Line By Line

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber on Grooveshark

I'm having a hard time remembering what day it is lately. I seriously could've sworn today was Tuesday. I think not having an out-of-home job really throws my brain for a loop! This weekend was a doozy though. Saturday Mike and I ventured over to Murfreesboro to celebrate Bryan and Elle's wedding reception and take plenty of photos. Then Sunday we had a lazy day before shooting Kayce and her little family at Shelby Park. (Seriously, just wait until you see the photos. SO CUTE!) But it was nice to stay busy. Guess I'll continue that today as I finish up 2 client blog designs and try working on our Save The Dates. I'm not getting anywhere with them so I probably just need to wait until we have our engagement pictures taken, then go from there. Speaking of which, I should probably set that up soon. Ahh, so much to do. (Please don't judge me by the song above. I'm kind of in love with it and I'm so ashameeeedd!)

This dress was a gift from the sweet Aileen over at Kintage. It's such a lightweight and casual dress. Perfect for the sunshine. It was a bit chilly the day I wore this so tights and a jacket were added, but it has short sleeves so it'd still be adorable sans any coverup! I found this old purse in my closet from early last year and decided to dust it off for a few days. It totally reminds me of Pomegranate Raspberry sorbet from Sweet CeCe's. Maybe that means I should go get some today ha. 

I'm also going to use part of today to catch up on all of y'alls blogs! I haven't had a chance to click over lately so it's prime time that I drop in and say hello. Leave your link below or make sure that your username is connected to your blog! Hope you have a happy happy week! Any fun plans?

Line by Line dress c/o Kintage (10% off with code KAELAH)
A'Gaci denim jacket
Forever 21 purse
Target tights
Nadine flats c/o Blowfish (15% off with code BFBEE15)

PS; I finished my entire blog design wait list a few weeks early (!!!) so if you're on the hunt for a new look, feel free to email me! (kaelahbee at gmail dot com) I'll happily talk rates, timeline + specifics! 

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Love Story

Love Story by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

This dress makes me feel a little bit like Taylor Swift. I don't know what it is about it, but it looks like something she'd wear on a hyper-romantic album cover. You know, except hers would fit haha This is such a beautiful dress. So well made, and totally adorable. It's just about 2-3 sizes too big. It was a gift from the folks over at Shabby Apple, and I was stoked to style it up. They made mention on the site that this specific dress runs big so to size down. I'm one of those people that I'd rather be safe than sorry, but I could've stood to go down 2 more probably. I do plan on having it altered to fit perfectly though, and take up some of the length since I'm such a shorty. Just pay attention to the measurements! The metallic dots on it are dreamy and I can just imagine a fluffy petticoat underneath! I could also see it being worn as a slightly more casual wedding dress. It's from their Green Leaf collection which is vintage recreations that are handcrafted! 

They have a huge array of women's dresses and even maternity dresses at Shabby Apple. I really dig the vintage style. I've got my eye on the Garden Isle dress because it's the best pattern! (You can use the coupon code "littlechief10off" for 10% off, good for 30 days. Or you can "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and get discounts/deals daily!)
It felt good to put tall shoes on again! Ahh, how I have missed thee! These are totally comfortable to walk around in all day and even maybe casually/quickly trot after a little dude. They're a little more tasteful than some of my collection, okay? It's been strangely cold here in Nashville lately. Then hot. Then cold again. It made for a doozy of a storm last night. I met my friend (and second MOH, well, matron of honor I guess!) last night for coffee at Sam and Zoe's in Berry Hill and we chatted for over 2 and a half hours about her recent elopement (!!!), her reception tomorrow, my wedding plans, business and life in general. I seriously don't think conversations with anyone else pump me up quite as much as they do with her. They just get me so stoked on life! That's such a great quality to have in a friend. Anyway, while we were there we both started getting crazy amounts of texts/calls (mainly her! I don't think Mike watches the weather that much!) about a storm coming. Then the sky got black and hail started pouring. It got so rough that it blew open the doors of Sam & Zoe's a few times. The worst of it was over in like 5-10 minutes so we just waited it out. We ended up talking until closing time (again).

She married my other best friend last week and I don't think I've ever been so sincerely happy for 2 people before. It's just so exciting! Congrats, lady! (For the ten millionth time!)
Today Mike and I are rounding up stuff for two photo shoots this weekend. Elle's reception tomorrow and then a fun little shoot with our friend Kayce's lil dude, Jett! Here's to hoping work isn't totally lame tonight and I get some decent sleep before it all goes down! Happy Friday!

How are you spending your weekend?

Forever 21 cardigan
Target belt, thrifted
Target tights
Jeffrey Campbell Wanted heels

Things I Love Thursday

And it's Thursday again! I'm fairly certain that my life is just a steady stream of them haha Today is for selling our Saab (well, starting to!), catching up with the newly-married Elle over coffee (ahh! Sailboat elopement! I die!), and launching several blog designs for clients. Recipe for a good day? I hope so! Here's what I'm loving this week!

♥ this kitty bath ♥
this puppy in a cookie jar. what? ♥
♥ this uncle blazer illustration (i love workaholics) ♥
♥ these ladies! (amy poehler + kristen wiig) ♥
♥ this "blueprint for the day" ♥
♥ this. ♥
♥ this bathmat turns red when wet apparently just  comes like this (!!! very Dexter!) ♥
♥ this. lol ♥
♥ there's nothing about jason segel i don't like. ♥
♥ this illustration. ♥

Other Awesome Things:

// I absolutely love this wedding bouquet. Succulents are my favorite. I'm also super crazy about this one.

// Foodie Finds: Blackberry Oatmeal Pie Bars -- Rosemary Sea Salt Pretzles with Rosemary Cheddar Cheese Sauce -- Mexican Quinoa -- Mini Banana Cream Pies (These would be so perfect for the wedding!)

// I love this idea for bulletin boards inside your cupboards! Perfect for recipes, coupons, and shopping lists!

// Ashley's entire blog is super stinking adorable, but I really love this Vintage Treasure Hunting post she wrote. Reminds me that I haven't actually been thrifting since before Toby moved in!

// Someone needs to buy this bag from Kintage like now. Before I do. Because I don't need to spend $40+ on a purse. But it's so prettttttty! (And a kicker? You can get 10% off everything at Kintage with the code KAELAH so go buy pretty things and let me live vicariously through you!)

// Wardrobe Wishlist: I love this sweet yellow dressthese shoes are so fun! -- and the color of these! -- I got these in the mail a few weeks ago and still haven't worn them (though mine are brown leather over black!) -- Considering I get a BB Dakota dress in every Stitch Fix package (I love them though!), I really hope I get this one at some point! -- and this isn't wardrobe related but I love (and collect) novelty salt and pepper shakers... and I love this one! and ladybugs too.

// Maisie is considering a rainbow color palette for her wedding and this post was super inspiring!

// I pretty much love every post on Rachel's blog and the look, too. It's so bold and fun. Beautifully designed with a punch!

// Life has been crazy busy lately (but when is it not?) and I've been missing this lady! She's in the middle of moving house so things are crazy for her, too. Wish her lots of luck!

// You've got a couple of days left to enter the Eager Beaver giveaway over here! You could win a Kate Spade passport cover!

Happy Thursday friends! What are you loving this week?

Wedding Wednesday

I just happen to be friends with a lot of engaged people, both online and off, so with their wedding days approaching I've been noticing an increase in stress and all around panic. One girl I follow on Instagram posts every single day about wedding plans and a countdown (which I love seeing, otherwise I wouldn't follow her!) but she's constantly talking about being in "panic mode!"... Her wedding is three months after mine. Did I miss something? I get that planning a wedding is a big deal and while some people wing it, I'd like to have a little structure, but I'm wondering if I'm being too lax. Things will fall into place, right? (I say this like 2 weeks after I almost had a meltdown about my dress... man, it's a crazy rollercoaster!) 

Anyway, Mike and I have been looking up honeymoon destinations for the past two days, and trying to get a mental idea of how much needs to be saved, what we need to do, blah blah blah. We don't even have a rough guest list made yet (and it's barely 5 months out). Still, I feel like things will come together and all will be well. But while we're talking about finances, I've been weighing what takes priority for our wedding and how we're going to pull it off ourselves. What we'll save on and what we'll deem worthy of a splurge.
Photography: This is really the single most important item to us. Having photos of our day will be far more enjoyable than a dusty ol' dress in my closet, or shoes that I'll probably never wear again. Not to say I want to forget about those entirely, but photos will probably be our only real splurge. We're incredibly fortunate that our parents have offered to gift us our photographer as we're paying for everything else ourselves. That kind of help was so gracious as we don't know how we'd manage it on our own at this point.

The rings: This is another area we feel strongly about. We definitely want rings that will fit our styles and last forever. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they need to be expensive. I talked briefly last week about ordering a new engagement ring that we both found and fell in love with.. well, it's here! It was delivered on Friday and I don't think I've stopped staring at it since. (Peep below!) I've been looking up rose gold wedding bands and have found a few via Etsy that look promising, and we're headed to a jeweler soon so Mike can try on a few styles and get a feel for what he likes. I love that there's something special about our jewelry... be it handmade, hand hammered, or antique (my new one is!), it just feels more "us" than something purchased out of a glass case (but I'm totally not knocking that!). My new engagement ring is an antique cushion cut morganite stone surrounded by a halo of 16 diamonds and then 3 diamonds on either side of the rose gold band! It couldn't be more perfect if it tried.

Honeymoon: Um, they're expensive! Geeze louise! We've been tossing around a few ideas for what we'd like to do but we haven't really found it yet. Our first idea was to fly to Portland, take the train to Seattle, and then the ferry to Vancouver all in the span of a week or so, but just seeing how much just the flights + hotels cost, we'd rather be able to enjoy ourselves more while there. With that being said, it's still on the table, maybe less Vancouver. We're also looking at a roadtrip + weeklong getaway somewhere like Hilton Head Island, SC, or even in North Carolina where we were engaged. And finally we've been charting out some mid-October cruises to Mexico/Bahamas that sound fun. I guess in terms of our budget, the honeymoon will be a splurge regardless of where we go, but hopefully we will get our money's worth! Afterall, a wedding is about being married right? I'd like to enjoy some time with my new husband! Have any of you been on a cruise? Where did you go on your honeymoon?
The dress: I've watched a lot of Say Yes to the Dress in my day. A lot. And I know it's not uncommon for brides to spend $25,000+ on a wedding dress. You know what? That's awesome! Go you. I just don't feel like that's something I need to splurge on. Currently I'm toying between the idea of my backup dress and a handmade dress from Etsy, and it'll most likely come down solely to our budget and if the alterations I'd like can be done or not. If we can swing it, I'd love to, but I'll probably also weigh it against where our honeymoon is and what we could do with that money instead! I've seen so many weddings with $100 dresses or even Forever 21/H&M dresses and they were darling. A wedding dress doesn't have to be extravagant. 
Mike's outfit: We want a very casual-type of wedding, especially when it comes to our attire. Luckily Mike already owns almost everything he'd need to wear, and if he doesn't, we can get it without much of a fuss. This is one of those times I'm really glad he likes to wear dress pants and button-ups/bowties on any given day!

Catering: Well, we can't get a solid answer on this one yet. We have an idea in mind for catering (picnic style), but we have yet to receive a quote. If it's just too high then we'll probably revert to our original idea of a dessert/sweets bar and a boat load of pies! We're lucky to have some very cuisine-inclined people in our family so if it comes down to it then maybe they can lend a helping hand or two! I mean, it's a southern farm wedding afterall... I guess a big ol' BBQ would suffice!
Decor, florals and rentals: Since our wedding event is happening outside, we're really really praying for good weather. What if it rains? What if it's unusually cold in October? What if it's still blistering hot? Well, we're hoping for the best! We hope that the option exists to move the festivities inside the barn, but this barn is wayyyyy out in a field. Like, way out. (Cross your fingers for us!) But we like the idea of hay bales for seating (cliche, but I don't care!) and a lot of DIY/thrifted stuff. I'm really going to have to start pestering my friends to come over for craft nights soon to help! We're really really hoping that some family friends can lend us some hay bales, but if not, at least those shouldn't be too expensive. We got really lucky with the venue being free so let's hope that kind of help continues! We feel really really really fortunate to have so many kind people lend a helping hand or offer up their property/services. I guess it helps to have parents that people like! We plan on making our own floral arrangements (yikes!) and keeping them very very simple. We've found a few wholesale florists around town so we'll be headed their way soon! If the weather is crummy then we'll have to rethink our entire reception but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! 

I plan on using any and all resources I can to find cheaper alternatives to things I'm after. I've been scouring resale sites, Craigslist, and flash sale sites in hopes of finding a big ticket item for less. I've been lucky enough to find some mismatched items on CL, and get some decor on Fab + Ideeli. Today Rue La La launched a 48 hour boutique sale featuring dresses from Badgley Mischka, Nicole Miller and Jenny Yoo. Here are a few of my favorites! (Some of these dresses are $99... and headpieces are $10! If you're planning a special event, check it out!)
20's inspired dresses: One // Two

70's inspired pieces: One // Two (Seriously considering both of these!)

Modern dresses: One // Two

What did you save/splurge on? (or what's your plan for your wedding day?)


Okay, so it didn't take too long, but I now have a new tie for favorite dress ever. Uhm, what could possibly top a touristy Florida flamingo dress?! Pretty much nothing. Flamingos happen to be my favorite bird and second favorite land animal (Sloths, people! Sloths.) I've been swooning over it for far too long so I treated myself to something nice as a sort of "light at the end of the tunnel" reward following the hectic weeks leading up to Honeybean's spring opening. It only seemed appropriate that I wear it on Saturday. Of course I went for flats since it was rainy and there's a lot of physical labor that goes into it, but I really love the Heda wedges! (Silly/irrelevant story: It was during a lull on Saturday that I realized that the rapper Flo-Rida's name is just Florida with a hyphen (doh!). That then lead me to Google all about Flo-Rida until my iPhone was dead. Flo-Rida is from Florida. Who woulda thought? ;) haha! The more you know!)
It's not all that noticeable, but remember last week when I said I accidentally dyed my hair with some mystery color? Well, I think it was Red Hot (instead of my typical Red Fire). I know, huge difference right? But the color is more of an auburn base as opposed to copper. I'm all about the orange red but I've been loving my slightly darker locks. I've been itching to go back brunette in preparation for the wedding but this is a great ease into it for a few months. 
I also wore this on Sunday (outfit repeater! Throw me in fashion prison!) when we were at my parents' house and I not so subtlety hinted that this little family needed a getaway. My mom had been talking about maybe taking a trip to the beach in the upcoming month or so and I feel like things of that nature just need some help along the way. Daily pestering perhaps? Hey, whatever works! I could go for some sunshine!

We've also been taking advantage of the insane natural light in my office lately for outfit photos. I know it's crazy busy in the background and it's going to get repetitive, but it's nice to not have to seek out a shady spot in our yard while Toby is napping! 

ASOS dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Belt from another dress
Assets by Spanx tights
Thrifted scalloped clutch
Heda wedges c/o Blowfish
Shane Co. necklace (Graduation gift from my stepdad)

Edited to add: Just realized you can't see the flamingos on my dress thanks to my clutch! Doh! Here's what the print looks like! (Borrowed from the sale site).

Instant Replay

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself when I look around. I'm really really privileged to be able to work from home and spend my days constantly surrounded by all of this cute. Misbehaving kitties (our poor blinds!), cuddles galore, and a whole lot of sleepiness (read: snoring), I wouldn't trade it for the world. Maybe that's a bit silly, but sometimes it's nice to reflect on the little things. 

Today is for organizing our borderline-Hoarders-worthy house (It's not that bad! But 2 weeks worth of event prep has left it scattered and I'm not stoked on it) and to finish preparing this week's posts here on LCH. Hope your weekend was wonderful! 

PS; Got any organization tips/tricks/websites worth checking out? My office is now my studio, too, and there's just not enough space!