She's way talented! (Look at this awesome little character drawing she did of me!) Anywhoo, today she's here to dish on some funky hair... dreads! I'm all for different and wild hair and I know that the majority of you are, too (otherwise you probably wouldn't read LCH!). Even if dreads aren't for everyone, I know it's so very easy to appreciate them. They're just so neat looking! Please make Krista feel welcome and Enjoy! xo

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Hello!  My name is Krista.  I am the artist and mama behind Saturated Canary.  I've kinda been a stalker of Kaelah's for a while now;)...One of the first things I loved was her most awesome, ever-changing hair! I love a girl who gets as bored as I do with the same old hair, day-in day-out!  Kaelah's hair rocks-- however she chooses to wear/ accessorize it.  (I love her Etsy shop, too!  Got me a couple of those hair clips!)  Anyways...here is my hair story.  And a recent new addiction that I have fallen in love with!

I'll start with a confession.  I have no idea what my real hair color is anymore:).  It's true.  Not a clue.  

Second confession. Sometimes I yell at my frizzy, curly hair in the mirror.  When it doesn't do what I want.  Or decides to act snotty and ignore me altogether.  I may have even hit it with the brush once.  (That was a one time thing, as in hitting my hair I also hit myself in the head.)  Point is, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair.  But, I guess, don't we all:).  

Color is fun.  I've done everything from completely black to light brown with blonde highlights.  Even went through an orange phase...although that was unintentional.  (Frizz + Curls + Orange = CLOWN).  I love color. Love to change it with the seasons (I'm auburn right now:).  Love to just feel fresh.  It's what I do when I need a change. When I need some fun.  Or, sometimes, when I'm just plain bored!  

Styles are fun, too.  Like I said, my natural hair is curly and wavy.  Not in a uniform way. And it tends to be prone to frizz.  (My bowling name when I go with the Mr. is Frizzy Jynx;).  I've had it long, all the way down to my bottom.  And super, duper short.  Maybe an inch and a half off my scalp!  (And, yes, went from one extreme to the other in ONE haircut.)  I love to straighten it.  My most favorite way is to scrunch it all up and blow dry it out into a big poofy, curly mess.  Yeah, I feel most like myself with big hair.  (Maybe it's the Jersey girl in me:). 

This past year I gave synthetic dreads a try (*new hair addiction*).  I went and had my hair well, chopped (I say chopped because the girl butchered it)...and wanted to remedy it somehow.  Funny coincidence-- I was doing a piece of artwork for a girl on Etsy who sold dreadlocks.  I was instantly hooked-- so many pretty color combos to choose from.  So many types of dreads...lengths...styles...It was like my hair dreams coming true!:).  

I wore 4 different sets of dreads from April to August of this year.  I always order them really long, between 26-28"  and in a combination of single ended and double ended styles.  My sister braids them easily into my hair over the course of maybe two movie nights;), and they are in for good for the next 6-8 weeks.  (May need some tightening half way through.)  I love them.  They are not nearly as heavy as you'd think.  You can wash them!!  And yes, anyone can braid them in.  Literally.  I order my dreadlocks from Damnation Hair on Etsy.  Amanda is a sweetie, and every set has been 100% perfect!

After almost six months of wearing them, I needed a little break:).  I do miss them, though.  But that is part of the fun-- giving things a break, trying new looks, going back to old ones:).  Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with feather pieces.  And I'm ordering a set of plain hair extensions from Amanda soon.  Just gotta keep playing:)!!

I hope you had fun reading my hair story:)  LOL.  If you'd like to read more in-depth about wearing dreads, you can see my two part post here and here:).  If you do stop over, please say hello!  I'd love to meet ya!

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Be sure to stop by Krista's blog for lots of lovely things! She's absolutely gorgeous and she has a personality that definitely matches! So happy to have her as our featured sponsor this month! If you're interested in being the featured sponsor, feel free to email me! I am now booking January and February 2012! xo

PS: The winner of the Jensen Turntable giveaway is: Razzle Dazzle, and the winner of the September Group Giveaway is Rae Veda! Check your inbox, girls!

Things I Love Thursday

I feel like Thursdays come at warp speed. They're kind of like my Sundays in regard to work. Fridays sneak up on me like a bad cold. Still, it's fun to round up a bunch of pretty things to share with you here on Thursdays. I try to not post too many of them onto my Tumblr, but a few slip through no doubt. I'm an impatient person but anyway, here's this week's installment! xo

♥ this collage of the many faces of amy poehler ♥

this pretty pink ombre hair ♥

this awesome poster. really? what is the difference? ♥

this pretty pretty keyboard decorated with washi tape! ♥

♥ this and all things ron swanson ♥

♥ this very interesting social experiment ♥

this beautiful vintage coat ♥

♥ this beautiful photo ♥

♥ this amazing costume! ♥

♥ this. and all other memes. ♥

Other Awesome Things: The PadMapper app for the iPhone (and padmapper.com!) The perfect website to show apartments/houses for rent via CraigsList but on a map! It's an amazing website if you have a wanderlust heart like me (thanks to Kelli for the tip several months ago!) ♥ Getting Honeybean designer goods in the mail! I can't wait to stock the shoppe full of them! ♥ Making a ton of new hairpieces for Hive + Honey ♥ Having a fire in my heart to make Honeybean a success and to open a brick and mortar ♥ Daydreaming about a quaint town and our little house, a small garden and a backyard for the pups. I can't wait! ♥ Getting my other shin tattooed tomorrow! Then it's on to color!

No window shopping this week! Just way too busy! What are you loving this week, Honeybees?!

As always, if you know the original source for anything not linked, please leave it in a comment below and I'll be so appreciative! I'll link it ASAP! xo

PS; I entered a little contest to win a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (dreamy!) and all you have to do is click "Vote" (with Twitter or Facebook). It doesn't log into your stuff and do anything funky, I promise. But if you wanna help your girl get better in the kitchen, I'd totally appreciate it! It's a long shot but I've been dreaming of one of these for years! Click HERE if you'd like to help!

Wedding Wednesday

My "I do." pinboard on Pinterest has been getting a lot of loving recently. We're down to the wire to nail down a date for our Autumn 2012 wedding and I am so excited! 95% of me doesn't want to wait until next year (I mean, we've been engaged for almost 7 months now!), but the remaining 5% knows that it's the only way to be able to DIY and dream up our perfect day. We're hammering down a bunch of details though and we'll be paying attention to October's weather because so far October is looking a lot nicer in terms of Mother Nature than September! I'm ready to be Mrs. Flynn! Here are lots of pretty things I've recently pinned! xo

chiffon + the perfect pink
the perfect mix of southern + sweet
program + fan
these darling engagement announcements (+ she asked him!)
this lovely seating chart
the perfect floral arrangements
oh so simple wedding rings

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 

Looks like it's time to get out my wedding sketchbook again! I wish all of you could come help me with the DIYs! ;) Wouldn't that be so fun?!

Marcel The Shell (with shoes on)

I've never seen something so cute in my entire life. Mike showed this to me last week and I'm kind of obsessed. The brainchild behind Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, Marcel The Shell is holy adorable. The voice, the script, the fact it's a stop-motion... Ah! I really wish they had created more like the original plan. Until then I'll just constantly watch and re-watch Episode 1. Aren't you in love?

It's a busy day for me! Playing catch-up and then we have a little couple photoshoot to do tonight (not of us, though). Busy busy bees! We like it! xo

Honeybean Weekend Recap

Wow... this weekend! It was a bit of a crazy one. We went into the weekend with just hopes of making a few sales. We knew the Flea Market wasn't our demographic but we were hoping to stir some interest about Honeybean and maybe move some stock out to make room for the new Honeybean designers. Friday started with some awful, awful weather. It was well after noon (or maybe 1pm?) before we could set up. I took a small nap in the backseat of the car in the meantime. Friday wasn't too bad. Not a lot of people were there, with work and all, but we made a handful of sales and we felt decent about it. We locked up at 5 and off to work I went. Work was dead, dead, dead, and the drive home was awful but I woke to head over to the 'bean while Mike had been there since 7am. He was a trooper all weekend. Lord knows I couldn't have done it without him!

slow start on friday
honeybean colored gumballs!

finally some sun!
took a break to look at some other vendors (lovely phones!)
one heck of a team!
well deserved drinks

Saturday was a lot better. Slow to start but if there were 2 people at our booth then there were 15. I don't know how much you'd say a successful weekend would rake in but we are very happy with our outcome. It was the longest day of long days but work was calling again! The bar was almost as dead on Saturday as it was on Friday so I was a bit bitter. Woke up and tried the 'bean again on Sunday and the weather cooperated wonderfully. It was supposed to rain/storm but it missed us completely. Instead it was so very hot! It took us 4 hours to set up on Thursday night but only 1 hour to pack up (thank goodness!) We treated ourselves to some drinks at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then we came home and crashed out to an NCIS marathon.

If you stopped by the booth this weekend, I just want to say THANK YOU! A huge thank you. And thank you to everyone who sent sweet comments, tweets, emails and texts. It means so very much! We already have two booths for October, the big one (!!!) so please come out! We're going to spend the week looking around at some lots in Nashville for this month. If we don't find something we love then we'll arrange for the Grand Opening to be Saturday, October 22nd at the Flea Market! 

Kristi and Elle both stopped by on Saturday and they wrote really sweet blog posts about it all so please check those out if you're interested! I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to (holy crazy!) but I promise to next time! Kristi's post is HERE (she has shots of the interior!) and Elle's is HERE! Yay! 

Today I have a lot to catch up on! Hopefully I'll be able to pour through my email today, too! I have a couple of sponsor spots left so if you want one, email me! kaelahbee@gmail.com XO

Sponsored Giveaway!: September Group

This week I'm excited to have three of Little Chief Honeybee's finest contributing to this awesome group giveaway!

Rachael of Tree Talker giving away a $50 shop credit to her Etsy! Her etsy is full of whimsical paintings and illustrations that embody so much color and texture. She says Tree Talker is "a collection of paintings and prints inspired by the magic and innocence of Nature." Wouldn't they look pretty framed in your home?! How about that cute jewelry?! Rachael also has a hat shop, Twitter and Facebook!

Ashley of The Shine Project is giving away $25 worth of SHINE necklaces and then a $25 shop credit to her Vintage SHINE shop! The great thing about Ashley's project is that $1 of each necklace sale goes to a scholarship fund to help raise $20,000 to send 8 inner city children to college! You can also find Ashley's Vintage SHINE blog here!

The best part of all... One lucky winner will get both prizes! And that could be you!

To enter to win, please visit each of the shops and tell me what you'd spend your store credit on! (Mainly because I'm curious! Hehe) Be sure to leave a way to contact you if you win! (Email or Twitter name is fine!)

For additional entries, do any combination of the following and leave a separate comment for each:
+ Leave a sweet comment on any of their blogs (if applicable)
+ Like any of them on Facebook (if applicable)
+ Follow any of their blogs (if applicable)

And yes, that's one entry for each of those, and you can do any number for each sponsor... meaning you have twice the chances of winning in this giveaway! Those are kind of exciting odds! A winner will be drawn on September 30th and contacted via email or Twitter! Good luck!

Happy Honeybean Day!

Today is the day! We're opening up for our soft launch weekend! I know I've been non-stop talking about Honeybean the past few weeks but I'm sure you can imagine how full our hearts feel! Yesterday was a full day with getting tattooed and heading straight to the fairgrounds to set up. Turns out our booth was a whole lot smaller than we were anticipating (and told), but we decided to work with it and make it happen anyway! We'll know next time to reserve two booths instead! We don't know how successful the weekend will but we're happy to get the ball rolling! Brian and Christina were working serious overtime helping us set up. Thank god for amazing friends!

Last night Vanessa from Wanderlust stopped by for some chit chat and she's just the sweetest ever! If you're from Portland (or visit) then you should check out her little mobile venture! They just celebrated their first year and I hope we're in their spot next year! Yay!

We're opening bright and early at 8am and we'll be at the fairgrounds until 5! Saturday Mike is opening the shoppe at 7am and I'll trickle in between 9 and 10, same for Sunday! If you're in the area please come stop by! Lot 4 (parking lot), booth 98! Look for the silly little 'bean!

Here are a few photos of us setting up yesterday. We promise to take lots of pictures this weekend!

Mike building our sign!
Stocking the shoppe with handmade pretties!
Squeezing her in...
Handmade bird feeders!

And here's one of me getting my shin tattooed yesterday for good measure! I think I really psyched myself out for it and it was such a breeze. No pain whatsoever! But honestly it was all in Laura's machine! She was using her beau's instead and it is calibrated so beautifully! I hope the other leg (Friday!) is as easy to sit through! 

Happy Friday, friends!

What are your plans for the weekend?!

Things I Love Thursday

It's a busy day in our little household! We're hard at work making the final preps for opening up shoppe! My tummy is full of OJ this morning and I'm a bit sleepy, but we're still hard at work. Thought I'd take a quick break to bring you lots of pretty things! Brian and Christina are coming over to help at noon and then Christina is tagging along with me to get tattooed while Brian helps Mike set up the 'bean. Then we'll head over, finish up and then I get to meet up with the lovely Vanessa of Wanderlust Mobile Shop! So very very excited to meet her while she's in town. Her shop is such an inspiration! Happy Thursday loves!

♥ charlotte free's awesome runway hair ♥

this other black apple piece ♥

♥ this dress was totally made from my dreams! ♥

this super sweet capture ♥

♥ this wise note-to-self ♥

♥ these pretty pretty peonies ♥

♥ this cat is just too cute! ♥

♥ tattoos without black outlines ♥

♥ gold, gold, and more gold dresses ♥

♥ this perfect example of why autumn is amazing ♥

Other Awesome Things: creating up a storm the past few days! I feel so inspired! ♥ Thinking about how amazing the new design for my tattoos on my shins are (but terrified of the actual pain in getting them! Guess I better toughen up... my appointment is in just a couple of hours!) ♥ Peaceful nights of sleep in our ultra cozy bed ♥ Starting my day with coffee and OJ ♥ the new Mates of State album

Window shopping: Karmaloop's entire vintage section (Did you know they had a vintage section?! Because I didn't and now I'm in luuuvvv! Get 20% off w/ code KAELAH) ♥ This Dress!!! (Granted I would probably never wear it ever, but it's fabulous nonetheless) ♥ Vanessa of The Velvet Bird is launching a new handmade dress line and while they're not for sale yet, I know I'm going to want every single one! Just peep the first one! *swoon!*

What are you loving this week?